Double Sided Outdoor LED display Screen

Outdoor LED display Screen is a common outdoor advertising medium that plays an important role in commercial marketing and branding with its characteristics of visibility, legibility and continued presence.

The production of traditional outdoor signage usually adopts spraying, painting, printing and engraving, and the common forms include signboards, advertising light boxes, signage and so on.

However, the traditional outdoor signage has deficiencies in terms of display effect, updating and maintenance, and flexibility of display content.

double sided outdoor led sign 1 In the harsh outdoor environment, its color, brightness and visibility are susceptible to weather and light and other factors.

And at the same time, it needs to be updated and maintained frequently, which is costly and ineffective.

The emergence of modern LED display screen has well solved these problems, and can realize more innovative and diversified advertising effects.

Firstly:The Development of Outdoor LED display Screen

With the implementation of lighting projects and night economy, the role of outdoor digital signage has become more and more prominent, and market recognition has increased year by year.

The expansion of the outdoor digital signage market has continued to grow along with the growth of various outdoor LED display products.

It has become the most mature and widely used field in the industry.

Because it can be based on a unified management platform, the outdoor LED display can not only ensure the standardization and organization of information.

It can also promote the timeliness of information, which not only avoids advertising nuisance, but also improves the efficiency of information dissemination.

More importantly, the outdoor LED display can implement information updates through software operations, making up for the disadvantages of posters and billboards that require hardware replacement to achieve information updates

Convenient information updates also reduce operating and maintenance costs, which is more in line with the green and environmentally friendly development concept advocated by modern cities.

Secondly: Outdoor advertising LED Displays Help Cities Generate Revenue

With the continuous improvement of technology and the maturity of market applications, digital signage has become more diversified in terms of expression and application forms.

It has become a broad information dissemination platform.

This will be more fully reflected in the application of modern cities.

Properly designed outdoor advertising can not only create characteristics for the urban environment and highlight the humanistic charm of the city, but also improve the dissemination efficiency of the advertising information itself.

Compared with traditional static billboards, today’s outdoor digital signage uses LED large-screen display products as terminals.

Incorporating trendy elements such as special-shaped splicing and touch interaction.

It can carry more creative elements and create a more shocking visual effect.

Especially in building displays of large buildings, large digital signage is mostly LED screens that can be infinitely and seamlessly spliced.

Compared with LCD walls, ultra-large LED display screens with high brightness, strong corrosion resistance, and more advantages in large-area construction costs are listed as a separate application scenario.

Relative to the traditional outdoor billboards, LED outdoor display screen dynamic picture visual impact is stronger, the conversion rate of brand advertising is also higher.

Therefore, in recent years, LED display screen is favored by outdoor end users.

With the help of LED display screens, through unified operation, relevant departments can push specific information to the general public in a timely manner

including temporary notices, traffic accidents, extreme weather, dangerous events and other emergencies

Let people know the progress of things at any time to avoid unnecessary panic and harm.

Especially with the rise of mobile Internet, the city digital signage network can use individual smartphones as push terminals, thus ensuring the specific push of important information and avoiding the omission of important information.

In addition to the enhancement of public interest, digital signage can also bring commercial benefits.

Relevant departments can set up digital areas in the central city or business districts, and lease the LED display screens to advertisers in time slots, bringing tangible financial income for the city.

At the same time, these integration of art, architecture and advertising design elements of the LED display screen, will directly reflect the city’s commercial and cultural heritage, become the best interactive platform for investors and urban business.

Thirdly: Double-Sided LED outdoor signage area is small, the number of huge demand

Compared with LED outdoor screens, LED display screens seem to be very different in the field.

Not only can they not give people the high-end and high-tech look and feel like small spacing screen, but LED display screens that have been born and promoted for many years are also easy to be ignored by people.

But it is undeniable that the existence of LED display screens is crucial in the construction of smart cities.

Due to the ornamental and adaptable nature of double-sided LED display signs, it has also become a more attractive form of digital marketing.

This new form of advertising can more easily attract attention, improve brand awareness and increase sales, and is a powerful tool for companies to realize channel sinking and brand upgrading.

As an enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of outdoor LED displays, LEGIDATECH has won the favor of many customers by virtue of its advanced technology and high quality service.

LEGIDATECH has a wide range of product applications, including solid mounted displays, rental displays, transparent screens, stadium screens, traffic screens, etc., which can meet the different needs of customers.

Among them, outdoor products with high convenience and high stability as well as notable energy-saving are widely used in the field of outdoor signage, such as EDS series.

EDS series is a patented product developed by LEGIDATECH, with flexible installation methods, can be attached to the wall, seat mounted, hanging, hanging and other installation.

Its integrated design, set convenience, practicality and advanced with a body, eliminating the traditional box structure of the traditional LED display, can be applied to a variety of outdoor harsh installation environment, which is summarized with the following advantages:

  • Size flexibility to meet the needs of different installation locations.
  • It is only necessary to fix the box on the wall when installing, no need to reserve the maintenance space and the box and structure to make again.

3, fully enclosed module, waterproof to IP68, and fully enclosed protection so that the internal devices of the module get excellent protection, suitable for a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

  • Easy maintenance, if there is a failure, you can repair from the front. Customers do not need to have complex internal knowledge of the display module. Also do not need to specialize in complex box steel structure knowledge and engineering skills.

EDS Series Double Sided Outdoor LED Sign

1.Module size: 320*160mm

2.Lamp bead brand: Nationstar

3.Pixel pitch: P2 P3 P5 P6 P8 P10

4.Refresh rate: 1920hz or 3840hz

5.Brightness: 6000nit

6.Power supply: 300W

As a professional LED display solution provider, LEGIDATECH products are used in countless outdoor application cases in various fields, after the actual project and time test, LEGIDATECH’s outdoor LED display screen and services are widely praised by customers.

At the same time, LEGIDATECH will continue to spare no effort to invest in the research and development of the latest products, to provide more customers with excellent solutions and win more projects.

Author: Lucy


1,Can double sided LED display sign be single sided?

Double sided LED display signs can be single sided or double sided with flexible size and customized products.


2, LED display signs installed on the wall need to reserve maintenance access?

No, LED display sign is a front maintenance product, if you need to repair, maintenance can be completed from the front of the LED display.


3, How to control double-sided outdoor LED display screen?

Double-sided LED display signs and ordinary outdoor LED display, we configure media playback box to realize the effect of continuous screen and playback.

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