5 factors that affect the price of LED display screens

When asked about the price of LED display screens, many LED display manufacturers are quite sensitive, and there are too many price variables for LED display screens to explain clearly in a word or two.

However, with the development of the internet and the transparency of information, the price of LED display screens is actually not a big secret!

There are too many factors that affect the price of LED display screens, because LED display screens are composed of multiple components.

Based on the price changes of these components, the overall price of LED display screens will also change.

If we do not have a deep understanding, judging the low-end, mid-end, and high-end based solely on price may be biased!

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Every day, there will be network customers consulting such as: how much is a square LED display, how much is a full-color LED large screen, please send a LED display quotation list, how much is a P2.5 Ehonor series 320*480mm specification cabinet and so on.

Today, we will simply share 5 factors that affect the price of LED display screens, detailed explanation of costs:

1、Body size to affect the price of LED display

This is easy to understand. Just like when we buy a house, the larger the area, the higher the total price.

The larger the LED display screen, the more materials are consumed, and the price naturally becomes more expensive!

2、 LED display screen specifications and models

The main models of LED display screens include P1.25, P1.53, P1.86, P2.0, P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, etc.

In LED display screens, P refers to the center distance between two adjacent pixels of the LED display screen, abbreviated as point spacing.

It is the distance between LED display screen beads. Under normal circumstances, the denser the beads, the clearer the LED display screen, the higher the resolution, and the higher the price.

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3、 Materials used to affect the price of LED display

Materials can be divided into imported materials and domestically produced materials.

From a cost perspective, imported components are more expensive than domestically produced ones in terms of raw materials and core technologies, such as chips, for some main materials such as LED light-emitting chips and driver ICs.

The key is that different chips have varying stability, brightness, and lifespan.

The cost of other components such as power supply, module circuit board, box material and plastic mask, as well as all internal cables and connecting wires of the display screen, also varies greatly.

In addition, the quality of LED display screen beads is also an important factor affecting the price of LED display screens.

4、 Production cost

In addition to the cost of raw materials, LED display screens also include costs such as employee salaries, logistics expenses, and after-sales service.

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5、 Construction factors of the price of led display

Due to factors such as installation location, installation method, screen size, and selection of frame structure materials, there may be significant differences in the quotation of LED display screen projects.

Especially when producing LED outdoor advertising screens, the construction environment can affect the project prices, resulting in significant differences.

So when choosing LED electronic display screens, it is recommended that customers choose the appropriate LED electronic screen based on the usage scenario, unit budget, etc.

And judge whether the purchase is cost-effective based on the performance and price of the LED screen, which will be more objective.

Author :Jason Ouyang


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Enova series,  EnovaPRO, Magic series, R series

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