p3.91 LED screen to Brazil Quick Guide (2024)

I am the editor of LEGIDATECH! See you all again today! Thanks to Brazilian customers for their strong support and trust in our company!  Today I will introduce a Brazilian customer to purchase a 60 square meter p3.91 outdoor rental LED display at LEGIDATECH!

The customer uses LED display for outdoor performances, so the Brazilian customer chose p3.91 LED display!

p3.91 led screen key technical parameters:

Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
Refresh Rate:3840HZ
Cabinets Size: 500mm×500mm
LED:nationstar 1921
Waterproof level: ip65

p3.91 LED module:

Module specifications adopt standardized size 250*250mm.

High-quality lamp beads, constant current drive IC, low temperature energy saving, high brushing and high brightness.The module

is installed for front maintenance, the magnetic piece is specially thermally magnetized, and the module can be fixed with a lock for rear maintenance.

p3.91 LED display module- p3.91 LED display module

p3.91 LED screen cabinet:

Weight: 4.5kg (excluding module and power supply)

Material:Aluminum alloy

Installation mode:Hoisting and base mounting and Fixed installation

p3.91 LED display

Power supply of p3.91 outdoor led screen:

Input voltage: 110V-240V
Output voltage: 5v 60A
Power: 300 W

p3.91 LED display power

p3.91 LED display is aging in the workshop:

In order to ensure the stability of the LED display, Brazilian customers require 72 hours of aging.

p3.91 LED display packaging:

In order to save transportation costs for customers, LEGIDATECH provides plastic flight boxes. Convenient transportation for customers.

p3.91 LED display packing
LEGIDATECH We perfectly deliver the p3.91 LED display within the time specified by the customer! Awaiting shipment, looking forward to creating more value for customers!

We are an LED display factory with the most suitable and lowest prices and the best production lines! If you also need consultation on LED display projects, we will provide you with LED display technology solutions for free!


1.What are the differences between indoor and outdoor p3.91 LED displays?
They are both activity rental screens, and their differences are only in brightness and waterproofing. The brightness of outdoor P3.91 LED display is basically above 4000 nits, and the waterproof is IP43 and above.


2.  What is the pixel density of P3 9?
Pixel Pitch (mm): P3. 9. Pixel Density (dot/m2): 65746.


3. What is P3 vs P2 LED?
As a response to the question, “What does P3 mean?” P3 LED Walls are similar to P2 LEDs with the major difference being their pixel pitches.
While the former is only 3mm, the latter is 2mm. So, we can define a P3 LED Wall as a screen type whose pixel pitch is 3 millimeters.

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