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Rental Led Display

what is reantal led display?

LEGIDATECH is a 13 year china rental display production factory and supplier. Based on many years of experience in rental led display production. Let me tell you what a rental LED display is.

rental led display is also known as rental led wall and Rental led panel.LED display is widely used in conferences, stages, outdoor performances, exhibitions, church weddings, and can play event videos and different picture backgrounds. Because the LED display is a very valuable industrial product, if you invest a huge amount of money to buy the LED display because of an activity, it is not worth it. At this time, we think of the lowest price to rent an indoor rental display or an outdoor LED rental display. This is the birth of rental led wall.

Because the led rental screen often needs to be replaced from the installation place, in this case, mobile LED screen rental generally has the characteristics of frequent disassembly, high installation efficiency requirements, and strong viewing immediacy. Therefore, the rental LED display is well protected, easy to install and easy to maintain.

rental led displayby application scenarios (8)

  • rental led display for hotel

    The installation of HD rental LED displays in the hotel’s banquet hall or meeting room enhances the hotel’s brand.

    At the same time to rent to customers, for the hotel to bring a considerable income. In the hotel, the indoor rental display is generally installed,

    because the indoor rental display is the most costeffective.

    And the brightness of the indoor rental display is more suitable for long-term indoor viewing


  • Rental LED display for government units

    The conference hall of the government unit is equipped with an indoor rental display screen,

    which can clearly communicate the content of the government meeting by playing videos,

    pictures and text, and better let the participants understand the content of the meeting.

  • Rental LED display for wedding events

    With the progress of science and technology,

    more and more young people want their wedding to be more romantic when they get married.

    Through the rental LED display, you can play the romantic story of the couple from recognition to marriage,

    and you can also show the wedding photos of their love.

  • Rental LED display for outdoor performances

    Outdoor performances are becoming more and more popular among the people.

    Because outdoor activities let people feel free at the same time,

    let people closer to nature.

    In order to attract more people to participate in outdoor activities, outdoor rental LED displays can improve the atmosphere of activities.

    Why choose the outdoor LED rental display, because the outdoor LED display has a higher brightness, and can still play videos and pictures clearly under the sunlight.

  • Rental LED display for school graduation ceremony

    Many schools will hold the opening ceremony or graduation ceremony on the vast playground, in order to let the students on the playground far away to see the performance on the stage, more will be live broadcast through the outdoor rental LED display, outdoor rental LED display can also be used as the background of the performance program.

  • Rental led display screens for star performances

    When the dancers perform, people will be shocked by the dancers’ uniform movements, especially when the stage LED rental screen is integrated with the stage,

    it is possible to narrow the distance between the audience and the actors through delicate and lifelike pictures and musical dance movements,

    presenting a shocking performance and bringing more sensory experience to the audience.

  • Transparent LED screen are used as rental displays

    At many car shows and high-tech shows, transparent screens can create a technological atmosphere for products. In order to allow customers to see the booth more clearly. Because the transparent screen has a good perspective, the transparent LED display is more and more applied to the exhibition.

  • floor led screen is used as rental led dispaly can bring customers new and magical entertainment experiences that can attract customers to your event venue. The floor tile led display installed with sensor equipment can track the movement of people with the help of infrared induction, and can follow the activities of the human body to present instant picture effects, so as to achieve effects such as actors and audiences walking through, water ripples at the foot, and flowers opening.

rental led display classification

LEGIDATECH classifies rental LED displays according to pixel and use environment as well as production process.LEGIDATECH focuses on high-end rental LED display. The brands of LED beads we purchase are NATIONSTAR and kinglight. The most important thing is that we rent a lot of display styles, and the price of our rental LED display is the factory price.

outdoor rental led display by pixel (4)

indoor rental led display by pixel (4)

rental led display by manufacturing technique (3)

  • smd rental led display
    • The SMD package is to fix the LED chip with conductive adhesive and insulating adhesive on the pad of the lamp bead bracket, and then weld it with the same conduction performance as the COB package.
    • After the performance test, it is wrapped with epoxy resin adhesive.
    • and then carries out the process of splitting, cutting and braid, and transportation to the screen factory.





  • rental led display by GOB
    • The idea of GOB sealing is to solve the protection problem of the rental LED display screen, and push out a kind of transparent material that makes the PCB substrate and the LED sealing unit.
    • Form an effective protection, it is equivalent to adding a layer of protection on the front of the original LED module, from which high protection performance can be realized.
    • To prevent water, anti-tide, anti-collision, anti-knock, anti-static, anti-salt spray, anti-oxygenation, anti-blue light, anti-shock and other ten anti-effect


  • rental led display by cob
    • The idea of COB sealing refers to the way in which it directly sticks the core piece to the PCB substrate, from which the electrical and gas connection is carried out. The main purpose of it is to solve the heat dissipating problem of the LED display screen. The installation owner should be placed in a number of small spacing products.
    • better protection, when hit by the impact will not appear large surface volume off the lamp: 2, anti-oxygenation, anti-static:
    • the point distance is smaller:
    •  reduce the manufacturing technology, the product quality is better, the reliability is stronger, the efficiency of LED lights is higher.

rental led display by cabinet size

rental led screen-magic series-1
  • There are many more types of display sizes that can be built.
  • In the case of bad power supply, the display continues to work normally, never black screen.
  • The 500 * 500mm cabinet is specially built for the high requirements of the MAGIC series of rental LED displays, which can be freely matched with 500 *1000mm cabinets.
  • and can also be splined into curved rental LED displays.
rental led screen-magic series-2
  • Saves installation time.
  • The production cost is saved.
  • If the power supply is broken, the rental LED display will continue to display normally, and the screen will never be black.
  • The 500 * 500mm cabinet is specially built for the high requirements of the MAGIC series of rental LED displays, which can be freely matched with 500 *1000mm cabinets.


rental led screen -kungfu series-1
  • kungfu series of rental LED display light and thin design.
  • The lowest production cost, the highest cost performance.
  • Maintenance is very easy.
  • The 500*500 cabinet and the 500*1000 cabinet can be spliced together
rental led screen-kungfu series-2
  • kungfu series of rental LED display light and thin design.
  • The lowest production cost, the highest cost performance.
  • Maintenance is very easy.
  • The 500*1000cabinet and the 500*500cabinet can be spliced together
rental led screen-easy series-1
  • High definition, good display effect.
  • Light and easy to install.
  • Removable easily.
  • The factory price of our easy series of rental led display is the lowest in China.
  • The 500*500cabinet and the 500*1000cabinet can be spliced together.
rental led screen-easy series-2
  • High definition, good display effect.
  • Light and easy to install.
  • Removable easily.
  • The factory price of our easy series of rental led display is the lowest in China.
  • The 500*1000  cabinet and the 500*500  cabinet can be spliced together.

rental led screen case

rental led display for performance
rental led display-magic sereis

This outdoor performance event uses the P4.81 outdoor rental display -magic sereis as the stage background. In the center of the stage is an outdoor stage LED display with an area of 20 square meters as the main screen.

Each side of the main screen is equipped with an 8-square LED display. Video footage of the event stage is displayed on three LED screens.

rental led display show
rental led screen-best series

LEGIDATECH LED screen factory develops the latest rental display BEST sereis.

We can clearly understand through the video that our rental display is easy to install, short maintenance time and complete product models. And the price of this rental display is also very cheap.

rental led screes for exhibition
rental led screes -kungfu series

In the video shown on our right, we can clearly see how LEGIDATECH’s rental screen best sereis is installed and constructed.

Our latest rental display 500*500 box can be spliced together with 500*1000 box, which is conducive to us to build more sizes of LED display.

We spliced it into a curved LED display screen, which can also be installed on the stage on the ground or hoisted onto the stage truss shelf.

Diversified installation methods meet various application scenarios.

rental led display factory

SMT for producting rental led moduel
rental led display module
SMT production line
rental led display of module 48-hour aging
rental led display
rental led module ages in 48 hours
rental led display 72-hour aging
rental led display
72-hour aging
Die Casting Machine
rental led display cabinet
CNC machining centei for producting rental led dispsplay cabinet
rental led display cabinet
What will the rental led display price be ?

With the development of the LED rental display market, more and more businessmen see the huge market opportunities for rental LED display. When investing in rental LED display projects, we would like know the factory prices of different LED rental displays and How big of the LED rental displays need to be purchased. At the same time , we need to investigate the rental prices from  local Rental LED display companies that how much they charge customers. Only if you have a basic investment budget in mind, then can make your LED Screen rental business more competitive and  profitable .

1. Factory price of rental LED display

LEGIDATECH  is a supplier of rental LED displays in China, and our rental LED displays have the advantages of cost-effective and excellent quality. There are many price factors that affect the LED rental displays , Here We will introduce the main factors that affect the prices.

1: LED display pixels /lamp beads account for 40 percent of the overall cost. Since the rental display is used for Events, the LED display is required to be quite stable. In China, the very good brands of LED lamp beads package with excellent stability  are Nationstar and Kinglight.  The prices of these two brands for lamp beads which is  twenty percent more expensive than that of other LED lamp beads packages companies.

rental led screen for stage-1

Rent the IC of the display screen, if you need the perfect display effect of the display screen, I need to purchase the IC with high refresh rate characteristics. Generally, the price of rental displays with high refresh rate characteristics is 10% more expensive than the price of rental LED displays with ordinary refresh rate.

Outdoor rental LED displays are 30 percent more expensive than indoor LED displays. Because the brightness of the outdoor LED display is much higher than that of the indoor LED display, the outdoor LED lamp beads are more expensive than the indoor lamp beads. And the waterproof level of the outdoor LED rental display screen should reach IP65. So the production cost is also increasing.

p4.81 outdoor rental led display-2

Here, I give a few practical examples to illustrate the price of rental display. The price of the rental LED display is generally calculated according to the price of 1 square meter.

Price of indoor P3.91 rental display: 650USD/ m²

Outdoor p3.91 Rental display price: 850USD/m²

Indoor P4.81 rental display price: 500usd/ m²

Outdoor P4.81 rental display price: 700USD/ m².

p2.6 indoor rental led display

If you need to know more about the price of rental display can contact the best LED display factory LEGIDATECH.

2. We are often asked: how much area do we need to buy LED display?

Here, I as an LED display engineer, I know the LED display story to tell you.

If you have church networking, you can target the church wedding market. Generally need to buy 30-50 square meters of indoor rental display.

If you have the resources for star concerts, you can target this market for performances. Generally need to purchase 100-500 square meters of outdoor rental display. Because outdoor LED displays can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. But the indoor rental display can not be used outdoors, because its brightness is not enough.

If you have a lot of resources for industry product exhibitions, you can buy LED rental screens for various exhibitions. Generally need to purchase 100-1000 square meters of indoor rental display.

In this way, you can calculate your initial investment cost according to the factory price of the LED display.

3. Invest in rental display projects. We also need to consider transportation costs and labor costs. Here, I’ll tell you how much labor is needed.

Because rental LED displays need to be transported from your warehouse to the designated installation site, you need to buy a transport vehicle, or you can rent a transport vehicle. From a long-term investment perspective, I recommend buying your own transporter because the number of deliveries is increasing as your business gets better. The cost of renting a car is very high.

It’s often asked how much labor is needed. It takes three people to install a 15-square rental display screen. Two workers are in charge of installation and a technician is in charge of commissioning.

In summary, we need to know the factory price of LED display factory, but also need to investigate the demand of the local market, understand the local transportation costs and labor costs. To get an overall estimate of how much money you need to invest.





Why invest in rental LED displays?

Hello, we are going to have a big party, and we want to rent your LED screen for three days, how much will it cost?” The US market has different standards, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to millions of yuan, and the general rental of LED equipment used in large parties is about 300,000 yuan per day.”


But if you rent a set of LED display system, it can only be rented for one day. High investment means high profits, so LED has become a profiteering industry in the eyes of many. So, is the LED large screen display really a big profit? As an LED display editor, the author also has a certain understanding of the LED industry, which also belongs to the large screen display. Below, the author on the basis of personal understanding of this industry and everyone to discuss.


Before understanding the LED industry, we first take a look at the characteristics of LED large screen products and application places.


At present, projectors, displays, televisions also use LED light sources, but in these devices, these devices can only play the purpose of light. In the LED large screen display, it is mainly through the LED matrix arrangement, to demonstrate different videos or text. From the technical characteristics, LED display is an integrated optoelectronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology, information processing technology in one of the high-tech products. Its own has a good anti-interference is stronger, the environment is not harsh such as projectors, which makes it also can be used in outdoor environments. Of course, the advantages of LED large screen display are far more than the above two points, such as high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, easy to match with integrated circuits, simple drive, long life, impact resistance, stable performance are worthy of affirmation.


In the application places, the LED large screen is mainly used in stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places where the flow of people is more intensive. The common LED large screen (text type) can only display Chinese and English and graphics, usually displayed in red, which can play a key role in reminding. And now the rapidly rising LED video display can synchronize the transmission of video files, can bring the audience a more intuitive, dynamic effect.


“Perhaps in the eyes of the layman LED large screen display is a sunrise industry, lucrative, but only people who really enter this market will understand how difficult.” Since I entered the LED large-screen display industry in 99 years, the outside world has always claimed that this industry is a sunrise industry. To be honest, the profit of LED large screen display is usually only about 30%,”



Many startup companies are seeing the words “sunrise industry” and have opened a rental LED display department. As the LED display rental market continues to grow, the production cost of rental LED displays is also declining. So the rental price of LED rental display is also falling. However, the scale of the display rental company is also expanding, and the overall profit is still considerable.



The rental LED large screen in the United States has maintained the world’s advanced level. Today, the United States has also been at the leading level in full-color LED display, 256-level gray video control technology, cluster wireless control, and multi-level group control technology. Strong research and development capabilities also promote the maturity of technology, so that the price of products continue to fall.


Although the performance of the international economic situation in 2009 is not ideal, but the US market is still optimistic by many people, especially under the pull of the US investment plan, the LED large screen display industry also shows new vitality. So far, LED large screens are not only the patent of control rooms, command rooms and other large places, but also more and more sound and shadow appear in shopping malls, exhibition halls and buildings.



Although the LED large screen is no longer a new product, the real application popularity is indeed a fact that has occurred in recent years. Although the LED industry is not so “profiteer” as the legend, but with the product application direction and the promotion of the market, the LED large screen display industry will meet the real spring in the near future.

What are the installation methods of rental led display?

Where there are weddings and conference events, we often see giant rental screens. At present, the stage rental display has been applied in performance events, conference halls, church halls, schools, train stations and other places. Two installation methods are often used by rental display engineers.

1. The first way is hoisting

In many outdoor performances, a truss stage is usually built. The person in charge of the planning program generally needs to install the rental display higher, so that the audience can see the content of the LED display at a longer distance. In this case, the lifting method is used. As shown below:

rental led panels for stage


Accessories needed for hoisting stage rental display:

Hanging beam, LED display through the country LED display lock and hanging beam connected together.

The lock between the LED box and the LED box must be firmly locked.

The LED box and the box need to be fixed with screws between the connecting iron plate

The hanging ring is attached to the hanging beam

Connect the ring with a sling



2. In the second way, the LED rental display is installed directly on the surface of the stage. Also called ground installation. The bottom beam needs to be placed on the stage, and the role of placing the bottom beam is to keep the LED display in the same horizontal line. Then fix the day-shaped bracket to the LED rental display box, which can ensure that the LED display will not fall back. In order to ensure that the LED display does not fall forward, a counterweight iron block needs to be placed on the bracket. As shown in the picture:

rental led screen for stage-2

How LED screens affect event experiences?

Rental LED displays can be paired with light shows and stunning sound to create an immersive scene. Enhance the atmosphere of the scene.

The LED display can play a good 3D video, show the three-dimensional movie world by playing 3D video, catch the audience’s eye at the same time, you can play profitable advertising programs.

The stage rental LED display can play the stage background video for the dancers, so that the dance is more beautiful, so that the dancers feel dancing in a beautiful environment.

Game shows can be programmed and displayed to the audience through large led screen rental, allowing the audience to interact with the LED display.

Where is the rental LED display generally used?

1. Stage performance field

As we all know, the stage performance market is enduring, it is the main application area of LED rental screen. Every year, all kinds of concerts, artistic parties, opening ceremonies and other activities in the world are countless, LED rental screen products are widely used in stage performance activities around the world. LED rental screen has brilliant and bright color performance, it brings rich colors to the stage performance, colorful display screen with flexible switching of the screen lens for the audience to create a strong visual impact and artistic appeal, LED rental screen is an indispensable part of the field of stage performance.

2. Auto show field

With the continuous prosperity and development of the automobile market, the auto show has also been developed. In the past, people often said that “fragrant cars with beautiful women”, and now the competition in the field of auto show is not only the competition of cars and beautiful women, but also the competition of LED rental screens of different shapes at the auto show slowly entered people’s vision. The use of LED rental screen in the auto show is very obvious, it can directly show the product design of the car, features and scientific and technological content and other elements, a good interpretation of the details of the model, so that customers more comprehensive understanding of the car’s personality and design concept.

3. Hotel rental

The field of hotel rental is a new direction for the development of LED rental screen business model. Nowadays, more and more companies choose to hold annual meetings, product launches, and thank-you meetings in hotels, and many companies often give priority to the one with LED rental screens when choosing hotels. With the increase in the frequency of use of LED rental screens, the demand for LED rental screens in hotels has become more vigorous, and the hotel LED rental screens have received the attention of many investors.

4. Television broadcasting

The television studio industry is one of the industries with the most rapid development of information technology, in which a large number of digital signal applications are the characteristics of the radio and television industry. LED rental screens are increasingly used in large-scale events such as TV studios and TV broadcasts. As the background wall of the activity, it provides a variety of vivid and dazzling background pictures and more interactive functions, making the background pictures dynamic and static, so that the performance and the background are well combined.

In summary, it is the application field of LED rental screen. LED rental screen as a custom die-cast aluminum box design, the box is thin, can be quickly installed, removed and transported, suitable for large area rental and fixed installation applications.

What features should a rental LED screen have?

LED rental screen is a mobile video display device that can be used for a variety of large events and occasions, with the following characteristics:

High definition: The LED rental screen uses an LED driver chip with high refresh rate characteristics, which can achieve high-resolution video playback, restore the true color of high-definition video and high-definition images, and effectively display the class of activity programs.

Light and easy to set up: A huge rental display needs to be installed in a short time. The LED rental screen of LEGIDATECH rental display factory usually adopts modular design, and each LED display module is the same size, which can be splined into different sizes of the display screen, which is quick and convenient to install, easy to transport and build, which saves a lot of labor costs.

Strong detachable: The rental screens in LEGIDATECH’s rental display factories are usually in a patchwork design, allowing individual LED modules to be removed or replaced as needed, avoiding the need for a complete replacement of the entire display, which ensures the smooth running of the event.


Good display effect: The LED lamp bead used in the outdoor LED rental screen has high luminous brightness and good uniformity, which can ensure bright, clear and high-contrast display effect in various light environments.

Environmental protection and energy saving: The LED lamp beads used in the indoor LED rental screen are mercury-free, low radiation, long service life and low power consumption, which can not only save energy costs for users, but also effectively reduce the impact on the environment.

In short, through the use of LED rental screens, users can achieve high-quality, stable, efficient and portable large-screen display effects to meet the needs of various occasions and needs.

How to Choose the right Rental LED Screen?

When we organize the program of the event, we will consider how to choose a suitable rental display. We tend to consider from these aspects of factors.

First: If the use environment is outdoor, LEGIDATECH China Display factory recommends that you choose a large LED screen with high brightness and particularly good water resistance. General outdoor activities choose P4.81 outdoor rental display.

If it is an indoor occasion, we recommend that you choose a good color, high resolution indoor rental LED display. Select the right type of stage rental display based on the viewing distance. Generally, the rental display screen commonly used in the room is P3.91 indoor rental LED display and p2.6 indoor rental LED display.

Second: Consider the proportion of the LED display screen area. The display ratio generally used is a ratio of 4:3 and 16:9 of these two sizes. According to the actual situation of the site space, build a suitable proportion of the stage background LED display wall.

Why should we choose a high quality rental LED display screen?

If a happy event is being held, suddenly your stage rental screen suddenly goes black without showing any videos and pictures. Then the whole event suddenly went from high to low. The organizers in charge of the event will lose a lot of spectators, and even some of the spectators will ask for a refund. It has caused great economic losses to the organizers. The person in charge of the display may not get the rental funds from the organizers, and your reputation will be affected. Therefore, when buying LED display, do not only pay attention to the price and do not pay attention to the quality of LED display.

Our rental LED display from LEGIDATECH focuses on middle and high-end LED display. We ensure the stability of LED display through strict quality control process. I hope you will have the chance to read my post and help your business.



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