Outdoor led screen billboard p5 to Nigeria

Outdoor LED Screen-AB series

LEGIDATECH LED B series is specially designed for outdoor advertising. Pixel pitch can be P2.5MM, P3MM, P4MM, P5MM, P6MM, P8MM and P10MM. The 960x960mm thin magnesium alloy cabinet weighs only 28kg each, helping to save installation and labor costs.

Front and rear service options accommodate different maintenance requirements. Suitable for 1920HZ and 3840HZ, Service way: front or rear service for option. It can be used for different purposes such as advertising or event rental business. This versatile design is your first choice.

Outdoor LED modules available from P2.5 to P10: Universal module size: 320 mm × 160 mm

1. Product Of Details: 
  • Outdoor LED Screen Pixel pitch : 5mm
  • Outdoor  LED display Panel Size : 960x960mm (24.9×24.9″) .
  • Outdoor LED Module Dimension : 320x160mm (12.3×6.15″) .
  • LED Panel Material : magnesium alloy cabinet
  • LED video wall Receive Card: Novastar
  • Outdoor advertising led billboard p5 to Nigeria.
2. Project Of Details: 
  • Outdoor LED Display Size : 2.88 x 3.84 meters  (9.6×12.8ft ) .
  • LED billboard Control System :  Novastar Control System .
  • LED video wall Package: wooden Case
  • LED Display Panel Qty : 12 pcs
  • Digital outdoor led billboard Application :  Outdoor LED Screen for advertising in Nigeria
3. Outdoor LED Display Spare Parts :
  • LED Modules
  • 300W Power Supply Unit
  • Novastar Receiving Cards
  • Power cables and Signal cables etc .
4. Why we need a led screen to advertise?

1, LED large screen display accessibility. large LED screen lamp beads are bound in the unit board, will not affect the picture display effect, can be done seamlessly.

2, LED screen panel is widely used. LED large screen specifications and models are complete, whether indoor or outdoor, can meet customer’s demand

3, LED big screen high security. LED large screen can be sun-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, can be adapted to a variety of environments, like we commonly see outdoor advertising screen is used in the LED display, and it is used in the low-voltage DC power supply voltage, in the process of practical application, can avoid danger.

4, LED large screen can help enterprises establish a quality image. We all know that the visual impact of this large screen is more intuitive and strong, the larger the screen, the longer the led display time will be more likely to be remembered by the enterprise’s high-quality image, which can further enhance the recognition of the brand by potential consumer groups!

5. The Applicable Scenarios Are As Follows:
6. Media of this project

outdoor-led-billboard-p5-to-nigeria-1   outdoor-led-billboard-p5-to-nigeria-2

led video wall for outdoor  advertising in Nigeria


LEGIDATECH: Try to be your reliable led display supplier in Nigeria

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