Why outdoor LED display quotes proposals vary greatly?—difference between P5 and P10 LED Display

In the LED display industry, outdoor LED display often has the largest area.

The same outdoor advertising LED display project, many customers will encounter a large gap in the offer.

Different brands, different manufacturers quotes are often different, and even some price difference is double.

So what is the reason for such a large gap in outdoor LED display quotes, today we analyse the reasons for you.

For many years, our domestic LED display brand has provided the market with full-color LED displays with very good cost performance.

Not only are the products rich in variety, but they also have the advantages of lifelike display effects, large viewing angles, uniform colors, not prone to dead lights, low failure rates, and easy to maintain.

It has been well received by the market and customers.

Outdoor LED display market is relatively chaotic, mainly due to product cost and brand reasons.

There are even individual manufacturers offer low out of the normal cost of quality bottom line, we hope that customers to maintain a sober judgement.

as the saying goes, cheap is no good, especially for electronic products, the price in a sense can indeed measure its quality.

Generally low-price manufacturers use inferior raw materials.

The light-emitting angle is small and the color difference is large, so it is easy to have a black screen phenomenon.

If contact with a dealer is selling at cost, then the offer is naturally very low, the market competition is fierce can be imagined.

But if you meet the manufacturers who are good at cheating customers, their offer is also quite low, the consequences can be imagined!

Outdoor LED display quotation proposal must be for the product model.

Outdoor LED display screen is currently commonly used models P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10.

In addition, P6, P8, P10, these three kinds of has been rarely used.

P4, P5, these two kinds of is the mainstream of the market pop. Today to understand the difference between P5 and P10LED outdoor display offer.

The disparity in outdoor LED display quotes can be affected by all of the following.

In the following reasons, P5 and P10 outdoor LED display quotes gap is mainly reflected in the unit price and control system two aspects.

1.Display screen cost:

by how much per square metre, i.e. common LED display quotes $xxx/m2.

Generally speaking, P5 outdoor LED display is higher than the unit price of P10 outdoor LED display.

The quotation includes a full set of LED colour screen required: tube core, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask and all the rows of wires inside the display, connecting wires and so on.

2. Control system costs:

LED display send card and receive card costs, a screen generally only 1 send card, installed in the control equipment inside, such as computers.

The use of control cards is mainly based on the size of the LED display to determine the number.

Generally speaking the larger the area, the higher the density of the display, the more the number of receiver cards used.

The same area, outdoor P5LED display than outdoor P10LED display requires more receiver cards.


3. Control computer:

control the LED display of the necessary equipment, the need for configuration requirements or higher:

dual-core CPU, 2G RAM, 512M or more independent graphics card, the motherboard should have a PCI slot.


4. sound + amplifier:

let the display synchronised video playback sound equipment, generally equipped with 1 amplifier, 2 audio.


5. Power distribution cabinet:

small area LED display can not be used; it is recommended that the maximum power consumption in more than 10KW power display is equipped with.

It can provide voltage power supply current for the stable operation of the various components of the display equipment.

And effectively prevent the outdoor LED display power supply switch jump box and other faults.

6. Air conditioning:

Outdoor LED displays exceeding 20m2 must be equipped with air conditioners by the manufacturer.

To ensure the normal operation of the display screen and extend the service life of each component of the display screen.

General indoor screen or small area display can not be used.

Large-area indoor displays are strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners.

Effective heat dissipation ensures that the display screen can operate normally under high temperatures and reduces the failure rate.

7. Lightning arrester:

outdoor LED display, mainly lightning protection device; indoor display can not be used.

8. LED video processor:

Mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, fully exploiting the value of the display.

Solve a variety of video signal access, processing and display problems, can complete the format conversion between many signal formats.

LED video processor brands and models, prices vary. we use Novastar brand.

9. Steel structure, artificial installation:

generally with a steel frame structure, and aluminium composite panel or stainless steel cladding materials.

Labor installation costs

(recommendation: The manufacturer can provide steel frame structure design drawings for free, and the customer can find a local manufacturer to make them.

Because the production is simple, ordinary workers can complete it, the cost is low, and it is easy to install (installation)

10.The impact of project site construction factors on outdoor LED display quotes:

Affected by the installation location, installation method, screen size, frame structure selection and other factors.

Outdoor screen will certainly have a relatively large difference.

Especially when making LED outdoor billboards, affected by the construction environment, the project price varies greatly.

Other factors affect the outdoor LED display screen quotation:

Payment method, tax rate, transport mode, LED display brand, project site complexity and some other factors in itself determine the outdoor LED display screen quotation.

At present, each brand name as well as manufacturers offer will make a difference.

Of course, the quality performance will be different.

The production materials used are not the same, the quality is not the same, determining the service life and display effect.

In the long run, cheap products are generally not cost-effective.

So the quote cost when buying outdoor LED display is not the only factor.

You should consider choosing the one that best suits you based on your comprehensive purpose of use, usage functions, scene environment, and your own needs.

Author: Lucy Huang

  1. What is the difference between p5 and P10 LED?

With a smaller separating distance, you can expect images with high resolution or high definition to appear better on a p5 as compared to a p10.

The p5 has 32 pixels down and 64 pixels across, making them suitable for indoor applications, including commercial, industrial, residential, and business settings.


  1. Which is better P5 or P10?

P5 LED has a higher pixel density compared to P10 LED display.

It means that the P5 LED display has better viewing resolution from a closer distance and the P10 LED display is better for long-distance viewing.


3.why P5 LED Display expensive than P10 LED Display

Price and cost: The pixel pitch of the P5 LED display is smaller, requiring higher pixel density and more LED modules to compose the screen.

Therefore, P5 displays are generally more expensive than P10 displays.

The cost of purchasing and maintaining a P5 display can be even higher.

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