The Exploration About LED Floor Tiles

In recent years, we have seen LED floor tiles everywhere such as in the tourist of the glass bridges, bars, shopping malls, cars publishing parts and so on.

The LED floor tiles have attracted widespread attention for their excellent performance and unique design.

What is the LED floor tile screen?

What makes it unique compared to other display screen products?

Why is it so popular now?

Now I will explain to you in details and tell you how to choose the LED floor tiles, what kind of the place is suitable for the installation of the LED floor tile.

The Exploration About LED Floor Tiles

1.What is LED floor tile screen?

The LED floor display screen is a kind of LED display screen specially designed for ground install.

It is popular by its creative design and unique performance.

It has been specially optimized in terms of load-bearing, protective performance and heat dissipation performance to ensure that it can withstand high-intensity stepping and maintain normal operation for a long time.

It can hold hundreds of the people to stand on the LED floor tiles at the same time.

Among the LED floor tile screens, the most popular one is the interactive LED floor tile. What is the induction principle of the interactive LED floor tiles?

Based on the conventional dance floor LED screen, the interactive one is to add radar interaction, infrared sensors and other equipment.

When a person moves on the screen, the sensor can sense his/her position and reflect the trigger information to the main controller, and then outputs the corresponding display effects after logical judgement.

With infrared sensor, you can track people’s movements to present real-time picture effects, such as water ripples, bloom, footprint at your feet.

The Exploration About LED Floor Tiles1

The interaction between users and the LED floor tile screen is no longer limited to a single display function, but uses the induction principle to make the floor tile screen more intelligent and flexible.

This kind of design enables LED floor tile screens to attract audiences in a richer and more interesting way in commercial displays, cultural activities and other scenes, expands its application fields.

2.Features of floor LED Tiles

As one of the most popular LED display screens, the LED floor tile screen stands out for its unique and extraordinary features.

It is in lightweight but it can stand large weight such as cars. And it is in flexible designs which is suitable for different kinds of the applications.

LED floor tile screens are becoming more and more commonly used in car publications, scenic spots, bars, dance halls, theaters, hotels, stage performances, concert halls, shopping malls and other places.

Its unique characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The large load-bearing and high resistance: 

When we are going to visit the car publishing shows, we will see the new cars are parking on the led floor tiles.

And many people are stepping closely to watch the cars. So, one of the important features for the LED floor tiles is large load-bearing and high resistance.

The weight of the LED floor tiles should reach 2000KG/m², ensuring that the product can maintain stable operation in various environments, providing a reliable foundation for its normal operation.

Smart interactive sensing:

Interactive floor LEDs are designed to provide an immersive experience solution. It is widely used in many applications.

By installing the interactive sensors and other technologies, the interactive function between people and the screen is realized.

When the user applies sensor at a specific location, the LED floor tile screen can respond instantly and present corresponding picture changes, bringing an immersive interactive experience to the audience.

Comprehensive high-protection design:

The LED floor tile screen is made up of the LED lamps.  To make the LED floor tile is strong and resist, LED floor tile screen modules should be equipped with an anti-scratch mask.

The convex design improves the wear resistance of the module surface, and the protective rubber ring enhances the waterproof performance, providing comprehensive protection for the LED floor tile screen, making it more durable and work perfectly in harsh weathers.

dance floor led display-case-3

 Quick installation:

The floor tile screen cabinet is with strong aluminum base frame. It is plug and play design.

By this design, the installation is very convenient. The panels can be quickly adjusted and installed.

This design not only improves installation efficiency, but also ensures the firmness and stability of the LED floor tile screen

3.What kind of the places are suitable for the LED floor tiles?

LED floor screens are widely used in a variety of scenarios, when we install the LED floor tiles projects, we should make sure the project will present its great value for our clients.

For every of our LED screen projects, we need to think what kind of the value will the product bring for our clients.

For the LED floor tiles, they are  bringing novel and eye-catching experiences to all walks of life.


  • Exhibition hall

As an important place for information dissemination, the exhibition hall integrates multimedia interactive technology, and the LED floor screen has become one of the highlights of the exhibition hall in this context.

When a user steps on the LED floor tile screen, the sensor transmits the information obtained to the main control system in real time, presenting unpredictable content to attract the user’s attention and make the exhibition more attractive.


  • Stage performance

In stage performances, in order to complement the performance content, LED floor screens have become an ideal choice for setting up the stage.

Especially for the TV shows and live concerts, the LED floor tiles plays the most important roles. It creates the amazing stage performance makes the audiences feel happy in the environment.

The LED floor tiles contents is changing with different artists when they steps on the screens.

This innovative application method helps create dazzling stage effects, enhance the viewing experience of performances, and create an exciting live atmosphere.


  • Shopping malls

In shopping malls, LED floor tile screens are usually used for advertising or game interaction.

The interactive method that requires no learning allows customers to easily participate in ground interactions. Usually, the young people, students, lovers and families are like shopping malls.

The application of LED floor screens adds eye-catching display content to shopping malls and attracts more customers’ attention.


  • Scenic spots

Many scenic spots applied for the LED floor tiles, especially for those scenic spots that has glass bridges, as the effect is more lively and interesting.

The unique effect of the LED floor tile screen will help create an Internet celebrity scenic spot and contribute to the development of the tourism economy.

The Exploration About LED Floor Tiles-1


  • Bar dancing halls

In bars and dance halls, LED floor tile screens are used as decorations on the dance floor, bringing a sense of fashion and a unique atmosphere to nightlife venues.

Through interactive sensing technology, the LED floor tile screen is synchronized with music and dance to create a dynamic and interactive performance effect, attracting more audiences to invest in the joyful atmosphere of the nightclub.

4. How to choose a high-quality LED Floor Tiles?

We need to consider a lot of the factors before investing in the LED floor tiles to ensure our invest is valuable. How to choose the high quality LED floor tiles, let us check in the below:

1 ) Good load-bearing and high resistance performance

It is crucial to choose LED floor tiles with excellent load-bearing properties. The quality of load-bearing performance directly affects the stability and life of the display screen.

High-quality LED floor tiles can easily withstand external pressures such as stepping on and walking, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment for a long time.

2) Protection level

When LED floor tiles are used outdoors, such as public places, or in scenic spots, the protection level becomes very important.

For outdoors, the LED floor tiles need to be waterproof, dust-proof and stand high vibration.

Choosing LED floor tiles with a higher protection level can ensure that the product will work stably and reliably in the outdoor harsh environments.

3) Display performance

A high-quality LED floor tile screen should have excellent display performance, including high resolution, good brightness and contrast.

4) Interactive performance

With the development of technology, more and more LED floor tiles have interactive properties, allowing users to interact with the screen through touch or other sensing technologies.

In some special scenes, such as shopping malls, exhibitions, etc., this interactive performance can provide users with a more vivid and interesting experience.

LED floor tile screens are redefining the way we experience visuals in public spaces.

With their immersive engagement, versatility, interactivity, and safety features, they have earned their place as the future of interactive visual experiences.

As we embrace this cutting-edge technology, we open doors to endless creative opportunities and experiences that will continue to amaze and inspire us for years to come.

Author: Cathy Qin


  1. Do you provide the full solution of the LED floor tiles:

A: Yes, LEGIDATECH is a professional LED screen manufacturer with 15 years of the experience. We provide the complete solution for all kinds of the LED display screen products.


  1. Is your LED floor tiles with interactive performance?

A: We do customized project based on client’s project requirement. We can provide both conventional LED floor tiles and smart interactive LED floor tiles.


  1. What is the pixel pitch of the LED floor tile do you have:

A: We have P3.91mm, P4.81mm and P6.25mm, they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.


  1. What affects the LED floor tiles prices?

A: 1) Screen body price     This part of the price accounts for more than 60% of the total investment.

2)  Control system price    For example, the video processor, interactive sensor, power distribution box and some other equipment that required by the clients.

3) Installation and commission cost   It depends on the project size and the labor cost from the sides of the clients

4) Freight Cost   If the project is not that urgent, client can choose to ship by sea, which will save a lot of the cost for the freight.

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