Wedding LED Display

LED display is not only widely used in advertising media publicity, but also an important element of TV variety shows and stage backgrounds.

With the advancement of technology as well as the reduction of cost, large LED screens have been seen everywhere, especially at weddings.

If the wedding site does not have a large LED screen, the entire wedding site will always be less warm and joyful atmosphere!

LED screen and wedding process content to achieve the perfect progression, expanding the visual space of the guests.

So that the wedding is more fashionable and has a movie blockbuster-like dynamic, changing the traditional wedding choreography background design.

But also for the wedding of the lighting design has also brought a huge impact and challenge.

Comparison of wedding LED display and projection screens:

Before the advent of Led displays, projection screens were generally used instead of led displays.

After connecting a projector and a computer with a VGA cable, the video of the computer is projected on the screen.

This visual effect depends entirely on the resolution of the projector, but no matter how high-definition projector, to do color separation, high-definition resolution is very difficult.

More seriously, when a person stands in front of the projector projected light, the person’s face has a color, the back of the projector screen video will also be missing, the display effect is not ideal.

Later, LED screen began to popularize, high-definition video resolution presents more vivid colors, clearer images, more delicate lines of the scene.

Not only that, because the LED display screen complete image display ability, in addition to playback video is very advantageous, but also can do a variety of background images, very powerful.

Even if people stand in front of the LED screen will not cause the lack of images, the display effect is very good!

Today we will look at several wedding reception stage designs with led screens!

The first: Embedded wedding LED display

The LED screen is embedded in a frame of the stage background. Stage background is still there, or with the KT board to build out the background, or with the cloth curtains to pull the yarn to build the background.

but no matter what kind of led screen is like a larger led TV in the center of the stage, accounting for the proportion is not a lot, just so that people can see the picture only.


high-definition playback quality is good, the area is small price is low.


small area is not luxurious enough.

The second type: Combined wedding LED display

The LED screen is placed in the center, and the two sides of the backdrop and as a whole, forming a stage background with a holistic design.

This design is accepted by more people who choose wedding led screen.


the large area of the screen display makes the visual enjoyment more awesome, and as a part of the stage background appears more harmonious.


such an area of led screen want to have the atmosphere of the integrated stage background can only be placed on both sides of the KT board, pulling the gauze curtain appears difficult to integrate with the led screen.

The third kind: single vertical wedding LED display

The background of the whole stage is LED screen, there is no KT board, there is no other stage design elements, all the logos, images and images are displayed through this oversized LED screen.


the atmosphere is domineering, the guests of the whole banquet is really 360 degrees without dead angle can view the content of the LED screen.


The price is expensive.

The fourth kind: discrete wedding LED display screen

The background of the stage is a whole, or KT board design, or pull gauze curtain design, but the led screen is set in the side of the background plate, or on both sides, or only on one side.

And the status of the projection screen is the same, just for temporary play wedding photos or video recording and set up, and did not and the stage background into one.


it can reduce the design requirements of the stage background, the stage background can be more flexible to use simple materials to complete.


Wedding LED display should undoubtedly be high-quality, high-grade, the reason why the use of led screen hesitation, nothing more than to consider the price。

However, when we are in the process of wedding planning and designing the stage backdrop, on whether to use led screen should be considered more!

  • Venue space

 If the venue is very wide, it is recommended to consider using a large area led screen, in order to express the wedding scene, wedding photos and other visual information clearly.

So that guests sitting in the remote guests can also feel the actual content of the wedding banquet and will not feel no sense of participation.

  • Stage backdrop style

Wedding site layout background design should not be no focus, such as pulling the gauze curtain to block the guests’ field of vision of the design is not suitable for the use of led screen.

  • Playback content

Wedding video materials, wedding photo flash, wedding process, microfilm, etc.

  • Expenditure

The cost of renting a LED screen is based on the area rented, led screen depends on the budget.

  • Main table setup location

Some important elders in the wedding because of traditional customs, the main table must be set in the center of the stage, if the LED screen can not adjust the brightness, the elders of the dining experience will be very poor!

Therefore, the use of LED background screen in the wedding to consider a variety of factors, both to save money and can achieve the effect of shock.

Author:Lucy Huang



1. What is pixel pitch in Wedding LED display?

Pixel pitch refers to the vertical and horizontal distance between individual LED pixels on an LED media display, otherwise referred to as an LED video wall or LED screen. A common unit of measurement for pixel pitch is millimeters (mm). The term is often used in the following context “The pixel pitch on this LED media display is 4mm.”

2. What is the best pixel pitch for Wedding LED Video wall?

Since most LED video walls have a decent distance between the wall itself and the closest viewer, the pixel pitch is greater than on a TV or monitor where you might only be a few feet away. The current standard for most indoor installs like a church or house of worship is in the 2.5mm – 4mm range.

3.  What is the lifespan of an Wedding LED Screen?

It is estimated that the average lifespan of an LED display is between 60,000 and 110,000 hours, depending on the use of the screen. Thus, in the best-case scenario, this would be equivalent to using an LED screen for six hours a day for 45 years.

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