What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising screen?

What are the advantages of outdoor LED advertising screens?The answer is here!

1、Loop playback with high exposure rate

Outdoor LED large screen advertisements are generally placed in commercial centers, office buildings, stations, and other places with high pedestrian traffic.

The high exposure rate of outdoor LED large screen advertisements is high, and they are continuously played, even in cold and humid winter, and can be used normally.

Potential users can see them anytime, anywhere.

outdoor LED advertising screen

2、Flexible and creative with excellent results

Outdoor LED large screen advertisements have various forms to choose from, especially eye-catching high-definition dynamic displays that are more likely to attract audiences.

It is understood that the attention to this type of outdoor LED large screen advertising can reach over 50%. Compared with traditional advertising, outdoor LED large screen advertising has better effects and lower aversion.

outdoor LED advertising screen-

3、High investment efficiency

The investment cost of outdoor LED screens is relatively low, and the investment benefits are also significant.

Due to the favorable usage conditions of outdoor LED screens, the reduction of environmental interference and protection of building safety.

As well as the higher degree of freedom for advertisers to choose outdoor advertising methods, mainstream outdoor LED displays are currently applied in many cities.

outdoor LED advertising screen-1

4、Accelerate the establishment of brand image

A good brand advertisement can help companies increase market share and give them a strong brand effect in the market.

A good brand holds a huge position in the minds of consumers, who tend to purchase outdoor LED screens with more brand effect.

And a good brand image will also leave a good impression on consumers. This is also very beneficial for enterprises. It can effectively promote the growth of enterprise product sales.

outdoor LED advertising screen-2

5、Wide audience

The audience of outdoor LED screens has gradually expanded from urban residents to white-collar workers, corporate executives, and other groups.

At the same time, it is constantly expanding to small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies, and some high-end places, which has more advertising effectiveness and audience coverage compared to traditional outdoor advertising.

outdoor LED advertising screen-3


OK Series

outdoor LED screen-OK series

IP68 Outdoor LED Display, King product of the Outdoor Advertising, best selling in 2023 and continue in 2024

1、 7000-10000nits Ultra High Brightness

2、 Aluminum Module Good Heat Dissipation

3、 IP68 Waterproof

4、 Total front & rear service

5、 Support Naked Eye 3D Application

6、 5 year warranty

B series

outdoor LED screen-B serie1、 6500nits Brightness

2、 Muti-function, Cabinet with locks, support do rental business

3、 IP65 Waterproof

4、 Lightweight 28kg/cabinet

5、 Universal module size: 320x160mm, P2.5-P10 available


B PRO series

outdoor LED screen-B Pro serie


our Energy-saving Billboard Bpro series

1、ultra high brightness over 8000nits/sqm, perfect performance in strong directly sunlight

2、Average power consumption 130w/sqm, saving 75% power than traditional one

3、used four layers PCB board, more stability

4、encapsulate module, each module waterproof IP65

5、big module 320*320mm, DIP LED lamp more durable in harsh outdoor environment, especially in Africa, hot weather, often rainly, strong sunlight

6、5 year warranty


Author: Jason Ouyang


Which series are used for outdoor advertising screens?

B series, BPRO series, OK series

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