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Movable Rental P4.8 LED Display for Stage

P4.8 LED Display is a high-definition display with a spacing of 4.81mm between two pixels that can be seamlessly spliced.

  • Easy to install
  • Extra long life


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P4.8 LED Display Size

P4.8 LED Display is usually used as rental stage screen, with two sizes to choose from, 500*500mm and 500*1000mm.

The 500*500mm P4.8 LED display screen has more advantages in screen shape. It’s smaller and more flexible, allowing for more creative shapes.

500*1000mm LED panel has more advantages in installation. The installation time is half that of 500*500mm. Installation time is shorter and construction is faster. A better choice for regular rectangular LED screens.

However, 500*500 and 500*1000 LED cabinets can be mixed and matched, and they are still seamlessly spliced. They are more suitable for all stage screens than single-size cabinets.

The type of P4.81 LED video wall is mainly selected based on the usage scenario. There are indoor P4.8 LED WALL and outdoor P4.8 LED Display .

In addition to the scene, it can also be classified by packaging method, SMD, COB, HOB.

For these three categories, the usage rates decrease in sequence, but the prices increase in sequence.

This is because the craftsmanship of COB and HOB is better, which makes them more effective and last longer.

COB and HOB are generally used in indoor small-pitch screens to protect lamp beads from damage and also bring better visual effects. For example, indoor P2.5 LED screen and smaller spacing.

Advantages of P4.8 LED video wall

P4.8 LED display is a conventional pixel pitch display screen, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, and widely used in commercial advertising, conference displays, stage performances and other occasions.

It has the characteristics of high-definition brightness, high resolution, wide viewing angle and seamless splicing.

The color of the P4.8 LED display is highly saturated and can present bright and bright patterns.  And its modular design is easy to maintain and has a long service life.

P4.8 LED screen installation

The installation of P4.8 LED Display is very simple. First use connecting pieces or ties to fix the box and steel structure.

The connection between the cabinets is using quick locks. Each LED cabinet has 2 locks on the top and both sides to connect adjacent cabinets.

Then connect the power cable and signal cable in order. The thick cable is the power cable and the thin cable is the signal cable.

Generally, a 10 square meter LED video wall can be installed in less than an hour.

P3.91 LED Display-c
P3.91 LED Display (2)

How to connect P4.8 LED display to light up

  1. After the screen is installed, you need to light up the screen and test it to see if the screen is intact and not damaged. LEGIDATECH will be equipped with corresponding facilities: Nova video processor, receiving card and spare parts, etc.
  2. You need to first connect the computer and the video processor through an HDMI cable, and then use a long power cable and signal cable to connect the video processor and the screen.
  3. Then download the debugging software Nova LCT and log in to set up the sending card and receiving card and perform screen connection operations. After completion, you will get a whole display screen, and you can tell whether there is a dead light situation.

P4.8 LED panel failure and maintenance

If there is no display on the P4.8 LED display or the display is abnormal, you can check whether the power cord is connected properly and whether there is a display screen output. If the video wall color is abnormal, you can adjust the color settings to check whether it is a color setting problem.

The uneven brightness of the p4.8 LED wall may be a problem with the display itself, such as aging or damage to the lamp beads. If the display cannot be turned on, it may be due to a power failure, driver board failure, etc.

After confirming the fault, replace the damaged lamp beads, power supply, driver board and other components according to the situation, or adjust the setting parameters of the LED display panel.

P3.91 LED Display-b
P3.91 LED Display-5

P4.81 LED display service life

The service life of the stage P4.81 LED display is a comprehensive issue and multiple factors need to be considered.

Choosing a display produced by a manufacturer with good reputation and professional technology is the key to ensuring its service life. Generally speaking, a high-quality LED display screen, when used under appropriate conditions, can have a lifespan of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hours.

The use environment also has an important impact on the life of the LED display. Long-term exposure to inappropriate temperatures, moisture, dust and other environments will cause damage to the display. And when using the display, it should be cleaned, inspected and maintained regularly to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life.

Application of P4.81 LED screen

P4.81 LED display is mostly used as stage rental screen. Its minimum viewing distance is equivalent to the distance between the stage and the first row of audience. And its high-definition pixels and saturated colors can add points to performances and enhance the stage atmosphere.

P4.8 LED screen can also be used for outdoor fixed installation advertising. Some small-sized outdoor advertising screens require a slightly smaller spacing to achieve good display effects. The brightness and waterproofness of the outdoor P4.8 LED display can meet the standard and the effect is very good.

P3.91 LED Display-y
magic series-P3.91 LED Display-Handle

The difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wall

The difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wallThe difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wall

The difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wallThe difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wall

The difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wallvThe difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wallThe difference between P3.9 LED panel and P4.8 LED wall

P3.91 LED Display-z

P4.8 LED Display Price

The price of P4.81 LED display depends on many factors, including but not limited to the following:

1. Size and resolution of LED display screen: P4.8 LED display screen is a modular product, and the price is calculated on a square basis. Therefore, the larger the screen size, the higher the resolution, and the price will increase accordingly.

2. The brand and quality of the LED display: Different brands of LED displays use different materials and labor to produce screens, and the quality and performance will vary, which is also a factor that directly affects the price.

3. The difference in brightness and refresh rate of LED displays is also a major factor in price. LED displays with high brightness and refresh rate will be more expensive. For example, a screen refreshed at 3840 will be more expensive than a screen refreshed at 1920.

4. Different types of screens will also affect the price. For example, the indoor P3.9LED screen is cheaper than the outdoor P3 91LED screen. P3.9 SMD LED wall is cheaper than P3.9 COB/HOB LED wall.

Usually the price of a square meter of P3.91 LED display ranges from 600 to 1,000 US dollars. When purchasing, you need to choose a suitable product according to your own needs and budget.

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