The Necessity of Restaurant Display Screen

With the development of science and technology, LEDs are constantly improving and being used in various fields.

Among them, the catering industry has gradually begun to use LED large displays to improve the image and service quality of restaurants.

The large LED display can not only attract customers’ attention, but also improve the restaurant’s marketing effect.

But there are also many customers who are wondering whether it is necessary to use large LED displays in restaurants. Today we will talk about this matter.

Why is it recommended that restaurants install LED displays?

If you are also wondering about this problem, you can learn about it together.

First of all, restaurant LED displays can enhance the image of the restaurant.

The dazzling LED display can attract customers’ attention, and restaurants can also use large LED displays to display various promotions and offers, making the restaurant stand out among many competitors.

The LED display wall that represents technology can enhance the sense of technology and luxury in the restaurant.

The LED screen displays the restaurant’s menu, special dishes, promotions, etc. to attract customers’ attention and enhance the restaurant’s brand image.

Large LED display screen can display the restaurant’s menu and promotions more intuitively.

Many restaurants now use blackboard chalk to write the names of dishes.

This not only puts more pressure on the clerks, but also makes customers unable to see clearly in crowded situations, leading to loss of customers.

Through the large LED screen, customers can clearly see the menu information and special recommendations when entering the store, which can attract more customers to dine.

The Digital LED display can also show the characteristics and culture of the restaurant

The LED display screen can be arbitrarily selected to play content, including the origin of the restaurant, its development history, the origin of the dish name, etc.

Let customers know more about the restaurant and build brand awareness.

You can also introduce some food production videos and related food culture to show the restaurant culture and let customers have the feeling of dining in a professional restaurant instead of a casual shop.

LED screen for restaurant can bring customers a better dining experience

Traditional menu boards may have problems such as blurred writing, outdated content, and can only be used once.

The LED display screen can update dish information in real time, such as which dishes are the most popular and taste good, which dishes are sold out and out of stock, etc.

And can even update the waiting time for dishes to ensure that customers get the latest information.

The display content can be adjusted in time according to the actual situation to improve service efficiency.

At the same time, the LED display can also display pictures and descriptions of dishes, allowing customers to more intuitively understand the characteristics and taste of the dishes, helping them make better ordering choices.

Restaurant LED screen can create a pleasant dining atmosphere

Generally, waiting for food in a restaurant is a boring part.

Customers will become dissatisfied because the food takes too long, so they will no longer patronize the restaurant.

However, the LED display screen allows customers to watch promotional information or food videos to pass the time while waiting for food to be served in the restaurant.

In this way, customers can enjoy more fun while waiting and will not feel bored.

Soothing music can also be played to create a pleasant dining atmosphere for customers and enhance their dining experience.

Where can screens be installed in restaurants?

After understanding the benefits of installing LED screens in restaurants, the next tangled question may be where in my restaurant can screens be installed?


If it is an independent restaurant, you can place a single column advertising LED sign outside the restaurant door or install a banner screen at the door.

The purpose is to broadcast restaurant specials and promotions to attract customers to dine.

You can also play videos promoting restaurant culture to subtly increase the restaurant’s influence.

Ordering area at the front desk

The LED display can completely replace the traditional blackboard text ordering area, displaying all the dishes, drinks, etc. in your store.

You can also display the approximate preparation time of the dish.

In this way, customers can order more conveniently and quickly, and choose appropriate dishes according to their own circumstances without wasting time.


In a large dining hall, customers will inevitably get bored while waiting for their dishes.

The LED video wall in the hall can play videos or movies to relieve boredom and relieve customers’ emotions.

It can also create a comfortable dining environment for customers.

Restaurants can even use LED displays to recruit advertisers and earn fees by placing promotional videos for advertisers.

What spacing to choose and how to choose spacing

Of course, many customers are already considering purchasing restaurant display screen and even have the installation location and approximate screen size, but they don’t know what pixel pitch they should choose.

At this time, there are two main factors to consider: screen size and minimum viewing distance.

Under the premise of only considering the size of the LED screen, the smaller the screen, the smaller the pixel pitch that should be selected, and the larger the screen, the larger the pixel pitch.

The same applies to the minimum viewing distance: the smaller the minimum viewing distance, the smaller the pixel pitch.

But there is an exception. When the pixel pitch already meets the minimum viewing distance, there is no need to choose a screen with a smaller pitch.

For example: the minimum viewing distance in a restaurant is 4 meters. Choosing P4 LED screen can already meet the conditions, so there is no need to pursue P3 LED screen.

Because the effect of viewing P3 and P4 LED screen at a distance of more than 4 meters is the same.

Like this picture:

P2.5 led panels vs P3 LED screen

If you plan to add a little more appeal to your restaurant and serve customers better, consider adding one or more LED screens.

If you want to know more about the LED screen for restaurant and its price, you can contact LEGIDATECH to explain it to you in detail.

You can also provide pictures of your restaurant and the desired LED display size to customize the plan.

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