How to make an inquiry of LED display

As LED technology development, more and more people want to do LED screen business. So when you want to start your own LED screen business, what will you do to prepare this?

How to know more about LED screen area?

Most people will go to google and find some cases pictures and choose which one is what they want, while others will go to some business platform like Alibaba or made-in- China to search some LED screen factory suppliers with the information they get.

All roads lead to Rome. So have you think about how to make a LED screen inquiry?

What information should you prepare to make your talking with the LED screen manufacturer more effective?

Today we will explain to you how to make the LED display inquiry in details.

Where you want to use the LED screen?

In LED screen industry, we all know there are many products suit for different places, like some suit for the events, some suit for the conference room, some suit for the street etc.

Different LED screen type have different function.

As a new beginners, you need know where you want to use the LED screen.

For a events planner, they will hold activity at different places, in this way they need use LED rental screen for its movable and convent .

For indoor places, like supermarkets, conference rooms, or class etc. Indoor LED displays that usually require fixed installation

As a ads agent, they have ads in different streets or buildings, usually the places is in an outdoor environment and always suffer from windy and rains, thus they need an outdoor LED billboard.

In this way, you need know it certain where you want to put the led screen, rather than a roughly answer like “both” “all”, this will make the conversation less effective.

outdoor led fixed board

Do you have the ideal LED screen size? Or the led screen manufacturer can recommend to you?

As for some professional LED screen buyer, since they have LED screen installation experience before, thus when they make inquiry, they already have an idea about whats the screen size they wanted or resell to their client.

While for LED screen beginners, they don’t experience this before, thus its hard for them to say whats their idea size.

At this moment, the led display manufacturer sales will ask you or your customer send the site picture with the measurement in meter (or feet is ok), then led display manufacturer can do the recommendation accordingly.

This way is mostly used for indoor fixed screen and outdoor advertising screen.

For LED rental screen, the events planners do activities at different places, they can enlarge their screen size or reduce based on how many people will attend the activity.

For indoor fixed screen, the place capacity is certain and the screen will not move, thus its more easy for us to offer the most suitable size with best displaying effect and less cost.

As for outdoor billboard screen, it usually in an open environment.

People always see from remote place, then led display manufacturer can recommend the screen size based on the viewing distance and best displaying effect.

led screen size

Do you have the site place picture?

Site place picture is very important and helpful when led display manufacturer do the LED screen inquiry.

With the site place picture, led display manufacturer can see the LED screen using environment, whether it should be waterproof or not, whether the screen face sunshine directly or not, should the LED display be high brightness or just normal brightness, can the LED video wall be front maintenance or rear service.

In this way, the led display manufacturer can know which type LED screen is the most suitable for this place, also the best pixel pitch.

For example, for a outdoor single pole support screen , the viewing distance is more than 10meters, maybe 20m or 50m or longer.

At this moment, when the screen size is big enough, the pixel pitch can be p10 or p8 rather than p5 or p4.

Because human’s eyes can’t see the LED lamp from the long distance, p10 or p8 can give the same HD picture for them.

In addition, compare to p4, p10 cost less. So why not use less money and get the same effect screen?

This is a real case we have done before based on the site place picture.

outdoor led fixed screen

How will you install the led screen ?

For different led screen type, we have different installation ways.

Like rental led screen, the screen can be hanging from the truss or ceiling, also can be wall mounted, or install to the simple truss.

For indoor fixed led screen, the way will be more simply, mostly we see in the daily life is wall mounted to the wall, some will be hanging too.

For outdoor billboard screen, the installation way will be diversity. It can be single pole support, double pole support, wall mounted , insert to the wall or hanging etc.

The installation way is depends on the site place whether have enough place do that installation.

At open area, the space is enough, only insert to the wall may have space limits. Insert installation way we should leave the space when construct the building.

outdoor led billboard

When you plan to install the LED screen?

Why LED screen manufacturer may ask this question? This is because the LED screen manufacturer do the screen by order.

We all know LED screen is a kind of customized product, its not like TV can sell by one or two pieces, some LED display material need be be imported too.

What’s more, the shipping time should be considerate too. Sea shipping takes longer time than air shipping.

Thus the LED screen manufacturer should calculate the production time and shipping time together to see how to meet your time schedule.

(此处插入流程图,生产20天, 海运多少天,清光预计多少天等,终点是客户想要显示屏的日期)

Other questions:

  1. Do you have shipping agent in China?

If you have shipping agent in China, EXCEL LED and LEGIDATECH can help ship to your shipping agent.

If not, we can check the shipping cost to you, just provide us your nearest seaport or airport, we can check it accordingly.

  1. Is your side need installation service?

For the place we have office locally, like Nigeria, South Africa, or Kenya,  EXCEL LED can offer the local installation service.

For other places, we need check whether we have partners there. If we don’t have, we can offer the structure drawing and teach you how to get it locally. Your side no need worry about the installation.

  1. Is the screen for yourself use or resell it?

Why the LED screen manufacturer need know this?

If the LED display is for yourself use, the seller can tell you the screen features directly.

If the LED display is resell to your client, our sales will teach you how to tell your end user customer the product features, how to let him understand you more easy.

If you are in the country we have locally office, we can also send our professional people together work with you on this customer project.

This way can assistant you be professional and get the LED screen project more easily.

Author : Jenny Xiao

Q:What should I prepare before I want a proformal quote?

1, where you want to use the screen, for rental business, for indoor fixed use or for outdoor advertising use.

2, take a picture or video of the site place when its indoor fixed LED screen and outdoor billboard screen.

3, take the measurement of the site place when its indoor fixed LED screen and outdoor billboard screen.

4, how you want to install the screen, wall mounted, based, or hanging.


Q:If I don’t have the site place picture, how can I get the inquiry?

A: We will offer you some cases we have done before and you can choose from the cases, but the cases just for your reference, its better to offer the site place picture after we discussed.


Q: If I don’t have shipping agent or no import experience before, is your side can help?

A: Yes, we can help your side do the shipping if you don’t have the shipping agent. What you need do is tell us the nearest seaport of your city then we can check accordingly with our shipping agent.


Q: How to do the LED screen installation since I an new?

A: We will teach you how to do the installation by video call and remote control since LED screen is very easy, not so complex as you think. For indoor fixed LED display and outdoor advertising screen, we will prepare you the structure drawing and teach you how to get locally and do installation.


Q: Can I get a longer warranty, like 5 years or 8years since the LED screen is very important?

A: Yes, you need mentioned this in advance when we do the quote, for longer warranty LED display, their material is different, thus the quotation is different.


Q: Can I get some spare parts in case the screen have problem and need replacement in the future?

A: Yes, during the quotation we offer the spare parts option, like the LED screen module, the receiving card and the power supply units. If you think the quantity we recommend is not enough, you can ask us add more.

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