Flat LED Panels VS Flexible LED Panels

With the rapid progress of technology, flat LED display and flexible LED display shows their advantages, providing users with a rich variety of choices.

But how to make the most appropriate choice between the two?

Don’t worry, this easy to understand “display selection guide” will take you into the world of flat LED panels and flexible LED panels, explore your “Vision” optimal solution!

1. Flat LED display: Classic Choice, Stable Display Effect

Let’s imagine, flat LED display is like a trustworthy old friend, although the appearance is simple and unadorned, it has the wonderful quality that people can trust.

flat LED panels 1

It is usually applied to large outdoor advertising, stadiums, conference rooms and other fixed places.

With its advantages of high brightness, wide viewing angle and long life, the picture can be kept clearly visible even under direct sunlight.

flat LED panels 2

If you are pursuing cost-effectiveness, stability and traditional beauty, then flat LED display is definitely the right choice for you.

2. Flexible LED Display: Light of the Future, Spiritual Dancer

Flexible LED display, also known as bendable LED display, is a combination of traditional LED display technology and bending technology that utilizes different angles to bend LED panels to achieve innovative effects.

The Flexible LED display, like a future messenger out of a science fiction movie, redefines the possibilities of display with its soft stature and unimaginable flexibility.

flexible LED panels 1

It can be bent, folded, and even twisted, perfect fit for any non-planar surface, whether it is the arc wall of the shopping mall, or the stage of the creative set, can be easily managed.

The emergence of flexible screens allows creativity to be magnified indefinitely and the visual effect to amaze the crowd.

If you are eager to integrate the perfect combination of technology and art in space design, the pursuit of the ultimate visual impact and personalized display, flexible LED display screen will certainly make your eyes bright.

3. The secret of choice: the customer’s needs

The key to choosing flat or flexible LED display lies in the specific needs and application scenarios of customers.

If customers need to outdoors display for a long time and have requirements for cost control, then the classic and durable flat LED display is the best choice.

flat LED panels 3

On the contrary, if the customer’s project needs creative display, flexible space utilization, or the pursuit of high-end, technological sense of indoor decoration, then flexible LED display screen can undoubtedly let the customer’s design concepts to fully display!

4. Feature Comparison, Details Make the Difference

Brightness and Viewing Angle: Flat LED panles are usually brighter and suitable for outdoor direct sunlight environment.

The Flexible LED screens are a little less bright, but with a wider viewing angle, suitable for indoor close viewing.

Installation and maintenance: Flexible LED display is more flexible because of its lightweight and bendable characteristics, but the maintenance may need to be more careful.

Flat LED display is solid installation, maintenance is relatively simple.

Cost considerations: Flat LED display is usually more advantageous in terms of cost, while flexible LED is more costly due to its technical complexity, but the visual effect and design value are also incomparable.

flat LED panels 4


Flexible LED screen adopts the latest technology, it can provide extremely high-definition images with vivid colors, which can clearly display contents such as videos, pictures and texts for better visual effects.

flexible LED panels 5


Flexible LED screen adopts advanced high reliability technology, which has higher reliability and can provide longer service life and save more cost.


Flexible LED screen can be customized according to customer’s requirements, and can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes according to customer’s actual needs, so that it can be better adapted to a variety of spatial environments.

flexible LED panels 4

Energy Consumption

Flexible LED screen adopts the technology of low power consumption, which is more energy-saving than the traditional technology, which can save energy and reduce the emission of waste gas, thus reducing the environmental pollution.

flat LED panels 5

Environmental friendliness

The materials used in LED flexible screens are more environmentally friendly, which can effectively reduce waste, minimize pollution to the environment and ensure a healthy environment.

How do flexible screens work?

1, the installation needs to be assembled first aluminum profile.

The flexible LED display unit board will be arranged in the order from bottom to top, from right to left, the height of the unit board can be adjusted by the disk nuts at the corners.

2, installation of  the switching power supply. Fix the power supply under the flexible LED display profile.

Connect the 5V power cord of the switching power supply to the power socket of the unit board, and note that the positive and negative poles of the power supply should not be reversed.

3. The Installation of the receiver card at the appropriate position on the right side frame of the flexible LED display.

And connect the power supply and the signal line between the receiver card and the unit board.

According to the order from right to left will be a row of wires connected to the unit board.

4, the last LED display card and transmitter card installation.

Install the LED display card and transmitter card according to the corresponding sockets and fix them with screws, and connect the display card and transmitter card with flat wires.

Insert the video card driver CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive to enter the automatic installation state, please follow the prompts.

flexible LED panels 6

In summary

flat LED display and flexible LED display have their own merits.

Remember, the most suitable is the best, in-depth understanding of customer needs, so that the LED display becomes the best carrier of customer creative expression, lighting up the customer’s exclusive “vision” world!

Lucy Huang


  1. Who is more expensive, flat LED display or flexible LED display?

The cost of flexible LED display is higher than that of flat LED display, under the same pixel and quality condition, the price of flexible LED display is higher than that of flat LED display.

2. How do you hang flexible LED display?

The shape of the flexible LED display can be customized, when confirming the proposal, you need to consider the safety, set up protective measures can be, it is not recommended to hang the flexible LED display in locations with high wind speed.

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