Conference LED Display Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide

In the past, many customers in the selection of conference room display large screen, generally choose the projector, but due to the limited display size of the projector, fixed resolution, brightness is relatively low, often can not meet the normal use of people’s needs. And in recent years, more and more excellent indoor small pitch LED display screen launched, at the same time in the conference room occasions have also been widely used, such as conference machine, LCD splicing screen, conference LED display, which is a popular large screen, some customers do not understand it is not suitable for use in the conference room, Or how to choose, how to operate? Next, legidatech led screen facatory engineer from a professional perspective for everyone to analyze, to provide conference LED large screen solutions, hope to provide you with some help.

The answer is yes, the conference LED display has high clarity, especially the small-pitch LED series, and the point pitch of P0.6 is already close to the liquid crystal display technology; Its brightness is also relatively high, and it supports intelligent adjustment, which can meet the brightness needs of various meeting occasions. In addition, the conference LED display splicing is no gap, full screen integration display effect is very good.

There are many specifications and models of the conference LED display, mainly divided by the point spacing, for the use of conference rooms, generally choose according to the space size and capital budget, small and medium-sized conference rooms are more commonly used specifications P1.25,

P1.53, P1.86, etc., because the viewing distance is relatively close, it needs a clearer display effect; And medium and large conference rooms are more commonly used specifications P2, P2.3, P3, etc., because the viewing distance is generally far away, you do not need such a small spacing LED display can also meet the display needs.

The reason why the choice of small conference rooms and large conference rooms is not the same, because the clarity of the conference LED display is determined by the size of the point spacing, usually the smaller the point spacing, the higher its clarity, but its price is higher, which is also a lot of customer concern.


For the composition of the conference ED display, in addition to the module, also includes the receiving card, power supply, send card, etc., now many send card integrated into the image processor, and then realize the two-in-one function. In addition, now more and more conference LED display manufacturers directly module, receiving card, power supply these components into a box structure, so not only more beautiful, installation and maintenance is simpler, but also better flatness.


In practical application, for the operation of the conference room LED display, the more common method is to connect with the computer through an image processor, so as to realize the transmission of signals on the screen and the realization of the display function. Because the conference LED display is different from the projector, it itself is only used for display, and it needs to add an image processor to control between it and the signal source, so as to achieve the signal switching and other functions.

Conference LED display is not like the projection can only be connected to a computer, it can be connected to multiple at the same time, for example, we can arbitrarily switch signals in the meeting, through the HDMI HD cable to let the computer and the image processor connection, you can control the computer operation, to achieve the signal transfer. In addition, through the image processor can also achieve full screen, split screen, picture roaming display.


In addition, many conference room LED display will use a function, that is, video conferencing, for remote meetings, etc., then it is necessary to add a corresponding video conferencing software and hardware equipment, the same is in the control computer operation to complete the installation and use. In actual use, the conference room LED display can also achieve mobile phone projection screen, wireless switch and other functions, can be connected with the network to achieve wireless control.


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