rental outdoor led screen display p4.8 to Cameroon

Rental LED Screen-R series

This rental screen is designed for stage events and supports arch lock and curved screens; also has locking pin detail for secure attachment; and waterproof gasket for added protection; can be used outdoors worry-free; sturdy pull handles aid installation and maintenance ; There are also panel corner guards and test buttons to help customers quickly find faulty panels

1. Product Of Details: 
  • Rental LED Screen Pixel pitch : 4.8mm
  • Outdoor Rental LED Panel Size : 500x1000mm (19.685×09.3″) .
  • Outdoor Rental LED Module Dimension : 250x250mm (9.84×9.84″) .
  • LED Panel Material : Die-casting aluminum
  • LED video wall Receive Card: Novastar
  • Rental led display Outdoor p4.8 to Cameroon.
2. Project Of Details: 
  • Outdoor Rental LED Display Size : 3 x 2meters  (13.3×8.3ft ) .
  • LED Screen Control System :  Novastar Control System .
  • LED video wall Package: Flight Case
  • LED Display Panel Qty : 12 pcs
  • LED rental screen Application :  Outdoor LED Screen for events/concerts/advertising in Cameroon
3. Outdoor LED Display Spare Parts:
  • LED Modules
  • 200W Power Supply Unit
  • Novastar Receiving Cards
  • Power cables and Signal cables etc.
4. The Applicable Scenarios Are As Follows:
5. Media of this project

led dsiplay p4.8- led dsiplay p4.8 led dsiplay ready to ship- led dsiplay ready to ship

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