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Top 35 LED Screen Suppliers in Nigeria-Ultimate Ranking

Help you easily find TOP 35 LED display suppliers in Nigeria

The Nigerian LED screen supplier market is booming and competitive. With the continuous innovation and development of LED technology, more and more companies are joining the field of LED screen manufacturing and supply, such as LED poster screens, stage LED displays, outdoor advertising screens, indoor commercial screens, creative LED screens, etc.

LEGIDATECH will introduce the top 35 LED screen suppliers in the Nigerian market, who have excellent performance in product quality, after-sales service and market reputation.

If you are looking for a suitable LED screen supplier, this ranking will provide you with a strong reference and guidance. You can also contact them directly through the contact information provided in this article.

1. Excel LED screen supplier Nigeria

Main Product: indoor LED screen, outdoor LED display, Stage LED wall

Website: https://www.excel-lednig.com/

Tel: +234 813 508 5265;     +234 809 500 1295

Email: info@excelled.com.ng

Address : TO5 3rd floor, City centre, 689, Gimbiya street Area 11 Garki, Abuja

Excel LED Display is a leading LED display manufacturer from China with 13 years of history in the display industry. The product categories are diverse: indoor and outdoor LED displays, video walls and various digital signage.

Opened a branch in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, operated by local colleagues. To better serve Nigerian customers, including pre-sales guidance, solution quotation, installation, maintenance and other complete services.

Excel nigeria led screen supplier


Main Product: Rental LED Screen/Church led screen

Website: https://ledexpress.ng/



Address : B12, Ajao road ikeja, lagos

LED Express was founded in 2017. Although it was established 7 years ago, it is the leading LED screen supplier in Nigeria. It provides LED displays and solutions for various stage, indoor and outdoor applications, including installation, after-sales and repair.

Their strengths mainly provide indoor church LED displays and outdoor high-brightness LED displays. LED EXPRESS is known for its high-quality products, innovative designs and commitment to customer satisfaction.

3. Mobile Screen

Main Product: LED screen supplier Provides Rental LED Screen/Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen/sound

Website: https://mobilescreensng.com

Tel: +2348099407777

Email: info@mobilescreensng.com

Mobile Screen has indoor and outdoor LED screens, audio equipment, lighting, etc. Its product quality and after-sales service are trustworthy. It is committed to providing cutting-edge display solutions to create unique and novel visual effects for customers.

Mobile Screen has professional display knowledge and many years of experience in stage LED display construction to make your event beautiful.


4. LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier

Main Product: LED screen supplier with indoor LED screen; outdoor LED display; rental LED wall; LED poster

Website: www.ledscreenfactory.com

Email: legidatechled@gmail.com

LEGIDATECH, a sister company of EXCEL, is also a leading LED display manufacturer with advanced production technology and high-quality products. We support the customization of rental LED displays, outdoor LED displays, church LED displays and stage LED displays.

With deep expertise and rich experience, LEGIDATECH’s team of engineers supervises every link to ensure that every detail meets the highest standards. It is popular in the Nigerian market and other African markets.

5. EXCEL LED Abuja showroom

Main Product: Rental LED Screen/Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen

Website: https://excel-ledabujashowroom.com

Tel:  +2348095001295

Address: TO5 3rd floor, City centre, 689, Gimbiya street Area 11 Garki, Abuja

Excel LED has a very luxurious showroom in Abuja that displays different types of LED screens, such as outdoor advertising screens, outdoor rental LED screens, indoor church LED screens, etc. And provide you with on-site solutions for LED screen technology.

Most of the church LED screens in Abuja, Nigeria are provided by EXCEL LED. There is a great reputation for brand effect

Excel abuja led display supplier
SMART MEL led display company

6.Smrt Mel

Main Product: Rental LED Screen/Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen/sound

Website: https://smartmel.com

Tel: +2349037637462

Email: info@smartmel.com

Smrt Mel is a well-known LED display supplier in Nigeria, mainly providing digital billboards and LED display screens with renderings, and providing engineering installation services.

7. Purples Stage Lighting Company

Main Product: Specializes in stage LED screen


Tel:+ 2347039400616

Purples Stage Lighting Company is a privately owned multimedia LED SCREEN company in Nigeria that provides a full range of live/post event lighting, LED screens, stage sets, audio production, video production, interior decoration and event decoration services.

Purples Stage Lighting Company’s events business spans Nigeria and other major entertainment centers around the world.

Purples led screen supplier
rental nigeria

8. Rental Nigeria

Main Product: Provides LED display  for rental 

Website: https://www.rentallng.com/

Rental Nigeria is a large rental company whose purpose is to rent anything anywhere in Nigeria at any time, including various LED screens.

For customers with insufficient budget, renting is a good way. And the items in Rental Nigeria are clearly marked with prices, and you can directly choose the items you need and the size and quantity to place an order directly.

9.Multimedia LED Display System

Main Product: Outdoor LED Display supplier

Website: https://hiphensolutions.com/multimedia-led-display-system/

Tel: +234-703-514-6988

Address: No. 20 Ikorodu Road, Beside ABC Transport, Jibowu. Yaba. Lagos. Nigeria

Hiphen Solutions Services Limited is a provider of safety, security and automation system solutions. We provide services and solutions for outdoor advertising LED screens to help existing and new customers meet their advertising needs.

With offices in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Benin City, we can serve the whole of Nigeria.

hiphen solution
Sretch led screen supplier

10. Sretch Audio Visuals

Main Product: indoor LED wall ; Rental LED Screen; 

Website: https://stretchaudiovisuals.com/

Tel: +234-8055311055

Email: stretchinter@yahoo.com, stretchinter@gmail.com

Address:7 Medical Road Off, Awolowo Way, 100271, Ikeja, Nigeria

Stretch and Audio Visuals is a Nigerian LED screen supplier that provides equipment rental, staging and production services, and trade shows and conferences.

Stretch and Audio Visuals provides LED screens for government, churches, events, advertising industries, and also distributes on a large scale throughout Nigeria, providing a consistent high quality and high level of service to all customers.

11. Ochristo Solutions

Main Product: LED Poster, Fixed LED Screen

Website: https://ochristosolutions.com/

Tel: +234 814 814 818 4008

Email: info@ochristosolutions.com

Address; ABULE EGBA BUS STOP, 100276, Lagos, Nigeria

Ochristo Solutions is a Nigerian LED screen company with more than 20 years of display experience, distributing China’s most advanced LED screens and providing thoughtful installation guidance.

Ochristo Solutions’ main market is indoor fixed installation of LED screens and stage event screens, providing a full range of LED screen solutions and services according to the specific needs of customers.

ochristo solution
ample medias led display

12. Amplem Medias

Main Product: Outdoor Billboards, LED Video Wall

Website: https://amplemedias.com/

Tel: +234 07030250057

Email: info@amplemedias.com

Address:13, Bello Ajibare Street, Bucknor, Isolo, Lagos State

Amplem Medias is a professional advertising LED SCREEN supplier with more than seven years of efficient background in the Nigerian advertising industry.

Amplem Medias provides comprehensive advertising solutions for multiple purposes, including traffic signs, building advertising, column billboards, static billboards, etc.

13. Absolute Outdoor Advertising

Main Productdigital signage and LED screen supplier

Website: http://www.absoluteoutdooradvertising.com/

Tel: +234 803 481 4658

Email: info@absoluteoutdooradvertising.com

Absolute Outdoor Advertising Limited is a Nigerian LED screen company headquartered in Abuja, committed to becoming the most efficient and effective service brand in the outdoor advertising industry.

Their team listens carefully to potential customers and helps customers provide more tailored services in advertising production, maintenance and installation.

Absolute LED screen supplier
LED signage

14. LEDsignage

Main Product: Outdoor LED signage and indoor LED display manufacturer

Website: https://ledsignage.ng/

Tel: +2347040364556

LED signage is a leading LED display supplier in outdoor LED signage. They offer single color, dual color and full color signage, providing full service from design to installation.

LED signage also provides the best LED wall sales and rental for indoor bars and events.

15. Francolite

Main Product LED display Logos LED Display Supplier

Website: https://ledscreenhubnigeria.com/about-us/

Tel: +234 803 641 7470      +234 913 390 8233


Address :168 Okota Road, (Celebrate Bus Stop) Lagos, Nigeria

Francolite excels in using the most advanced audio-visual technology in the industry to tailor LED screen solutions according to the specific needs of customers. Including LED screen rental, installation, maintenance, LED lighting, etc. Among them, church LED display screens have the most experience

Their goal is to become a trusted partner for all brands to help them reach different consumers.

Francolite led display company
EXecutive group

16. Executive group

Main Product: outdoor advertising LED sign manufacturer

Website: https://executivegroup.com.sg/

Tel: 6590268290

Executive group has an experienced R&D team and advanced production equipment, which can customize various display products according to customer needs.

Executive group LED display company products are widely used in advertising, exhibitions, stage performances, commercial displays and other fields, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers.

17. ShowLED

Main Product: indoor LED wall and outdoor LED signage

Website: https://showled.co.za/

Tel: +27 11 825 0678

Email: sales@showled.co.za

Address; Unit 8 Tulisa Business Park,183 South Rand Service Road,Tulisa Park,Johannesburg,Gauteng, South Africa

South Africa’s ShowLED is a professional LED display company, and its products are widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising, conference displays, stage performances, sports events and other fields.

As South Africa’s leading LED display supplier, ShowLED has not only gained a good reputation in the local market, but also has a certain reputation in the international market, and its products are sold in the African market.

show led screen manufacturer
stenturion absen

18. Stenturion

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED display, Rental LED display


Email: sales@stenturion.com

Address: 50b, Lawrence Omole Close, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Stenturion is the world’s leading brand absen’s LED screen company in Nigeria, providing customers with high-quality LED display solutions. The company has advanced production equipment and technical teams, and is able to customize various types and sizes of LED displays to meet the needs of different customers.

The company also provides comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers receive timely help and support during use.

19.Zeepad Group

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED video wall

Website: https://zeepadgroup.com/contact/

Tel: +2348087700176 | +234 8122937431

Address:lobal Plaza, Shop A211  Way Jabi Upstairs Obafemin Awolowo Abuja FCT

Zeepad Group is a large chain LED display supplier with offices in many countries around the world, including China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

LED screens have the characteristics of high brightness, high definition, high contrast and high reliability. Whether it is a small commercial application or a large event project, Zeepad Group can tailor the most suitable LED display solution for customers.

Zeepad group
digital squre

20.  Digital Square

Main Product: LED Display for Advertising, LED Trucks


Tel: 2348152877312

Email:  info@digitalsquare.com.ng

Digital Square is a LED display company that specializes in outdoor LED displays, and its products include static billboards and LED trucks.

If you need a solution for outdoor static advertising, you can consider contacting Digital Square, and they will serve you wholeheartedly.


Main Product:   Offers stage LED display solutions for sports venues, corporate events, and retail environments.


Tel: +2348028307146

Email: stretchinter@yahoo.com, stretchinter@gmail.com


Stretch International Limited is a preferred provider of equipment rental, staging, production services, trade show and conference support. These services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

The company adheres to the philosophy of “quality first, customer first” and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services.

stretch internation
Mcanddltd LED screen supplier


Main Product: Outdoor Billboards

Website: http://www.mcanddltd.com/

Tel: 08034033830, 07062950037

Email: info@mcanddltd.com

Address: No 26, Akintoye Shogunle street, Allen Ikeja.

Mcanddltd is a led display company specializing in outdoor advertising displays in Nigeria. They offer various types of outdoor LED displays, including LED video walls, LED billboards, and LED screens.

As the leading outdoor advertising display company in Nigeria, Mcanddltd is committed to providing customers with high-quality, efficient products and services to help them achieve their advertising and brand promotion goals.

23.Elmidis LED Screens

Main Product: LED Video Wall , Outdoor LED Display

Website: https://elmidisledscreens.ng/

Tel: +2348136076100 , +2348023619167

Email: info@elmidisledscreens.ng 

Address:24 Muritala street off Demorose bus stop Amuwo Odofin Lagos Nigeria.

Elmidis LED Screens was founded in 2009. With a wealth of work and experience, they continue to provide LED screens and lighting solutions that can be used in a variety of occasions such as commercial advertising, event promotion, information release, etc.

With a professional team and advanced technology, Elmidis LED Screen supplier is able to provide customers with customized solutions to ensure that the quality and effect of the display screens meet customer needs.

Elmidis LED screen supplier
Alternative adverts

24. Alternative Adverts

Main Product: LED Video Wall, LED Display, LED Billboard

Website: https://alternativeadverts.com/

Tel: +2348140806869 +2347014039333

Email: info@alternativeadverts.com

Alternative Adverts is a professional outdoor LED display company based in Nigeria, dedicated to providing customers with high-quality outdoor promotional display solutions.

In addition to product sales, Alternative Adverts also provides one-stop display solutions, including design, installation, maintenance and after-sales service. The company is well received by customers for its high definition, high brightness, high reliability and easy maintenance.


Main Product: Church LED display

Website: none


Address: area 11, Abuja 900104, Federal Capital Territory, nigeria

CHURCH LED SCREEN is a subsidiary of EXCEL LED screen supplier, specializing in providing church LED screen solutions, including installation and after-sales services

Church LED Screen adheres to the principle of customer first and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and professional services, winning a good reputation and market share.

church LED screen company

26.Virads Media

Main Product:  Indoor  and outdoor  stage LED screen supplier

Main Product: LED Billboard, LED Totem

Website: https://viradsmedia.com/

Tel: +234 805 115 8879

Email: admin@viradmedia.com

Virads Media is a professional LED display company located in Nigeria, mainly providing outdoor advertising displays, indoor displays and LED display solutions.

The company focuses on customer needs and experience, and has won the trust of customers with a professional team and high-quality services, becoming one of the leading companies in the Nigerian display industry.

27. Vacant Boards

Main Product:  professional high-performance LED display solutions 

Website: https://vacantboards.com/

Tel: +234.702.067.2430

Email: hello@vacantboards.com

Address: VacantBoards Limited 2 Olaoluwa Street, Ojodu Lagos.

Vacant Boards is a UK-based LED screen manufacturer and leading digital screen distributor in Nigeria. They offer a range of LED billboards for all outdoor and indoor applications.

With advanced production equipment and a technical team, the company is able to customize various sizes and types of displays to meet the needs of different customers.



Main Product:  LED screen supplier for outdoor and indoor LED wall .


Tel: None


LEDFUL company has advanced technology and equipment, which can provide customers with high-quality and reliable display products and provide customized solutions to meet various needs.

In addition to product sales and customized solutions, LEDFUL also provides after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers can get timely help and support during use.

29. Folham

Main Product: LED Display, Fixed LED Screen, Outdoor Billboards

Website: https://www.folham.com/

Tel: +234 705 894 2665

Email: info@folham.com

Address: 32 Alhaji Asiri-Abo Str, Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria

As a professional LED display company, Folham is committed to providing customers with the best products and services and becoming a trusted partner of customers.

Folham’s products are widely used in various fields such as advertising, publicity, cultural display, sports events, etc. They also provide one-stop services such as installation and maintenance to provide customers with all-round support. Has a good market reputation and credibility.

FPL media led display

30. FPL Media ng.

Main Product:  outdoor video wall LED display supplier


Tel: +234 901 877 9877

Address :70c Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja 101233, Lagos

FLP Media is an LED display company that specializes in the design and production of outdoor LED billboards and LED totems. It focuses on creating unique and high-quality advertising displays for customers.

They are constantly pursuing innovation and are committed to providing customers with a satisfactory service experience.

31. Olist

Main Product: offer outdoor and indoor led display suppliers
Website:  https://olist.ng/

olist is a comprehensive website that provides many companies selling indoor and outdoor LED displays.

You can find LED display technology engineers and LED display suppliers suitable for you on this website.

Olist LED screen company


Main Product:Digital Stage Background/Digital Stage Background/Digital Stage Background

Website:  https://negotechventures.com

Tel: 07089098509, 07030956058

Email: info@negotechventures.com

Negotech is a LED screen company specializing in the production of display screens and digital display equipment in Nigeria.

Their products are widely used in commercial billboards, indoor and outdoor advertising, digital signage, information displays, conference rooms and large events.

As a local brand in Nigeria, Negotech enjoys a high reputation and popularity in the local market.

33. Soundville

Main Product: Rental LED Screen/sound

Website:   https://soundville.com.ng


Address: 36, Ojokoro Rd, Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

Soundville is an LED display company that provides all audio-visual services. It provides a one-stop solution for top audio-visual services, from the most advanced audio-visual equipment sales and rentals to professional installation consultation and live event production.

Soundville has advanced production equipment and a technical team that can customize display products of various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different customers.


34. Du Opensource

Main Product: Digital billboards/ static billboards /transit advertising

Website: https://www.duopensource.com

Tel:  234 (0) 1 342 702

Address:After Mega Chicken, 1B, Awayewaserere Street, Off Lateef Jakande Rd, Agidingbi 100271, Ikeja, Nigeria

Du Opensource is an LED display company that strives to provide customers with the best solutions. They provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers get the best experience during the purchase and use process.

They also provide large LED display rental services to increase your brand exposure.

35. Motomedia

Main Product: LED Display,led screen ,outdoor LED billboard

Website: https://motomedia-group.com/

Tel:+234 802 055 3662

EMAIL: sales@motomedia-group.com

Address: 9b Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos

Motomedia is an innovative company specializing in the production and supply of high-quality LED billboards and LED displays.

Motomedia is committed to providing high-quality, innovative and advanced display technology to meet the needs of customers in the fields of digital advertising, commercial displays, meeting rooms, education and entertainment.


Conclusion of Top 30 LED Screen Suppliers in Nigeria

LEGIDATECH introduces the top 35 LED screen suppliers in Nigeria, which provide a wide range of LED screen products, covering different industries and needs, including indoor LED screens, outdoor LED billboard and customizable screens.

These LED display company have rich experience and expertise, advanced technology, reliable quality, and thoughtful service, which are highly recognized by the market and customers.

The article details the background, product features and contact information of each supplier, providing convenient selection and contact channels for those in need.

Through this article, readers can quickly understand the excellent LED display suppliers of LED screens in Nigeria and save time for investment and procurement.

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