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Top 35 LED Screen Suppliers in Philippine-Ultimate Ranking

Help you easily find TOP 35 LED display suppliers in Philippine

In the Philippines, LED screens have become important equipment for various activities and venues, such as concerts, shopping malls, stadiums, etc. LED screens are undoubtedly the first choice for attracting attention and conveying information.

Where there is demand, there will be supply. The Philippines also has many excellent LED screen suppliers, including Davao, Manila, Luzon and other regions. Providing customers with products in a variety of sizes, resolutions and features.

Today, LEGIDATECH is going to take stock of the top 35 LED screen suppliers in the Philippine market. These companies have rich experience and excellent professional capabilities in the field of LED display technology, providing customers with high-quality LED screen solutions.

Whether it is LED poster screen or stage LED displays, whether it is outdoor advertising screens or indoor commercial screens, these companies can meet the needs of customers and create a perfect audio-visual experience.

Among these 35 LED screen suppliers, the Philippines’ local LED display suppliers are mainly listed. Whether you need LED screen rental or customization, these companies can provide you with the best quality solutions, as well as complete after-sales service and technical support.

1. Pitchworks Incorporated

Main Product: outdoor advertising screen

Website: http://www.pitchworksinc.com/

Tel: 8-654-5193        0917-8120915

Address:Unit 1 & 2, 2nd Floor JRMD Bldg. 163 L. Wood St., Admiral Village, Brgy. Dolores, Taytay, Rizal

Pitchworks Incorporated in the Philippines is an LED screen supplier specializing in outdoor advertising, media planning and buying. Offering a wide range of LED screens suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with options for customizable content and design.

With over 15 years of experience in the LED screen industry, Pitchworks clearly understands every step of a client’s project and the type of information and products needed to accurately recommend the most appropriate products.

LEGIDATECH LED display manufacturer

2. LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier in Philippines

Main Product: LED screen supplier with indoor LED screen; outdoor LED display; rental LED wall; LED poster

Website: www.ledscreenfactory.com

Email: legidatechled@gmail.com

LEGIDATECH has its own production factory and R&D team with rich experience and expertise in the field of LED technology. To be the most professionally operated media company that provides fast, growing, sustainable and profitable advertising services to a wide range of clients.

LEGIDATECH, though a China-based LED display manufacturer, is also highly popular and sold in the Philippines. They offer quality products, remote guidance and lifetime technical support. Has been a consistent LED screen supplier in the highly competitive outdoor and indoor advertising industry.

3. Outcomm Inc.

Main Product: Outdoor LED billboard

Website: https://outcomm.ph/

Tel: 63 917 537 5110 / 63 02 8 856 2285

Email: sales@outcomm.ph

Outcomm is a renowned Philippine LED display manufacturer established for more than 20 years, they specialize in creating high-quality, energy-efficient displays for outdoor advertising, sports facilities, and other commercial applications. The main radiation area is in Metro Manila and the surrounding areas.

The company also offers a variety of control systems, including remote control, which allows users to easily update and manage their displays remotely, providing customers with a complete set of the most effective solutions.

Outcomm is now among the leading outdoor advertising companies in the Philippines.

Outcomm Inc. led screen company
EXCEL LED display manufacturer

4. Excel LED screen supplier in Philippine

Main Product: indoor LED screen, outdoor LED display, Stage LED wall

Website: www.excelledscreem.com

Email: excel@excel-led.com

Excel LED Display is a leading LED display manufacturer with a team of highly skilled professionals.

It provides advanced LED screen solutions and advertising benefits for events, exhibitions and other applications, creating unique and novel visual effects for customers.

Excel LED Display has 13 years of experience in LED screens, and its product quality and after-sales service are trustworthy.

5. Steel Art Billboards Inc.

Main Product: LED digital billboard

Website: https://steelart.ph/

Tel: 63 917 300 0840

Email: hr@steelart.ph

Steel Art Billboards Inc. showcases top-quality digital billboards and LED billboards and is dedicated to assisting clients in making the most of their advertising displays to create a noticeable impact on the public through traditional and digital out-of-home advertising.

– With many years of experience, Steel Art Billboards Inc. is able to ensure the successful implementation of advertising projects, with many big partner brands, Ford, Toyota, McDonald’s, etc.


6.Beatbox Lights Sounds

Main Product: Specializes in Lights & Sounds  LED display Rental business.


Tel:  0916-3188076


BeatBox LED screen company is an event planning company that provides a complete range of supporting equipment such as lighting, LED displays, speakers, and controllers needed for the stage.
They support rentals, purchases, and events in and around Manila and are the Philippines’ homegrown regional merchants.

7. BloomLED in philippines

Main Product: Outdoor LED screen; indoor LED display


Tel: +63) 966 445 6680

Email: julia@bloo

BloomLED Display + Lighting offers LED screens for digital signage, advertising and commercial use, with options for interactive displays and custom designs.

Trusted by leading businesses in the Philippines, BloomLED Display + Lighting is the Philippines’ most trusted LED display supplier of custom LED video walls and LED displays.

NYXSYS Philippines

8. NYXSYS Philippines

Main Product: Offers LED display solutions for corporate, education, and healthcare environments.


Tel: (02) 8687 0503 loc. 310

Email: inquire@nyxsys.ph

Nyxsys Philippines, Inc. was established in June 2014 as a spin-off of an outdoor advertising LED display company founded in the 1990s. Mainly engaged in LED Sign and LED billboard for outdoor advertising.

The company has many years of experience, advanced technology development, and a mature sales team dedicated to developing and implementing the most advanced enterprise business solutions, digital signage, and outdoor advertising.


Main Product: Provides high-performance Outdoor  LED screens and LED truck


Tel: +63 288825637


ETICKLES Media is an LED screen supplier for outdoor advertising, committed to providing customers with the most suitable products rather than the best.
Their products are mainly outdoor advertising screens and truck LED screens. They understand customer needs and budgets and provide customized sizes and configuration options to save customers time and are well received.

Definitive Audio Video Solutions Inc.

10.Definitive Audio Video Solutions Inc.

Main Product: Audio, video and lighting product solutions

Website: https://definitive.ph/

Tel:  + 63 2 7004-65-66

Email: info@definitive.ph

Address: #81 Senegal Street,Greenheights Subdivision,Nangka, Marikina City  Philippines

Definitive Audio Video Solutions Inc. is a LED display company with well-known product brands, equipped with advanced technology and professional personnel, providing high-quality professional services in the fields of audio, video and lighting in .

Definitive Audio Video Solutions Inc. provides custom and complete audiovisual consulting, design, installation and implementation services.

11. Summit Outdoor Media

Main Productdigital signage and LED screen supplier


Tel: 63 (02) 398 8043

Summit Outdoor Media is the Philippines’ leading outdoor LED billboard supplier, mainly providing customers with efficient outdoor advertising solutions, whether it is outdoor billboards, LED screens or giant banners.

Summit Outdoor Media provides advice, assistance and meets customer needs, earning the trust and praise of its customers with its professional team, innovative design and comprehensive service.

summit outdoormedia

12. Globaltronics LED display supplier

Main Product:Provides digital LED sign for commercial and residential use

Website: https://globaltronics.net/

Tel:tel:(02) 8721-2878

Email: inquiry@globaltronics.net

Address: 349 Ortigas Ave, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong, 1554 Metro Manila

Globaltronics is one of the leading full-service digital LED display suppliers in Southeast Asia, supplying end-to-end full-service LED display systems to a number of renowned organizations in the Philippines.

Globaltronics providing customizable LED display solutions for a wide range of applications. Entertain, inform and engage your audience in the most impressive and reliable way possible.


Main Product:Provides light and sound for commercial and residential use

Website: https://enigmax.net/

Tel: 09988878919/ 09997422713


ENIGMAX LIGHTS AND SOUNDS is a stage event planning company integrating lighting, sound and vision.

With their extensive experience and professional team, they are industry leaders in LED wall rental services.

ENIGMAX light and sound

14. BrightBox, Inc.

Main Product: Outdoor LED screen LED display manufacturer

Website: http://www.brightbox.com.ph/

Tel: 63 279186698

Email: info@brightbox.com.ph

BrightBox, Inc., started in 2005, is a LED display supplier and technology promoter of digital LED signage systems in the Philippines

It has an extensive outdoor advertising network covering various places such as city streets, business districts, and public transportation.

BrightBox, Inc. designs and integrates digital signage systems and also provides customers with steel structures, installation and commissioning, maintenance services and technical support.

15.Optimum Ads

Main Productoutdoor LED display LED Display Supplier

Website: https://www.optimumads.com.ph/

Tel: 3414-8595/8928-7963

Email:  sales@optimumads.c

Optimum Ads is a  LED display company dedicated to helping clients reach the public in innovative, effective ways through traditional and digital out-of-home advertising.

Optimum Ads goes beyond out-of-home, moving forward in the digital age to offer a broader range of solutions and services. We work together to make our clients and our company seen, heard and felt.

Optimim LED screen

16.Creative Signs Inc.

Main Product: outdoor advertising LED sign manufacturer

Website: https://creativesignsinc.com.ph/

Tel:  63287400675

Email: inquiry@creativesignsinc.com.ph

Address:  2301 N. Hiawassee Rd., Apopka. FL 32703

Creative Signs Inc. is a company specializing in creative signage and advertising solutions. Whether it is outdoor billboards, store signs or exhibition displays, we can provide customers with satisfactory solutions.

Creative Signs Inc. is committed to providing customers with high-quality, innovative design and production services to help them stand out in a highly competitive market.

17. AVLS (All Visual & Lights Systems, Corp.)

Main Product: indoor LED wall and outdoor LED signage

Website: http://avls.com.ph/

Tel: 6382910863

Email: connect@avls.com.ph

Address: ACC Corporate Center, 45 7th Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila

all visual & light systems has a passionate and creative team that is able to provide high-quality visual and lighting design and production solutions according to customer needs and requirements.

all visual & light systems is committed to creating unique and innovative visual effects for customers. Whether it is a commercial building, residential project or event venue, we can tailor the most suitable lighting solution for you.

Pro BeatBox Entertainment Concept

18.Pro BeatBox Entertainment Concept

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED display, Rental LED display

Website: https://www.facebook.com/probeatboxentertainmentconcept/

Tel: +63 917 541 0013

Email: admin@beatboxpro.com

Address:144 Facoma St. Pamplona 1 Las Pinas City, Manila, Philippines

Pro BeatBox Entertainment Concept specializes in the stage event industry.

Pro BeatBox Entertainment Concept provide lighting, sound and LED display rental, sales, consultation and installation services. Saving clients’ time in purchasing for their events.

19. 24 Beat Lights & Sound

Main Product:  Provides Rental LED display solutions for large-scale projects.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/JcLAGYAP

Tel: +63 948 824 1265

Address: Francia, Iriga City, Philippines

24 Beat Lights & Sound has extensive experience in the stage rental display industry, providing clients with professional advice and support to ensure their events are successfully implemented and achieve optimal results.

24 Beat Lights & Sound has always kept pace with the times in design concepts and production technology, and has won the trust and praise of customers with innovative technology and excellent quality.


20.  Luneta Advertising

Main Product: Provides all kinds of outdoor LED screen solutions for various industries.

Website: https://lunetaadvertising.com/

Tel: (632) 882 0275 – 77


Address: No. 10 Marian Road 1, East Service Road Brgy. San Martin de Porres, Parañaque City

Specializing in the production, construction, and installation of a wide variety of outdoor advertising, Luneta is your one-stop shop for billboards, LED video panels, and LED projection lighting.

Founded in 1978, Luneta Advertising’s years of experience have enabled it to provide top-notch quality products and attentive service.

Its core philosophy also includes building deep and meaningful business partnerships, welcoming partners who are interested in entering the LED display industry to work with them.

21.Avolution, Inc.

Main Product: LED digital signage

Website: https://www.avolutionph.com/

Tel: 63 286312404

Email: info@avolutioninc.net / sales@avolutioninc.net

Address:117 F. Sevilla, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila

Avolution, Inc. is an LED display company headquartered in the Philippines, with rich experience and a professional team, providing various types of display products, including LED displays, LCD displays, curved displays, etc.

Whether indoors or outdoors, whether for commercial activities or entertainment performances, Avolution, Inc. can provide customized display solutions to meet the different needs of customers.

22.Richmedia Network Inc.

Main Product: Outdoor LED billboard

Website: https://www.richmedia.com.ph/

Tel: 63 32 412 1112

Email: info@richmedia.com.ph

Address: 5th Floor Innove Plaza Samar Loop corner Panay Road Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

23. Music First Sounds Lights Rental

Main Product: Rental LED display

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MusicFirstSoundsLightsRental/

Tel: +63287032412

Address: Philippines 7, V. Mapa Ext, Santa Mesa, Manila, 1016 Metro Manila

Led Screen Video Wall Rental Manila – Stage for Rent Lights and Sounds System

led wall supplier

24. Digital By Media cast

Main Product:  Provides Rental LED display solutions for large-scale projects.


Email: martin.zaragoza@mediacastdigital.com

Digital By Media Cast is a Philippine company dedicated to providing high-quality digital display solutions.

They focus on providing customers with innovative digital display products and services, including LED displays, LCD displays and other customized display solutions.

By working closely with clients, they are committed to helping them achieve their digital marketing and brand communications goals.

25. Strong Media Advertising Solutions Inc.

Main Product: ,outdoor led billboard

Website: https://strongmediainc.com/

Tel: (02) 8997-47-11/   Mobile No.: 0917-577-0505

Email: sales@strongmedia-corporation.com

 Address:Suite 406 CLMC Building 259-269 Edsa Greenhills, Mandaluyong City, 1554

Strong Media Advertising Solutions Inc. is an advertising planning company that mainly provides static and dynamic billboards, providing customers with professional support and services

strong Midea LED screencompany
Luce Acustico

26.Luce Acustico

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED video wall

Website: https://www.facebook.com/luceacustico/

Tel: +63 995 544 2268

Email: luceacusticoph@gmail.com

Address: Aurora Blvd., Cubao, Philippines

Philippines Luce acustico led display company is a company specializing in the sales of LED displays.

The company has advanced production equipment and technical team and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-brightness and high-definition LED display products.

The company’s products are widely used in indoor and outdoor activities, conferences and exhibitions and other fields, and are well received by customers.

27. Cityneon Philippines

Main Product:  professional high-performance event solutions and service


Tel: +63 2 8776 4612

Email: cpi.marketing@cityneon.com.ph

Cityneon Philippines is an event planning company that aims to create a high-end, comfortable and orderly event site for customers.

Activities include various exhibitions, indoor press conferences, corporate annual meetings, etc. LED screen is not the main product.

cityneon led screen supplier
CMR LED screensupplier inPhilips

28. C.M.R Enterprise Audio Visual Lights Rental

Main Product:  LED screen supplier for rental LED wall 

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100051258866445

Tel: +63 968 309 9336


Address:Laiya Road Putingbuhanin San Juan, San Juan, Philippines

C.M.R Enterprise Audio Visual Lights Rental offers a wide range of audio visual rentals, design, installation and sales.

Rental services include lighting and sound, P.A systems, band arrangements, stages, LED walls, generators and more

Whether it’s stage design, lighting and sound, video production or event execution, we can tailor the best solution for you based on your needs and budget.

29.Pinnacle Technologies Inc.

Main Product:  Computerized Technology Solutions and outdoor LED Displays


Tel: 8-9619999/5-338-8888

Address: #52 8th Ave. West, Grace Park, Caloocan City, Philippines

Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. is a fusion of professionals in different key areas of computer and LED display technology. It is a technical and marketing guide for complete IT solutions for government units, education sector and retail organizations.

Pinnacle Technologies, Inc. is one of the most competitive entities in the industry in the Philippines. Providing integrated branding solutions and quality advertising programs to increase client visibility.

Pinnacle Technologies Inc.
I TECH LED screen supplier

30. I-Tech Digital Productions

Main Productstage LED screen ,indoor LED wall


Tel:  (02) 7949-8479 / (02) 7751-6338

Email: info@itechdigitalproduction.com

Address: Ground A – FSE Bldg., 3671-73 Bautista St. Brgy. Palanan, Makati City, 1235 Metro Manila

I-Tech Digital Productions specializes in LED wall rentals and large-scale event planning, including but not limited to large-scale concerts, exhibitions, weddings, corporate events

With rich experience and a professional team, we can provide customers with the latest and highest quality LED walls, as well as a full range of large-scale event planning services.


Main Product: Indoor  and outdoor  stage LED screen supplier


Tel:+639057469977     +639228694939


Address: 2125 Biscayne Blvd suite 272, Miami, FL 33137

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Baguio City, VISIONWORKS PRO SOUNDS & LIGHTS provides equipment sales and rentals, installation and product services to the Northern and Central Luzon regions.

Their product lines include professional sound systems and lighting equipment, video, photo, LCD/DLP projectors, LED video walls and screens, including staff training and production.

VISIONWORKS LED screen supplier in Philips
JBM Pro led screen supplier in philippine

32. JBM Pro Audio

Main Product:  stage LED wall

Website: https://www.facebook.com/JBMprolightsandsounds

Tel:+63 906 963 4266

Address: Bulod, Tubod, Philippines

JBM Pro Audio is a specialist in event lighting and sound systems and LED wall rentals. He provides indoor and outdoor stage LED displays with pixel pitches including P3.9 P4.8, etc.

Provide installation services.

33. Jimz Lights And Sounds

Main Product: light and sound  stage LED screen; 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064661503911

Tel: +63 912 985 6438

Jime Lights and Sounds is a lighting and audiovisual company specializing in stage events. They are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable products, including LED displays, stage lighting, audio consoles, etc.

The company has advanced production equipment and a technical team that can customize products of various types and sizes for customers to meet different occasions and needs.

JIMZ led screen conpany

34. Adstratworld Holdings, Inc.

Main Product: Advertising Billboards, Outdoor LED Display, Indoor and Outdoor LED Display

Website: http://www.adstratworld.com/

Tel: 8882 5636to37

Email: sales@adstratworld.com

Address:111 Honda St, corner Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Makati, 1213 Metro Manila

Adstratworld Holdings, Inc. is an LED display company in Manila, Philippines, which mainly provides advertising services to customers.

Adstratworld Holdings, Inc. also intends to remain steadfast in its commitment to customer satisfaction, product quality and loyalty.

35.United Neon Advertising, Inc.

Main Product: Digital Billboards, Outdoor Advertising, Outdoor Signs, Outdoor LED Display

Website: https://www.unitedneon.com/

Tel: 63 (2) 8889 1111to16

Email: digital@unitedneon.com

Address:60 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave, Makati, 1234 Metro Manila

United Neno Advertising Inc. is a professional advertising LED screen company in the Philippines.

Their service scope covers the design, production, installation and management of various types of digital advertising screens, and they provide customers with customized advertising marketing strategies that meet their needs.



Conclusion of Top 35 LED Screen Suppliers

In the Philippine market, there are many high-quality LED screen brands, which undoubtedly provide more choices for customers from all walks of life.

This article selects the top 35 LED screen suppliers in the Philippine market, listing each company name, website, contact information, and main products and services. LEGIDATECH strives to provide you with a detailed purchasing guide.

Just be sure to choose carefully when purchasing an LED screen. In addition to considering brand experience, quality and performance, you must also consider whether it fits your budget and whether service support is in place.

These 35 LED display supplier rankings are the results of LEGIDATECH’s survey. I hope this article can help you and provide you with some reference for purchasing in the field of LED screens.

Whether you are an event stage LED screen, advertising board, or indoor LED screen, we hope you can find the LED screen that best suits you and add luster to your project.

Of course, if you still have no idea, you can contact LEGIDATECH directly, and we will develop a suitable plan and complete a quotation based on your needs and budget. 24/7 online, 3-5 years quality guarantee.

Choose LEGIDATECH, choose quality. I wish you go further and further in the world of LED screens and do better and better!

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