How to choose the appropriate LED display panel?

Many customers who purchase LED display panel do not have a clear idea of what kind of LED displays they want.

We should choose appropriate cost-effective LED products based on our own needs.

Here, we will analyze in detail how to choose LED display screen for customers.

Fundamental Issue

1. First of all, you should make it clear whether you want an indoor LED display or an outdoor display.

Indoor LED screens are not waterproof, while outdoor large screens are waterproof.

2. Secondly, it should be clear how large a display screen should be, that is to say, what is the length and height of the LED screen panel.

3. Measure the viewing distance again, that is, how many meters are the nearest and farthest viewing distances from the display screen.

With the above three data, you can roughly know what kind of LED display meets the requirements.

Outdoor rental led screen display p4.8 Magic serie to Lagos,Nigeria

3*5m p4.8 outdoor LED display in Nigeria

For example

If you want to build a full-color LED display on the background wall of a banquet hall, you need to measure the distance from the installation location of the display to the audience in the front row.

How to choose an LED screen display panel.

Due to the comprehensive advantages of full-color LED displays such as low price, low consumption, energy saving, high brightness, and excellent display effects.

they are used in various large-scale outdoor media, advertising, stadiums, public transportation, concerts, etc.

The application demand for full-color LED displays in various fields will continue to grow rapidly.

The choice of model should comprehensively consider various factors such as: screen usage, display ratio, playback content requirements, viewing distance, cost budget, etc.

1. P stands for meaning in the full-color LED display:

P means the distance between any two pixels.

For example: P4 is 4mm, P10 is 10mm, and the resolution and clarity are different depending on the dot pitch.

The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution and clarity, so the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the price.

2. The pixel density per square meter is different due to different pixel spacing.

P3 has 111,111 pixels per square meter, P4 has 62,500 pixels per square meter.

P5 has 40,000 pixels per square meter. P6 has 27,777 pixels per square meter.

P7.62 has 17,222 pixels per square meter.P8 has 15,625 pixels per square meter, and P10 has 10,000 pixels per square meter.

led pixel pitch view distance-6

3. The point spacing is different, and the suitable viewing distance is also different.

For example, P3 has better viewing effect when it is 3 meters away

P4 is suitable for viewing when it is 4 meters away.

By analogy, the P10 is suitable for viewing from 10 meters away.

if the screen area is too small, a higher-density LED display panels is required to achieve good display effects.

Here, we would like to remind users who are planning to buy LED displays that the display with denser dots does not necessarily mean the display is more cost-effective.

The most suitable one for you can be considered based on the size of the area and viewing distance requirements.

P1.25, P1.5, 1.6, P1.8, P1.9, P2 are indoor small-pitch LED display panels.

They commonly used in governments, agencies, and institutions indoors (such as video conferencing, monitoring centers, command centers, studios etc.) place.

The requirements for close viewing are very clear.

These three models have high pixels and relatively high cost.

P2.5, P3, and P4 are indoor high-definition LED display panels, commonly used in conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, projections, corridors, etc.

It is suitable for a viewing distance of 3 meters, and the effect is better if the area is more than 4 square meters.

P4 and P5 are commonly used in hotel banquet halls and restaurant stage background LED large screens.

They can be used as LED stage large screens for temporary stage construction, performances and events.

In order to be easy to carry, transport and be freely disassembled and assembled, the boxes are made into individual boxes and can be spliced together in any size according to the site environment.

Generally, there are iron boxes, aluminum boxes, and also equipped with aviation boxes for packaging and transportation.

If you still don’t know how to choose an LED display after reading this article, you can consult LEGIDATECH and EXCEL LED, and we will provide you with a suitable solution within 6 working hours.

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