The world’s first MINI COB LED display manufacturer

Today is February 29, 2024.

It is the ISLE Intelligent Electronics Integration Exhibition in Shenzhen, China.

Many LED display manufacturers have showcased LED displays that are at the forefront of technology with their latest research and development products.

Among them, some represent the latest trends in LED displays. New COB LED display technology!

1.MINI COB LED display effect.

COB’s LED display has high chromaticity, brilliant colors and high definition!

2.MINI COB LED module display effect.

In order to ensure the flatness of the PCB electronic circuit board, the MINI COB LED module adopts an integrally formed aluminum frame!

 MINI COB LED display

 MINI COB LED display

The flatness of the LED display is guaranteed during the installation process!

 MINI COB LED display

3. At this ISLE exhibition, our promotional slogan is the world’s first MINICOB LED module manufacturer!

Because in order to reduce the production cost of MINICOB LED module manufacturing, we have invested heavily in advanced production lines and have mass-produced Mini LED modules.

To ensure the consistency of the colors displayed by MINICOB modules, we have implemented a control system for the cob LED modules.

Color correction allows indoor LED modules to display perfect colors!

 MINI COB LED display

4.minicob LED module VS SMD LED module

MINI COB LED modules have better protection capabilities than SMD LED modules!

Because the entire MINICOB module has protective glue, it is not susceptible to moisture!

Once the SMD LED module gets wet, the SMD LED lamp beads are prone to leakage and cannot display properly!

The MINI COB LED module has a protective layer of glue, which effectively protects the LED lamp beads from being knocked off during the installation of the LED module!

However, during the installation process of SMD LED modules, the LED lamp beads are often knocked off manually, which brings me a lot of maintenance costs!

As the pitch of LED displays becomes smaller and smaller, the cost of COB LED modules is lower than that of SMD LED modules!

COB LED modules have a higher contrast than SMD LED modules and can display images and videos more clearly!

Where are MINICOB LED modules used?

MINI COB LED modules will be used in small-pitch rental LED displays due to their good protection capabilities!

This is often used in large concerts, churches and conference rooms.

For example, the popular COB LED display conference all-in-one machine is widely used in schools and shopping malls!

MINI COB LED module price

As MINI COB LED module production technology matures, the production yield rate is getting higher and higher.

Now the price of MINI COB LED module is very close to that of SMD LED module.

If you need to know the detailed price of MINICOB LED modules, seize the latest business opportunities of LED displays immediately.

We at LEGIDATECH will give you the best prices and the best COB LED display technology solutions.

What models are there for COB LED modules?
COB LED module models include p2, p1.86, p1.538, p0.9
There will also be p0.6 COB LED displays in the future!

How to install the LED display of COB LED module?

Since the size of COB LED modules is the same as that of SMD LED modules, their installation method is the same as that of SMD LED modules!

So you no longer have to learn a new installation method!


At the ISLE International Exhibition, we displayed different models of LED displays based on COB LED modules, allowing customers to understand the latest technology in COB LED displays!

LEGIDATECH will continue to work hard to develop the latest miniCOB LED modules and mass-produce MINICOB LED modules to reduce production costs.

If you have an LED display project, welcome to consult!


1. What is mini COB LED Display?
Mini COB LED Display is a compact LED display that uses Chip on Board (COB) LED technology packaged on a substrate and has high brightness, high contrast and high color reproduction performance.

2. What are the advantages of mini COB LED Display?
mini COB LED Display has the advantages of compact size, energy saving and high efficiency, clear display effect, and high reliability, and is suitable for various indoor and semi-outdoor application scenarios.

3. How to install mini COB LED Display?
mini COB LED Display usually supports wall hanging, hanging and bracket installation methods. It has a flexible and convenient installation design. You can choose the appropriate installation method according to your needs.

4. How to maintain and maintain mini COB LED Display?
In order to maintain the display effect and extend the service life, it is recommended to clean the display surface regularly, check whether the connecting cable is loose, avoid long-term high-brightness display, and avoid collision and falling.

5. Does the mini COB LED Display support remote control and management?
Most mini COB LED Displays support remote control and management functions. Users can implement remote content updates, brightness adjustments, timer switches and other operations through the Internet or mobile app.

6. Where is mini COB LED Display suitable for?
mini COB LED Display is suitable for various scenarios such as commercial advertising, conference displays, entertainment performances, navigation information, venue instructions, product displays, etc. It can improve the information transmission effect and brand image.

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