In 2024, Nigeria LED outdoor display four advantages or get rid of light pollution criticism

Nowadays, outdoor display advertising has become a trend, especially in some more developed cities, LED display outdoor advertising has occupied an absolute dominant position, the huge picture is easy to leave us a deep impression. We all know that the cost of outdoor LED display is very high, why outdoor advertising is sought after? The main reason is that it can bring more advertising commercial value to users.


Outdoor LED display media with its high-definition digital development trend, become a new media can not be ignored as a force. It is not only an extension of traditional outdoor media and TV media, combined with social media and mobile terminals such as Weibo and LBS positioning, to build a three-dimensional space for interaction and communication with consumers, while giving more creative possibilities, but also shaping its own core media value.


At the end of 2023, LEGIDATECH led screen factory conducted an audience survey for the outdoor LED display audience in 16 major cities, to understand the audience’s contact situation, cognition and evaluation of LED display through fixed-point interception, and also through in-depth visits by experts and audiences. To understand the contact experience and unique value of LED display, from the results of this survey, the following conclusions can be drawn.


  1. Core business circle, casting unique space value


The construction location of outdoor LED display media is mostly located in the landmark buildings of the core city, the central business district, the traffic trunk road, and other functional places with dense traffic. With the urbanization process and the popularity of family vehicles, these places have become an indispensable and important place for the mainstream population of the city to engage in business leisure, dining and shopping, work and go out, etc., because of its scarcity, core and other characteristics, it has also become a media form with marketing value and quality.


2, high arrival rate, effective coverage of the audience


Outdoor LED display screen area is large, with eye-catching, visual impact, wide range of viewing Angle and color gorgeous and other characteristics, with a good visual distance and super clear picture, coupled with unique spatial advantages, LED display media attract the eye of the urban population.


The survey found that the average weekly arrival rate of outdoor LED display media was 61.8%, the average weekly frequency of arrival of the business circle was 3.8 times, the average monthly arrival rate was 79.3%, 30% of the audience actively paid attention to outdoor LED display media, and the average audience stayed for 15.1 seconds. LED display has a relatively stable and repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to the effective transmission and understanding of LED display media information.

3, audience identification, help advertising effect transformation

The study found that outdoor LED display played a significant role in helping advertising effect transformation. Through this form of media, the audience’s cognition and attitude towards the brand have been effectively improved. The survey shows that most respondents believe that brands that display advertisements on outdoor LED displays are strength


Outdoor LED display advertising can help enhance the brand and product impression, 76.1% of the audience believe that it has a great impact on the brand and product impression. For consumer purchasing behavior, the advertising power of the product and a good brand image are very important.



After exposure to outdoor LED display advertising, the audience’s behavior is affected by advertising, resulting in subsequent behavioral intentions, of which nearly 20% will actively search for relevant information online, 6.7% will directly enter the store for consultation, 24.7% will try to buy the product, and 37.3% will pass on or actively discuss related product information to others, forming secondary dissemination.


4, high-end audience, obvious marketing value


The survey found that the main body of the outdoor LED display media population has the characteristics of young, high education and high income, the proportion of 21-45 years old in the frequent contact with the audience is 80.2%, the proportion of college education or above is 65.9%, the proportion of middle and senior managers is 34.8%, they have a stable and high income, strong consumption power.


Recently, more and more outdoor LED advertising operators, but some of the level of operation is uneven, they in order to maintain operations, relax the quality and content of advertising requirements, which has a negative impact on the media image. Experts believe that in order to make the media have differentiation and healthy development, the key is to establish a good brand image of the media, the pursuit of sustainable development and continuous innovation. Some outdoor media are also using new technologies such as human-screen interaction and QR codes to attract consumers to participate in brand communication, thereby enhancing the integrated value of advertising.

LED display for outdoor advertising advantages are obvious, not only the display effect is good and energy saving and environmental protection, although there are light pollution criticism, but as long as the management is proper, light pollution will be greatly weakened. Therefore, most of the well-known LED display manufacturers are actively expanding in the outdoor field, especially in the outdoor small spacing vigorously research and development and innovation, the future outdoor LED display will inevitably move towards a better display screen, whether it is indoor or outdoor LED display.

In this increasingly competitive market, media operators need to be aware of the importance of providing high-quality advertising content and actively maintaining the media image. Only by truly focusing on the quality of advertising and continuing to innovate can they stand out in the market and usher in sustainable development opportunities. Therefore, continuous improvement of technology and the introduction of new technologies have become an important direction for the development of outdoor media.



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