Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen, which is better?

With the continuous development of the commercial display industry, the application field and market demand for LED display has also changed dramatically, giving rise to a variety of segmented products.

They are more in line with the actual application places, convenient for end-users, to obtain a good market share.

As one of the rising strength star products LED film screen, it has some major differences with transparent LED screen, let us understand the transparent LED screen and LED film screen.

Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen-

What is transparent LED screen?

 Transparent LED screen is a LED display that can pass through light like glass.

Compared with ordinary LED screen, transparent LED screen has made targeted improvements and upgrades to the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead encapsulation, and control system.

Transparent LED screen hollow design structure, reduce the structural components of the line of sight obstruction, improve the perspective effect, so as to integrate with the environment.

Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen-1

The main structure of transparent LED screen 

1.LED Mask: on the one hand is to accumulate the wavelength to make the colour uniform, on the other hand is to protect the lamp beads

2.Transparent LED Module: It mainly includes PCB board and LED beads, the main display parts.

3.LED Cabinet: It is the role of bracket, other modules, power supply are supported on it. It is made of die-casting aluminium or aluminium profile, which is sturdy and durable, and the splicing is not deformed.

4.LED HUB Board: As a connection platform, it is possible to co-ordinate the power supply, receiver card and modules together.

5.Power Supply: The heart of the Cabinet, converting external power into the Cabinet’s own luminous power.

6.Receiving Card: the “brain” responsible for receiving external signals and processing them.

7.The Cabinet Internal Wiring: the blood vessels of the LED transparent screen box, maintains the operation of this cabinet.

Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen-2

8.Cabinet External Signal Connections and Power Voyage Wiring to allow external signals and power power to power into the cabinet.

Currently, grille screens, LED film screens, optical glass screens, etc. are called LED transparent screens.

what is LED film screen?

LED film screen also belongs to the transparent LED screen, is a new product that breaks the conventional LED display screen, using a specific bare chip, LED lights solidly mounted on the high-transparent pcb sheet, through the unique cover glue process, so that the display module is integrated into a high-transparent optical lens-type substrate, the thickness of only 1~3mm.

LED film screen consists of PET film, LED display layer and PC substrate.

Transparent LED screen VS LED film screen

1. Permeability:  LED film screen and transparent LED screen have permeability, but LED film screen structure is simpler, so the permeability is higher.

2. Flexibility: LED film screen has good flexibility and can be bent, transparent LED screen has a fixed box structure, no flexibility.

3. Weight: LED film screen is extremely light weight, about 1.3kg/square meter, transparent LED screen 5~8kg/square meter.

4. Installation: LED film screen can be pasted on the glass, installation is extremely easy, transparent LED screen needs to be simply fixed, relatively cumbersome.

The technical principle of transparent LED screen and LED film screen

1. Transparent LED screen technology principle

Transparent LED screen technology principle is the LED display micro-innovation, improved SMD manufacturing technology, lamp bead packaging and control system, increased skeleton design structure.

This display technology design greatly reduces the structural components of the obstruction of the line of sight, maximize the effect of perspective.

2. LED film screen technology principle

As a high-end product that breaks the conventional LED display, LED film screen adopts specific bare chip, the components are solidly mounted on the high-transparent PCB board, through the unique cover glue process, the display module is integrated into a high-transparent light-emitting display of high-transparent optical lens-type substrate with a thickness of at least 1~3mm.

LED film screen is light and thin, can be bent and cut as the main advantage; can be directly affixed to the glass curtain wall, without damaging the original structure of the building;

When not playing the LED film screen body invisible, does not affect the indoor lighting, viewed from a distance, can not see the screen body installation traces.

Transparent LED screen and LED film screen has high visibility and can present vivid and bright image effects, making the image of the product brighter and the superb colors create an excellent visual experience for the user.

With the transparent display technology is more recognized,  transparent LED screen and LED film screen is widely used in aerospace, commercial buildings, shopping malls, as well as luxury goods and jewellery chain shop glass window and merchandise display cabinets, etc.

Transparent LED screen and LED film screen products with the use of glass, display cabinets and other carriers to the user to show commercial advertising information, display recommended products, a full sense of technology.

Transparent screen and LED film screen application places

Stage choreography

Transparent LED screen and LED film screen itself translucent, thin and light characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer.

Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen-4

At the same time does not impede the stage design to leave the light hanging and play space, rendering a certain atmosphere and dynamics to the stage, to better express the theme.

Large shopping malls

The modern artistic beauty of transparent LED display and LED film screen can be effectively combined with the shopping mall environment.

In shopping malls, glass partitions, etc. have a wide range of application prospects.

Chain stores

Personality rich shop image can attract consumers to stop and increase customer traffic.

Unique design techniques, so that the transparent LED display and LED film screen instead of the traditional shop wall LED display, more rich and vivid video ads, so that the shop cool to the extreme, very eye-catching.

Science and Technology Museum

Science and Technology Museum is an important scene for spreading scientific knowledge.

Transparent LED display screen and LED film screen can be customized with different shapes, as a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and wonder of science and technology through transparent LED screen and LED film screen.

Glass Window

With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, transparent LED and LED film screens are revolutioning retailers and are becoming increasingly popular in areas such as architectural façades, glass window decorations, and interior decoration.

Architectural Media

With the development of LED display technology, architectural media technology has also made leaps and bounds, especially in the application of glass curtain wall buildings.

It has gradually become popular in recent years, with a variety of solutions such as LED light bar screen and transparent LED canopy screen.

Transparent LED Screen VS LED Film Screen-8

LED film screen and conventional transparent LED screen both can be applied in the field of glass curtain wall, glass window, but relatively speaking, LED film screen is mainly used in places with glass, while the transparent LED screen in the canopy, stage etc., has more advantages.

LEGIDATECH can not say that LED film screen and transparent LED screen who is better, both are representative of the field of niche products, I believe that the future market is favourable.

Author: Lucy Huang



1.How to repair LED film screen?

LED film screens can be repaired, LED film screens come with a warranty and can be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or can be replaced directly with a spare module.


2. Can transparent LED screens only be installed on glass?

LED transparent screen is highly transparent, can reach 60%-90%, installed on the glass, the display effect is minimal.


3. Are transparent LED screens waterproof?

LED transparent screen is divided into indoor transparent LED display and outdoor transparent LED display, outdoor transparent LED display is waterproof.

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