Choosing the right display technology for your business: LED screens VS Projectors

What’s the situation of LED screen and projectors ?

Based on the official report, the LED display sales will reach $7.564 billion, the fine pixel pitch LED screen will reach to $4.506 billion, the LED poster will reach to $394 million, inside this XR virtual screen will 14% mini LED screen sales will increase 10%.

Projectors appears in the markets earlier than the LED screen.

Take China market for example, in 2023, china’s smart projector market sales will be 5.864 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 5.1%; sales will be 10.37 billion RMB, a year-on-year decrease of 17.3%.

In 2023, the sales volume of the smart projection market will decline to a certain extent, and the sales decline will be significantly higher than the sales decline.

LED screens vs. Projectors-

What’s the advantages of LED screen compared with the projectors?

  • Vivid color

Full color LED screen usually use red, green and blue lamp, the three basic color can make white and 6,777,216colors.

The projector can support 16,777,216 colors in ideal environment. Though the projector colors more than the LED display, but projectors will influenced more than LED screen by the environment.

We all have experience before when we use the projector at daytime, we need close the window or curtain to get better displaying effect.

When we use it at night, the window can be open. Why we do this ? This way is to make sure you can see the projector’s content clearly and can distinguish the colors.

LED screens vs. Projectors4

The effect of not drawing the curtains during the day

LED screens vs. Projectors5

The effect of drawing curtains during the day is good, but it is not good for the eyes.

For LED screen you don’t need worry about it. The LED screen plays the content you show at the computer through video processor, the high level video processor such as Novastar, the color more close to itself.

If you think the brightness is high, you can adjust it through software. Thus the LED screen color will not effected by light.

LED screens vs. Projectors6

The LED display screen works very well whether the curtains are drawn or not, day or night.

  • No limited size

We all know when we use the projectors, the smaller displaying content, the more clearly pictures will be.

If you are playing at a remote place, the picture will be big at the same time the resolution will be lower.

The projector can project up to 300 inches. A projector with a throw ratio of 1.2:1 requires a projection distance of about 8 meters to project a 300-inch screen.

However, the current optimal projection size of a projector is 100-200 inches (2.54m-5.08m), so that it can fully display the bright picture advantage of the projector.

If you want the picture more than 10m, like 20m, 30m, or bigger? One normal projector hard achieve this, you need many projectors to make one whole picture at the same time keep the resolution good.

LED screens vs. Projectors1 LED screens vs. Projectors3

The greater the projection distance, the less high-definition the picture will be.

For LED display you don’t need worry about the size because it can be as large as you think.

The LED screen size can be smaller like 2x1m, 3x2m, 1.92×1.28m while keep the high resolution at the same time.

It can also be large like 40x30m, 50x20m, 60x30m or bigger. This is projectors can’t do with 1 time.

LED screens vs. Projectors2

The viewing distance of the LED display screen has basically changed, but the clarity of the picture remains unchanged.

  • Longer lifespan

The lifespan of a projector is generally 5-10 years. Most projectors end their lifespan due to the aging of the internal circuit boards.

The most common problems with projectors are the lens and the bulb. Projectors that use bulbs as light sources generally have a lifespan of 2-10 years.

The light bulb needs to be replaced every 3 years, and the life of the light bulb will be relatively short. In this way if you are not professional on the projector, when the bulb is broken you can’t change it.

For that users the projectors lifespan is only 2 or 3years only. If the projector have problem, you need send it back to the factory and wait them repair it.

If the projector is over the warranty, the process will more difficult and you need buy a new one rather than repairing it.

led screen-3Bulb in the projector

LED screen lifespan is longer than this. We all know technically the LED screen lifespan is 100,000hours, that about 10 years. Also the data is main refers to the LED lamp.

If the LED lamp gets broken or you can feel the color fading, then you can replace the old LED module with a new one and make it new.

No matter indoor or outdoor type, LEGIDATECH LED screen can work more than 8-10years, even longer.

Because we choose the high quality LED screen material when production and prepare the same batch spare parts before shipping goods to customers, we also provide maintenance guidance about how to make the LED display with longer lifespan.

You can also replace the broken part by yourself. In this way, you don’t need buy other extra spare parts , this is also cost much money.

ledscreen equippment

LED display spare parts

  • Self use and resell

Based on your own experience, LED screen and projector, which one will cost more? A projector may cost you around 100 USD , 200 USD or 1000 USD per one.

For end user its affordable. But as a retailer, you need sell many sets to make the relative profit. At the same time, you need bear the after sales service cost too.

If meet the problem you can’t solve, you need send the projector back to factory, the shipping is also a cost. And the money back time will be little longer.

LED screen is an invest helps your money increased in a more flexible way

LED screen is a kind of high value product , it cost more like 10,000 USD for smaller size, bigger size will cost more even to million USD.

So the customer who can afford this product they must have stable career and do this business for a long time or have some customers related in this area.

Its a good way for you have relationship with high valued customer compared with the normal people.

Whats more, LED screen can hep you get the invest money back in a shorter time. Let’s take LED rental screen as example.

You get the LED rental screen , for example 20,000 USD for 20 square meter. At your local place, you can charge 400 USD for 1 events.

This means you will get the money back with 5 events. When it at the holiday, you will hold events everyday, the rest are all your profit. Is this not a fast way to get invest money back?

  • Special situation, close to our daily life

In our daily life, when you go to a supermarket, LED screen and projector, which one will you see? Of course LED screen.

When you walk along the street, you can also see the LED screen. When you join a wedding or a party, of course you can see the LED screen.

When you see around, you can feel LED screen is already in our daily everywhere, you just not feel it.

This is because LED screen have many types, for events and activities, we have LED rental screen, for indoor environment, we have indoor fixed screen, for outdoor buildings or streets, we have outdoor billboard screens.

You can also see some unique design LED screen at city landmarks. Whats more, the movie you watch may also make through XR virtual LED screen.

Where you see the projectors? Some people may say at home, so do you have a projector at your own home?

Maybe nope, we see projectors at more public places like class, meeting rooms, museums, or some small shops.

You need go to some certain places then can see the usage of projectors, which is totally different from LED screen.

To sum up, as a professional LED screen reseller, you have more chance to make the invest money back and get access to different high valued customers.

The LED screen apply to different usages and its absolutely will be a longtime invest.

LEGIDATECH have focus on LED screen industry for more than 14 years.

Right now we have offices in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia, USA , etc and partners at Thailand, Rwanda , Germany, Nicaragua, Dominican, Peru, etc.

We get high reputation for our high quality products and good service.

With times goes by, LEGIDATECH already has many own patent design products from LED rental screen , indoor fixed screen,  outdoor billboard screen and some antique shape screen like the LED cube screen.

We are help more and more people enjoy LED screen’s  beauty and find their right career. Welcome to join us.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one appears in the market earlier?

Projectors appears earlier in the market.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one is growing faster in the recently market?

LED screen now growing faster than projectors, some places LED screen already replace projectors already.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one the sales is increasing?

LED screen sales is increasing.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one have access to more professional person?

LED screen help you get more professional person. LED screen is a kind of electronic product like smart phone, the people in LED screen business they will be more knowledgeable.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one is have longer lifespan?

LED screen. LED screen normal have 8-10years and more, projectors you need change the main bulb around 2-3 years.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one can easy do the after sales service?

LED screen. The original LED screen factory already provide the spare parts and can make remote control help you do the configuration. You can learn a lot and be professional during this time. Not just a product seller.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one cost more when customer buy it?

LED screen. Its value is higher than projectors per set.


  1. Whats the advantages of LED screen compared with the projectors?

LED screen has vivid color, high brightness, no limited size, longer lifespan. You can resell it , at the same time you can start your own LED screen business.


  1. Whats the advantages of the projectors compared with the LED screen?

Projectors is cheaper, normal family can affordable it. It can be sell by small quantity like 1 piece alone.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one you need invest more money?

LED screen. It cost more when the business beginning.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one can help you get the money back at shorter time?

LED screen. It can do rental business, advertising business, many usage at our daily life.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one is good option to be your career?

LED screen. The future is very promising. You can see the sales figure is increasing every year and not decrease.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one have big potential market?

LED screen. Their application is more widely and public.


  1. LED screen and projectors, which one can have more chance to been seen by public?

LED screen. Where there is an ads, there can be a LED screen.


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