A Comprehensive Introduction to p2.976 LED Screens

With the continuous development of the stage art industry, many customers have higher and higher requirements for the clarity and resolution of LED displays.

At the same time, with the continuous breakthroughs in new LED display technologies, whether it is an indoor or outdoor LED display, the distance between pixels of the LED display can be made smaller and smaller.

Therefore, a new model of stage rental LED display has appeared. Such as p2.976 LED display.

Today, LEGIDATECH’s technical engineers comprehensively introduce the p2.976 LED display.

p2.976 LED displays are classified according to the use environment. There are two main types of p2.976 LED displays.

The first is an indoor p2.979 LED display, and the second is an outdoor p2.976 LED display.

Key technical parameters of indoor p2.976 LED display:

Pixel Pitch:2.796mm
Refresh Rate:3840 Hz
IP Rate:IP30

Judging from the above p2.976 indoor technical parameters, the brightness is relatively low and the waterproof level is not enough.

Therefore, this p2.976 indoor LED display can only be used in indoor environments and cannot be used in outdoor environments.

Key technologies of outdoor p2.976 LED display

Pixel Pitch:2.796mm
Refresh Rate:3840 Hz
IP Rate:ip65

Judging from the technical parameters of the p2.976 LED display above, because the brightness is higher than 4500cd/㎡ and the waterproof level has reached IP65, the p2.976 outdoor LED display is very suitable for use in outdoor environments.

Whether it is raining or sunny Strongly, the p2.976 LED display screen can work stably.

p2.976 LED display screen is classified according to production process:

According to the production process, p2.976 can be divided into SMD p2.976 led display; GOB p2.976 LED screen; HOB p2.976 LED display and COB p2.976 LED display.

Disadvantages of the SMD p2.976 LED display: Due to the relatively small spacing between pixels, it is easy for the SMD lamp beads to fall off when the LED is installed. This will cause very high maintenance costs in the future.

Advantages: The manufacturing cost of SMD p2.976 LED display is lower than that of other processes.

HOB LED module and SMD led module


Advantages of GOB, HOB and COB p2.976 LED displays: These three processes can effectively protect the LED lamp beads and effectively prevent moisture and water.

Disadvantages: The production cost of GOB process is higher than that of SMD process, the cost of HOB process production is higher than that of GOB process, and the cost of COB process production is higher than HOB.

Maintenance method of p2.976 LED module:

There are two types: p2.976 rear maintenance LED display and p2.976 front maintenance LED display.

Maintenance of the LED display after p2.976 means that when repairing the p2.976 module, you need to remove the screws from the back of the LED display screen body and remove the p2.976 LED module in this way.

Similarly, the p2.976 LED module is fixed on the LED display box through screws.

p2.976 LED module and LED cabinet- Rear maintenance

The p2.976 front maintenance LED display means that when the p2.976 LED module is repaired, the front maintenance tool can be used in front of the LED display to connect the removed p2.976 module to the p2.976 LED cabinet.

Similarly, the p2.976 front maintenance LED module has a round magnet on the back that can be connected to the LED cabinet.

P2.976 LED module and LED cabinet- Front maintenance

The cost of p2.976 rear maintenance LED display is lower than that of p2.976 front maintenance LED display, but the repair of

p2.976 front maintenance LED display is easier and more convenient.

p2.976 LED display connection method :

Soft-connected p2.976 LED display

The soft-connected p2.976 LED display means that the interface of the p2.976 LED module and the interface of the system receiving card are connected through a flat signal cable.


Hard-connected p2.976 LED display

The hard-wired p2.976 LED display means that the interface of the p2.976 LED module and the interface of the system receiving card are connected for signals through a PCB integrated circuit board.


The production cost of soft-connected p2.976 LED display is lower than that of hard-connected p2.976 LED display, and the maintenance cost is also relatively low.

However, the LED display with hard-wired p2.976 has stronger signal transmission anti-interference ability and better display effect.

p2.976 LED display screen is often installed on the floor of the stage. This kind of LED display screen is called p2.976 floor tile display screen. As shown below:

p2.976 Floor tile LED display

LED module for high quality p2.976 LED display:

p2.976 LED module size: 250mm×250mm,
LEDS:2020/1921 nationstar

High-precision p2.976 LED display cabinet:

We provides multiple styles of p2.976 LED cabinet for the global market.

The size of the cabinet is usually 500×500mm or 500×1000mm, as shown in the figure below:

p2.976 led screen –Magic series            p2.976 outdoor led wall-Enova series
p2.976  led screen-Front maintenance              Post-maintenance-Nova Pro series

p2.97 outdoor LED wall-Front maintenance

Power supply for p2.976 LED display

Power input: 110V~240
Power output: 5V 60A or 5V 40A
Power supply: 200W OR 300W

P2.9 Indoor LED displays are generally installed with switching power supplies with a power of only 200W, while p2.976 outdoor LED displays are usually installed with switching power supplies with a power of 300W.

We provides power supplies of different brands, such as Juneng Weiye Power Supply, Meanwell Power Supply, etc.

P2.976 LED display control system:

LEGIDATECH provides customers with Novastar, LINSN, and Colorlight control systems.

p2.976 LED screen package:

p2.97 is generally used in the stage art industry. So the p2.976 LED display needs to be moved frequently.

In order to facilitate customer transportation, LEGIDATECH provides customers with flight case packaging.

One flight case usually contains 8 500×500 LED boxes or 6 500×1000mm LED cabinets.

A Comprehensive Introduction to p2.976 LED Screens:


P2.976 LED screen price

P2.976 LED screen prices may vary depending on brand, size, resolution, and features. On average, you can spend anywhere from a thousand dollars to a few thousand dollars on a high-quality P2.976 LED screen. It’s best to check with your specific retailer or manufacturer for the latest pricing information.


What is the resolution of P2.976 LED display?

The resolution is generally 1920*1080. One square pixel is 112,892 dots


P2.976 Where can LED screen be used?

Outdoor: P2.976 LED screens are commonly used in outdoor concerts, sporting events, trade shows and other live events that require high-quality displays.
Indoor: P2.976 LED screens are usually used in corporate events, conference rooms, theaters, museums and other entertainment venues, as well as control rooms and other places

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