China LED Display Factory: Top Ten Brands in 2024

Many customers in the purchase of LED display, often give priority to some well-known brands, such as the top three brands, or top ten brands, etc., most of this purpose is to better guarantee the quality of products and services. So, what are the top ten brands of the LED display manufacturers’ ranking in 2024? Next, LEGIDATECH LED SCREEN FACATORY analyzes it from a professional point of view, hoping to provide you with some help.


While there are many LED display manufacturers in China, only a select few possess genuine R&D and production capabilities. Surprisingly, there is no standardized ranking list to determine the industry leaders. However, based on extensive big data analysis and industry insights, the following represents the cream of the crop: the top ten LED display brands in China for 2024.





















Many customers are more inclined to China’s top ten brands of LED display, are feeling the stronger the brand strength, in all aspects will be more secure. For the size of the brand strength we can see from many aspects, brand awareness is only a little, including the manufacturer’s production scale, research and development strength, relevant certificates, the number of cases and so on.

First of all, a Chinese LED display manufacturers have their own factory, usually have their own production factory strength is not too weak, which requires a chip machine and other equipment, but also need a strong inventory strength, while the factory of China’s LED display brand product quality will be more guaranteed, including the testing process will be more strict, accordingly can reduce after-sales rate, At the same time reduce the cost of production and sales.

Secondly, from the perspective of R & D patents and various certificates, there is no own R & D team, as well as related patent certifications, such as ISO9001 quality management system, AAA credit enterprise, energy saving, environmental protection, CCC certification, etc. These certifications are recognized in the industry and can reflect the certificate of LED display brand strength. It is also a side factor reflecting the strength of a brand.

Then there are the number of cases, there have been some large-scale cases, which is also the embodiment of the strength of a Chinese LED display brand, especially some government departments, and some large enterprises.

Second, China’s LED display product quality

Due to the mixed market of LED display in China, there is a big difference in product quality between many Chinese brands, which is designed to the production process, packaging technology, testing process, etc., as well as whether the parameters meet national standards, especially for the control of dead lamp rate, which directly affects the service life of LED display. After all, the product is related to the time of use and the level of after-sales rate.

For example, in terms of packaging process, the quality of LED display products using COB packaging technology is better than that of SMD packaging LED display products; The LED module using the national star lamp bead is better than other lamp beads, or the gold wire is better than the copper wire, the installation of the box junction structure is better than the installation of the module structure, which should be paid attention to.

Third, China LED display technical services

Besides the product itself, a crucial aspect to consider when choosing an LED display brand is the level of technical support and after-sales service offered. LED displays are resilient electronic products that typically have a lifespan of three to five years. Therefore, it is essential to have efficient and professional technical support and after-sales service to ensure peace of mind during extended usage.


Although the 2024 China LED display manufacturers’ top ten brand ranking list can serve as a reference, it should only be a secondary factor. Our primary focus should be on product quality and the level of technical services provided.



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