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Top 35 LED Screen Suppliers in UK-Ultimate Ranking

Help you easily find TOP 35 LED display suppliers in UK

LED screens have become an important part of the digital advertising and entertainment landscape. As technology advances, the demand for high quality LED screens continues to grow.

The UK is an important market for the LED display manufacturing industry, with many excellent LED display suppliers offering different types of LED displays for various scenarios, such as LED Poster Screen, Stage LED Displays, Outdoor Advertising Screens , Indoor Commercial Screens, Transparent Screen and so on.

These suppliers not only have advanced technology and innovative products, but also provide professional services and comprehensive solutions.

In this article, LEGIDATECH  will list the top 35 LED screen suppliers in the UK, briefly introducing their main products, product categories and brand influence. Contact details and websites for each company are also included.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor display for a retail space or an outdoor screen for an event, these suppliers are sure to have the perfect solution for you, and you can get their contact details directly through this article.

Whether it is  or , whether it is or , these companies can meet the needs of customers and create a perfect audio-visual experience.

1. PIXITE LED screen in UK

Main Product: stage LED screen; outdoor advertising screen

Website: https://pixite.co.uk/

Tel: 0161 713 3396
Email: sales@pixite.co.uk

Address: Based in the UK’s Northern Powerhouse of Manchester,

PIXITE is a UK-based LED display company specializing in the design, production and sales of displays.

PIXITE adheres to customer needs as the center and is always committed to providing customers with the most satisfactory services and the highest quality products.

Their products cover various types such as LED displays, LCD displays, touch screens, etc., and are widely used in commercial advertising, entertainment, conferences and other fields.

Pixite LED screen supplier in UK
LEGIDATECH LED screen factory

2. LEGIDATECH LED screen supplier in UK

Main Product: LED screen supplier with indoor LED screen; outdoor LED display; rental LED wall; LED poster

Website: www.ledscreenfactory.com

Email: legidatechled@gmail.com

LEGIDATECH has its own production factory and R&D team with rich experience and expertise in the field of LED technology. To be the most professionally operated media company that provides fast, growing, sustainable and profitable advertising services to a wide range of clients.

LEGIDATECH, though a China-based LED display manufacturer, is also highly popular and sold in the Philippines. They offer quality products, remote guidance and lifetime technical support. Has been a consistent LED screen supplier in the highly competitive outdoor and indoor advertising industry.

3. Pioneer LED

Main Product: LED billboard,LED truck,indoor LED wall, rental LED screen

Website: https://pioneerled.uk/

Tel: 01234954321

Email: sales@outcomm.ph

Address: 51 Murdock Rd, Bedford, MK41 7PQ, United Kingdom

As the UK’s leading LED display supplier, Pioneer LED has advanced production equipment and an excellent R&D team, committed to continuously innovating and upgrading our products.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, whether for large-scale events or commercial advertising, they can provide customers with customized solutions to meet various needs.

Pioneen LED
EXCEL LED display manufacturer

4. Excel LED screen supplier in UK

Main Product: indoor LED screen, outdoor LED display, Stage LED wall

Website: www.excelledscreem.com

Email: excel@excel-led.com

Excel LED Display is a leading LED display manufacturer with a team of highly skilled professionals.

It provides advanced LED screen solutions and advertising benefits for events, exhibitions and other applications, creating unique and novel visual effects for customers.

Excel LED Display has 13 years of experience in LED screens, and its product quality and after-sales service are trustworthy.

5. MVS audio visual

Main Product: LED digital billboard


Tel: 02080389071

Email: info@mvs.co.uk

MVS audio visual is a visual and LED screen supplier. The products cover audio and video LED displays, providing customers with high-quality, high-resolution display solutions.

Our products cover audio and video LED displays, providing customers with high-quality, high-resolution display solutions.

MVS audio visual

6. LED Synergy

Main Product: Specializes in all kinds of LED Screens & Scoreboards

Website: https://ledsynergy.co.uk/

Tel: 01264303030

Email: sales@ledsynergy.co.uk

LED Synergy is an LED display manufacturer specializing in various LED walls, including sports score screens, indoor small spacing, and outdoor advertising screens.

In addition to product sales, LED Synergy also provides after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers can receive timely help and solve problems during use.

7. LED Studio

Main Product: Outdoor LED screen; indoor LED display

Website: https://www.theledstudio.co.uk

Tel: tel:+442038329500

Address: Unit 3 Clearwater Business Park Frankland Road,Swindon, SN5 8YZ,United Kingdom

Founded in 2010, LED Studio has design, sales, installation and service departments. They have been innovating and developing, and are committed to providing high-quality LED displays for various applications, including LED studios.

With 4 offices worldwide and the largest showroom in Europe in the UK, LED Studio LED screen company is well-positioned to help you with your next large display project.

LED stuido
IMAG display

8. IMAG displays

Main Product: Offers LED display solutions for corporate, education, and healthcare environments.

Website: https://www.imagdisplays.co.uk/

Tel:  +44 (0) 1202 282 202

Email: ideas@imagdisplays.co.uk

Address; 30-31 Harwell Road Nuffield Industrial Estate,Poole BH17 0GE

iMAG is a specialist virtual production and LED screen rental specialist, providing LED video virtual production solutions from concept to delivery.

Deliver exceptional experiences by combining the latest technology with passion and expertise to realize our clients’ vision.

With integrity, quality and innovation as their tenets, they follow the principle of customer first and provide customers with high-quality display solutions.

9. Lightmedia Displays Ltd

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display

Website:  https://www.lightmedia.co.uk/

Tel: 020 80 58 00 59

Email: dei_callao@yahoo.com

Address:Huddleston Grange,Newthorpe South Milford,Leeds,LS25 6JU

Lightmedia Displays Ltd is a family-owned LED screen company with 26 years of experience in event organizing, specializing in the supply and production of LED screens and is the leader in LED screen rentals in the UK.

Lightmedia can supply screens across the UK at short notice. , and 24/7 service, customers can get in touch at any time, and high-quality service has given them the highest reputation.

YSLV LED screen supplier

10. YSLV LED screen supplier

Main Product: Rental LED wall

Website: https://www.yslv.co.uk/led-screens/

Tel:  0800 080 3310

Email: hello@yslv.co.uk

Address: Unit F31 Expressway Studios,1 Dock Road,London,E16 1AH

YSLV is one of the UK’s leading rental LED companies, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry and a wealth of technical knowledge. With offices in London and York

Offering a wide range of LED screens, seamless LCD video walls, etc. to customers across industries, YSLV is able to provide complete solutions from concept and planning, installation to delivery.

11. London Audio Visual

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display

Website: https://www.londonaudiovisual.co.uk/

Tel: +44 020 8038 8665

Email: info@londonaudiovisual.co.uk

Address: 175 Robert Dashwood Way, London SE17 3PZ, United Kingdom

London Audio Visual is a very comprehensive LED display company, providing rental of various display equipment, stage equipment, complete solutions for various activities, and sales of LED screens and processors.

London Audio Visual is able to provide first-class service, excellent attention to detail and comprehensive technical support for all types of events.

London AV. LED screen

12.Red LED

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display

Website: https://redled.co.uk/

Tel: +44 01625 326 110

Email: info@redled.co.uk

Address: UK 10 West Street, SK97EG Alderley Edge, UK.

Red LED is a digital advertising LED display company, including various poster screens, outdoor billboards, and stadium screens. Provide branding opportunities to all clients.

Red LED has completed many large projects, including providing courtside billboards for the Olympic Stadium and independent indoor advertising screens for global retail companies. It has also gained the trust of many big brands, such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Amazon, etc.

13. LED Event Screens

Main Product:  Rental LED Display

Website: https//www.ledeventscreens.co.uk/

Tel: 01904 819084

Email: info@ledeventscreens.co.uk

Address:Unit D7a Fair Oaks Airport, Woking GU24 8HU, United Kingdom

LED events
OPTOMA led screen supplier

14. Optoma Europe

Main Product: indoor LED screen LED display manufacturer

Website: https://www.optomaeurope.com/led-displays

Optoma Europe is a UK-based LED display supplier serving Europe, responsible for the entire project process, from initial concept design to final installation and maintenance.

Always put the customer’s needs first, convert their basic requirements into feasible design solutions and ensure that they are cost-effective.

15.LED Screens Direct

Main Productoutdoor LED display LED Display Supplier

Website: http://ledscreensdirect.co.uk/

Email:  ledscreensdirect@peerboomlimited.co.uk

LED Screens Direct is a professional LED advertising company that not only provides screen procurement and import services, but also includes the delivery and installation process.

Whether in a shopping mall, subway station or large event venue, LED Screens Direct can provide excellent LED screen solutions.

To ensure the continued operation of your screen, we also provide regular maintenance services to ensure your screen is always in top condition.

LED screen direct
Dynamo LED display

16.Dynamo LED Displays

Main Product: indoor and outdoor advertising LED screen manufacturer


Tel: :+442034899878

Email: sales@dynamo-led-displays.co.uk

Address: 146a Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU

Dynamo LED Displays has many spectacular cases around the world, such as the Olympic advertising screen. It is committed to providing customers with the best LED screen solutions to make their business achieve greater success and exposure.

Dynamo LED Displays provides customers with a full range of services in an efficient, professional and responsible manner, and strives to create excellent visual experiences for customers.

17. Pro Screens

Main Product: indoor LED wall and outdoor LED signage

Website: https://proscreens.uk/

Tel: 0330 0436354

Email: info@proscreens.co

Proscreens is a UK audio visual equipment hire company, providing mobile screen hire and conference audio visual equipment hire for a variety of stage events, pop-up cinema conferences and more.

It also provides projector rental and supporting sound systems, mobile theater background projection, etc.

Prosceens has a great reputation providing audio visual rental services to thousands of companies across the UK.

PRO screen
Scanlite LED screen manufacturer

18. Scanlite

Main Product: indoor and outdoor LED display, Rental LED display

Website: https://scanlite.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)1253 302 723

Email: sales@scanlite.co.uk

Scanlite is a digital signage specialist with 45 years of experience. The business-savvy team can design and build any custom indoor or outdoor LED video wall and LED billboard.

Scanlite Displays have been at the forefront of LED video wall solutions, creating many spectacular installations around the world.

19. Unique Technical Services

Main Product:  Provides Rental LED display solutions for large-scale projects.


Tel: 0161 713 3396

Email: info@uniquetechnical.co.uk

Address: Unit B12 A Heywood Distribution Park, OL10 2TS

Unique Technical Services and Pixite® are sister companies, both leading LED screen suppliers in the UK.

Unique Technical Services focuses on providing high-quality LED technology solutions and customizing various LED screens for customers to meet different needs.

unique technical services

20.  E-screen

Main Product: Provides all kinds of outdoor LED screen solutions for various industries.

Website: https://www.e-screen.co.uk/

Tel: +44(0) 1953 609185


Address:1c, Wymondham Business Centre, Eleven Mile Ln, Wymondham  NR18 9JL, UK

E-screen is an LED screen supplier that selects high-quality products through strict procurement and provides customized services to help customers complete difficult projects.

E-screen provides customer project conception, scheme design, structural drawings, installation and maintenance, and a professional audio-visual installation team can also help with on-site project planning and design.

21.HQ Cabling Services Ltd

Main Product: indoor LED wall 

Website: https://hqcablingservices.co.uk/led-displays/

Tel: 20442038131554

Email: %20sales@hqcablingservices.co.uk

Address:11 Braeburn Way, Kings Hill, West Malling, ME194BN

HQ Cabling Services Ltd specializes in the professional installation of large format LED displays, supplying and installing a wide range of LED displays for a variety of industries. Including LED display reception systems, conference room displays and video walls.

HQ Cabling Services Ltd also provides additional cabling services to save customers time and cost to the greatest extent. .

HQ cabling service

22. Fonix LED

Main Product: Rental LED display

Website: https://www.fonix.co.uk/

Tel: 03301332688

Email: info@fonix.co.uk

British fonix LED is a professional LED display supplier, committed to providing high-quality LED display solutions for various LED screen rental and sales, event TV, retail digital signage and video production

Whether it is a concert, concert, exhibition or other type of event, they can provide you with the most suitable LED display to help you create a wonderful stage effect.

23. DigiLED

Main Product: indoor LED wall and outdoor LED display

Website: https://www.facebook.com/MusicFirstSoundsLightsRental/

Tel: tel:4402073817840


Address: The Pixel Depot, Copse Farm, Moorhurst Lane, Beare Green, Surrey, RH5 4LJ, UK

DigiLED is a commercial LED display supplier with nearly 20 years of experience. It has advanced LED display technology and a professional team, and can customize displays of various sizes and shapes according to customer needs to ensure the best visual effects of advertising screens. .

At the same time, they also provide a full range of pre-sales consultation and after-sales services, providing customers with professional technical support and maintenance guarantees.

one digital signage
Adlib LED screen company

24.Adlib Audio LED

Main Product:  Provides Rental LED display solutions for large-scale projects.


tel: +1514862214

Email: enquiries@adlib.co.uk

Address: Adlib House,Kitling Road,Knowsley Business Park,Knowsley L34 9JS

Adlib Audio LED is a company that specializes in providing LED screens for various stage events in Europe and the United States, and also provides rental and purchase services.

Adlib Audio LED has a huge equipment inventory, a strong technical and design team, and professional and attentive services to help customers deliver better projects and obtain higher cost-effectiveness.


Main Product: ,outdoor led billboard


Tel: tel:+442037844455

Email: sales@ledvideowalls.co.uk

 Address:182 Hammersmith Rd, London W6 7DJ, United Kingdom

LED VIDEO WALL is a leading provider of event technology and video production services. Focus on providing innovative solutions for LED screen rental and sales, event TV, and retail digital signage production.

LED VIDEO WALL can be customized according to the shape and size of the project, from small configurations for indoor events to large installations for outdoor advertising, with extensive experience.

LED video wall supplier
digital media system

26. Digital Media Systems

Main Product: Digital poster; indoor and outdoor LED video wall;

Website: https://www.digitalmediasystems.co.uk/

Tel: 01422 553166

Address:Pressers House, 2 South Lane, Elland, HX5 0HG

Digital Media Systems was established in 2005 and is located in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. It is a digital LED screen supplier with nearly 20 years of experience.

Their focus on communication and detail during the pre-installation phase of a project ensures that client requirements are accurately understood and implemented and that the solutions provided and installed will function properly for years to come.

27. Spectra Displays

Main Product:  professional high-performance event solutions and service

Website: https://spectra-displays.co.uk/

Tel: +44 (0)1353 661182

Email: sales@spectra-displays.co.uk

ADDRESS: Spectra Displays Ltd,Unit 25,Lancaster Way Business Park,Ely,Cambridgeshire,CB6 3NW,United Kingdom

Spectra Displays LED screen company provides a wide range of affordable and adaptable digital signage and audio-visual solutions for all businesses, regardless of size.

Spectra Displays clearly marks the price of each product that can be sold, such as touch screen ordering machines, digital signage, etc., to solve the inquiry time before purchasing for customers. For customers with regular-sized screens, they can add shopping carts to place orders directly. At the same time, it still supports customized services for LED screens.

Spectra led screen supplier
mid west

28. Mid West Displays

Main Product:  LED screen supplier for digital display

Website:  https://midwestdisplays.co.uk/collections/digital-display-screens

Tel: +44 (0)1743 465531


Address:1st Floor Unit 11 Henry Close,Battlefield Enterprise Park,ShrewsburySY1 3TJ

Mid West Displays is a retail digital display supplier. Its products include various ordering machines and small digital advertising machines. You can purchase it directly.

Does not provide seamless splicing of large indoor and outdoor LED screens

29. PRG

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display

Website: https://www.prg.com/uk/en

Tel: tel:0345 470 6400

Address: The Cofton Centre Groveley Lane, Longbridge Birmingham, B31 4PT,United Kingdom

PRG is a comprehensive and trustworthy professional LED screen supplier in the market, providing customers with a variety of detailed solutions and equipment.

PRG has over 35 years of expertise and has established 43 branches worldwide to provide the same services to customers around the world.

PRG LED screen supplier
sounds and lights guys

30. Sound and Light Guys

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display, Rental LED Display

Website: https://www.soundandlightguys.co.uk/

Tel: +44 07592737099

Email: hire@soundandlightguys.co.uk

Sound And Light Guys is a digital company that provides sound, lighting, stage, projectors, LED screens and other products and related services for small or large events.

All the digital signage equipment they have can be customized as per the requirements and needs of the clients. Professional technical guidance will be assigned to provide excellent results according to the customer’s preferred style.

31. High Rise Projections

Main Product: Indoor  and outdoor  stage LED screen supplier



Email: info@highriseprojections.co.uk

Address: Ind Estate, Unit 5 Ramsden Rd, Hereford HR2 6LR, United Kingdom

High Rise Projections is one of the leading mobile LED display rental suppliers. Their equipment supports events across the UK, and there are corresponding technicians to operate the big screens, which is trustworthy.

They have boundless enthusiasm and love for activities. The atmosphere at each event is lively and everyone enjoys it.

HighRise Projections

32. Midwich

Main Product:  Indoor and outdoor stage LED wall

Website: https://www.midwich.com/

Tel: 44 01344 592 222

Email: enquiries@psco.co.uk

Address: Innovation House Segro Park, Bracknell RG12 8HH, United Kingdom

PSCo is an LED screen company that specializes in providing rental services. Provide partners with a variety of product supplies and assistance.

They have been involved in many events such as music tours, exhibitions, outdoor films and theatre. Additionally, PSCo provides delivery, collection and installation of equipment.

33. Bauer Digital

Main Product: Indoor and outdoor LED Display

Website: https://bauer-digital.co.uk/

Tel: 020 3503 0011

Email: info@bauer-digital.co.uk

Address: 26 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP, United Kingdom

At Bauer Digital, indoor business LED screens, outdoor advertising large screens, stage event screens and creative displays are all provided. Design and create fully scalable, customizable solutions for clients to exceed their desired communications goals.

Bauer Digital backs its LEDs with 24/7 use, a 3-year warranty, and lifetime technical support to impress customers.

bauer LED screen
one digital signage

34. One Digital Signage

Main Product: Advertising Billboards, Outdoor signage, Indoor signage

Website: https://onedigitalsignage.co.uk/products/led-screens/

Tel : 0121 7400 250

Email: info@onedigitalsignage.com

Address: Gunbarrel Industrial Centre, Hayseech Road, Cradley Heath, B64 7JZ


35.Eclipse digital Media

Main Product: Transparent LED screen

Website: https://www.eclipsedigitalmedia.co.uk/transparent-led-screen-displays/

Tel:+44(0) 8450 944954


Address: Unit L Linsford Business Park, Linsford Lane, Mytchett, Surrey, GU16 6DJ

Eclipse digital Media is a company specializing in the production of LED transparent screens. It has advanced production equipment and a technical team, and is committed to creating new visual experiences for customers.

Eclipse digital Media can customize LED transparent screens of various sizes and shapes according to customer needs to achieve various creative display effects.

Eclipse digital

Conclusion of Top 35 LED Screen Suppliers

These TOP 35 led screen suppliers in UK listed above by LEGIDATECH are not only widely recognized in terms of quality and performance, but also deeply trusted by customers in terms of after-sales service and technical support.

Whether you need LED screens for commercial events, exhibitions, performances or other purposes, these suppliers can meet your needs.

It’s just that you need to choose the right supplier based on your actual needs, budget, screen size, installation and after-sales and other factors. You can also compare three suppliers to learn more about the strength and services of the suppliers, so as to obtain the most satisfactory products and services.

I hope that through the introduction of this article, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of UK’s TOP 35 LED screen suppliers. I wish you good luck in purchasing and using LED screens

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