Recommended P3 Indoor LED Display for an Tourism Offices

4.48*1.44m indoor P3.076 LED display lights up in a tourism office in Dutch St. Maarten

P3 indoor LED Screen 9

In our life, LED display can present novel visual effects in addition to delivering information.

For designers, the appropriate LED display for the design work to bring help, not only reflected in the information propaganda, but more importantly, to improve the aesthetics of the design space.

Recently, LEGIDATECH produced a 4.48*1.44m, indoor P3.076 LED display in the Netherlands St. Maarten, a tourist office was lit by client, today to introduce us and the customer’s story.

As a designer for a tourism company, the client wanted to install an LED display as a backdrop to promote the company and attract tourists.

Because the office is still under construction, we have many choices, we considered the curved installation effect and the flat installation effect, considering the difficulty of installation, we chose the flat installation and designed the rendering.

P3 indoor LED Screen 1 P3 indoor LED Screen 2

Office reserved installation space is 5 * 1.5m, after confirming the size, I recommended two different products for the customer, indoor LED display EDI series and H series.

These two are our indoor hot-selling products, the H series comes with a magnetic structure, the EDI series size is more flexible, the two are pre-maintenance products, the main difference is the size, weight and price.

After a detailed understanding of the difference between the two LED display, the customer prefers EDI series, 4.48*1.44m,indoor P3.076, which makes the installation space of 5*1.5m more flexible.

As the customer accelerated the construction progress, we also began to produce, EDI series P3.076 indoor LED  display,4.48*1.44m,21pcs 0.64*0.48m cabinets.

church led screen EDI Series

EDI series indoor P3.076 LED display screen

Cabinet size: 640*480mm                            Pixel Pitch: P3.076

Cabinet weight: 8.6kg                                    Refresh rate: 3840hz

Brightness: 1000nit                                       Power supply: 300W

Module size: 320*160mm                            Receiver card: Novastar A5S

Control system: Novastar                             Control mode: Synchronized control

Video Processor: RGBLink                          Socket standard: American socket

Voltage: 110V                                                  Audio equipment

Installation drawings: 4.48*1.44m structure construction drawings

After 10 days of production and testing, the EDI series indoor P3.076 LED display, 21 0.64*0.48m cabinets and accessories were shipped to St. Maarten, Netherlands.

P3 indoor LED Screen 4

In transit, the customer likewise starts reserving outlets for finishing work.

P3 indoor LED Screen 5

In order to avoid damage to the wall, we recommend customers to use wooden structure, we are equipped with cabinets are marked with serial numbers, which makes the assembly more simple and easy to understand.

After connecting the signal line and power line, the whole LED display is lit up as follows, the whole LED display and the reserved installation space fits very well.

P3 indoor LED Screen 8 P3 indoor LED Screen 9

When receiving customer inquiries, we often consider the role of the customer, and hope to have more communication with the customer, so that we can think about the customer’s ideal picture effect and recommend the right LED display.

A professional LED display proposal should be based on the customer’s project information, and combined with the actual situation of the installation site.

In this project, the customer and us discuss the program together to advance the completion of this project, and we believe that more and more visitors will be attracted by our LED display that can constantly update the content.

After sharing this representative case of indoor LED display, we want to share some characteristics of indoor LED display with you below.

Indoor LED Display.

LED indoor display, is a kind of display device composed by LED dot matrix board and used in indoor environment.

LED indoor display usually adopts SMD LED or COB LED as the display light source, and can display images, text, video and other contents. Its main features and functions include:

High Definition:

LED indoor display adopts advanced LED technology, which can display high-definition image and video content with full color and clear and realistic.

indoor P3 LED Screen

High brightness:

LED indoor display has high brightness, adapting to the light conditions of different indoor environments and ensuring that the content is clearly visible.

Energy saving and environmental protection:

LED indoor display adopts LED as the light source, compared with the traditional display equipment with lower energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.


LED indoor display size can be customized to support a variety of shapes designed to adapt to different installation places and needs.

Remote control:

LED indoor display can be remotely controlled through the network, real-time update content, convenient management and maintenance.

Long life:

LED indoor display has a long service life, stable and reliable, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.


LED indoor display can display a variety of content forms, such as text, pictures, video, etc., suitable for commercial advertising, information dissemination, conference display and other scenarios.

Overall, LED indoor display is characterized by high definition, high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection, flexibility, remote control, long life and multi-functionality, which is an important tool for modern indoor information display and dissemination.

indoor P3 LED Screen 10

Indoor LED display application scenarios.

LED display application scenes are rich and varied: exhibition halls, auditoriums, stages, conference halls, exhibition halls, television stations, studios, shopping malls, stadiums, ticketing halls, airports, hotels etc.

Let’s look at the most commonly used scenes.

Television Stations

Indoor LED display greatly enriches the display form of the background of the TV program, which is very suitable for large scenes, large studios and large variety shows.

It makes the TV program more and more colorful and interactive, and gives the audience more and more visual impact.

Studio LED full-color display adopts high-quality LED small-pitch screen with no spacing, high color gamut, high refresh, low energy consumption and other characteristics.

Through professional, precise and excellent engineering design and construction, we can meet the high picture quality requirements of high-end indoor applications in broadcast studios.

The details and information of the captured images are clearly displayed, and high color restoration and low-brightness high-grayscale technology further enhance the layering and vividness of the picture.

indooor P3 LED screen 11

Shopping Centers

At present, due to the dense flow of people, most shopping malls choose to use LED displays, which can have a good advertising effect.

Indoor LED displays in shopping malls are used to display advertising content or release information about shopping mall activities.

Allow consumers to receive relevant information in a timely manner.

And use different display methods to attract consumers so that advertising content can reach more people.

The large screen can also be used with light bars clubs, projections and other equipment.

Create a new audio-visual shock experience, often becoming a popular place for the public to visit.

indoor P3 LED Screen 12

 Exhibition hall

Now many exhibition halls are also equipped with LED display, the exhibition hall itself has exhibition requirements.

So it is necessary to use a variety of ways to image the presentation of exhibition information.

Corporate culture showroom helps to enhance the high-end image of the enterprise, while publicizing the corporate culture.

LED display has rich display functions, can perfectly present the corporate culture, products, solutions and other content, to innovative thinking, to enhance the charm of the brand.

The technology exhibition hall utilizes the latest display technology to create an immersive viewing experience.

Canopy screen, arc screen and other creative screens enhance the visual impact of  the exhibition.

indoor P3 LED screen 14

 Conference room

LED display screens are used in conference room applications to realize conference displays, such as displaying conference content, welcome speeches, video conferencing, etc.

In the past, most such display screens were projectors.

However, everyone knows that projectors have poor clarity and low brightness, and they are no longer able to meet current users’ needs for smart displays.

Therefore, more and more LED display technologies have begun to be applied to LED display conference systems, such as LCD splicing screens, LED screens, smart conference tablets, etc.

Users have different needs for LED displays according to different occasions.

For example, the size of the conference room, the number of people, and the viewing distance of the users determine which LED display product and display area are used.

In the future, the demand for customization will increase and the industry will have broad prospects.

LED displays will have broader development space due to their own splicing characteristics.

With the combination of LED display screen and high technology, the application scenarios will undergo more changes to adapt to more application scenarios.

indoor P3 LED screen 13

Understand the Installation of the Indoor LED Display.

Wall-mounted: for meeting rooms, exhibition halls and other fixed walls, simple and generous, space-saving.

Ceiling-mounted: used in shopping malls, theaters and other open spaces to improve the overall sense of space.

Mobile stand: flexible and convenient to meet the needs of temporary activities or stage background.

LEGIDATECH Hope this article-Recommended P3 Indoor LED Display for an Tourism Offices  is helpful for you.

Author: Lucy Huang


  1. My office is still under renovation, what LED display do you recommend?

Indoor office, we often recommend the product is fixed installation indoor LED display, front maintenance (save installation space), the requirement of solid wall (load-bearing performance is good).

You can choose P3, P2, P1.8 and other small pitch (clear picture), the size can be customized.


  1. Are LED displays easy to install? Is the structure included?

We have demo videos from installation to connection of LED displays. Indoor LED display installation is easy to understand and requires structural support, we provide design drawings.


  1. Does the LED display come with speaker?

LED display does not come with sound system, after configuring sound equipment, sound reinforcement effect can be realized.


  1. What is the packaging data for LED displays?

Packaging data is determined by the size of the customized LED display, for example, a 4.48*1.44m LED display with a volume of 1.32 cubic meters, 249kg.

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