P3.91 LED display-Quick Guide

With the development of the stage art industry, LED display screens follow the continuous innovation of LED lighting and stage modeling.

The design of stage art has new requirements for stage rental LED displays.

The previous p4.81 LED display slowly withdrew rom the stage of history, and now the p3.91 rental LED display has become a popular product for stage design products.When you buy P3.91 led display, please read the P3.91 LED display quick guide, you will buy the right P3.91 LED display according to this guide.

What is p3.91 LED display?

p3.91 means the distance between pixels of the LED display is 3.91 mm.

The optimal viewing distance of the LED display is 3.91 m.

In this way, viewers at a close distance can clearly see the images and videos on the LED display.

2. p3.91 LED module

The p3.91 LED module is the most important component of the p3.91 LED video wall.

p3.91 The size of the LED module is 250mm×250mm.

This module size design allows customers to assemble LED rental displays that are multiples of 0.5m in size.

In this way, customers can build huge LED displays of various sizes.

The module of LED display screen is as shown in the figure:

P3.91 LED module

3. What are the characteristics of the LED module of the p3.91 LED panel produced by LEGIDATECH?

It uses Nationstar 2121 model lamp beads to ensure that the p3.91 display screen displays the most realistic colors, and uses a high refresh rate driver IC to protect the viewer’s eyes.

features of P3.9 LED module features of P3.9 LED module-1 features of P3.9 LED module-2

4. What types of P3.91 LED video wall are there?

p3.91 LED wall mainly includes indoor p3.91 LED screen and outdoor p3.91 LED board.

The brightness of indoor p3.91 LED display is only 800cd/㎡~1200cd/㎡, and it does not have sufficient waterproof function, so it can only be used in indoor environments.

If used in an outdoor environment, because the brightness is not very high, images and videos cannot be clearly displayed under the sun.

But compared with the price of outdoor p3.91 LED display, indoor p3.91 LED display is very cost-effective.

The brightness of the outdoor p3.91 LED display is 4500Cd/㎡, and the waterproof level reaches ip65.

In this way, the outdoor p3.91 LED display is very suitable for use in outdoor environments. Even under strong sunlight, the outdoor p3.91 LED display can clearly display images and videos.

If it rains, we don’t have to worry about the outdoor p3.19 LED display being damaged by rain.

Outdoor p3.91 LED display is undergoing rigorous waterproof testing

5. According to the production process, what are the types of p3.91 LED screens?

With the continuous advancement of LED display production technology. p3.91 LED display slowly transitions from SMD p3.91 LED display to GOB p3.91 LEDscreen.

5.1 SMD p3.91 LED display

It means that during the production process, the manufacturer uses an SMT machine to fix the sMD 2121 model LED lamp beads on a 250mm×250mm PCB inheritance circuit board.

The advantage is that the production yield and efficiency are very high, and the production cost is relatively low.

The defect of SMD p3.91 LED wall is that the LED lamp beads are not perfectly protected.

And the p3.91 LED panel is easily damaged during the use of the LED display.

This increases the maintenance cost of the LED display in the future.

The video shows that SMD LED lamp beads can easily fall off the PCB when squeezed by external force.

5.2 GOB p3.9 LED display

It is based on the already produced SMD p3.91 LED wall and fills a protective glue between the SMD LED lamp beads.

This glue has a very high hardness when it becomes solid, so it can well protect the LED lamp beads of the LED display. As shown below:

waterproof of HOB P3.9 LED display

In the above picture, we can clearly feel that the GOB p3.9 LED display can be moisture-proof and waterproof, which can well protect the LED lamp beads.

However, the price of GOB p3.91 LED video wall is much higher than that of SMD p3.91 LED display.

6. What are the raw materials of p3.91 LED panel that customers need to pay attention to?

p3.91 LED display The three main raw materials of the display are LED lamp beads, p3.91 LED panel IC and p3.91 LED display PCB integrated circuit board.

The quality of the LED lamp beads of the LED wall determines the viewing angle and color fidelity of the LED display.

It also determines the service life of the LED display. Therefore, p3.91 the lamp beads of the stage LED display must use lamp beads of well-known Chinese brands.

For example, the lamp beads manufactured by Nationstar and Jingtai are worthy of recognition in the LED display industry.

Here, we emphasize that when choosing outdoor p3.91 LED panel lamp beads, you should choose LED lamp beads with high luminous intensity and a large viewing angle.

Because the viewing angle of the LED lamp beads determines the viewing angle of the outdoor p3.91 LED screen, this can ensure that the display effect of the LED display does not lose its authenticity.

The driver IC of p3.91 LED display screen is used to control the lighting condition of each LED to drive the p3.91 LED screen to display videos and pictures.

The LED driver IC determines the refresh frequency of the stage LED display.

ICs on the LED display market can usually allow the refresh frequency of p3.91 LED screen to reach 1920HZ, 3840HZ and 7680HZ.

The higher the refresh frequency of the p3.91 LED display, the better the effect of leasing the p3.91 LED large LED display.

The p3.91 LED screen produced by LEGIDATECH, whether it is an outdoor or indoor p3.91 LED display, the PCB thickness is uniformly 1.6mm.

This can ensure the flatness of the stage LED display and facilitate the heat dissipation of the LED display.

7. What other accessories are available for the P3.91 LED display?

p3.91 LED screen control system. LEGIDATECH Based on the customer’s familiarity with different control systems, we provide Novastar system, LINSN system, colorlight system, etc.

p3.91 For the power supply of the LED display, LEGIDATECH provides a wide voltage power supply of 110V-240V according to the voltage range of different countries.

Our power supply suppliers include MEAN WELL Power, Juneng Weiye Power and Chuanglian Power.

When leasing a p3.91 LED screen, a video processor needs to be configured for the customer so that the customer can switch t

he playback of different signal sources. As for video processors, we have RGB video processors, novastar video processors and Weiao video processors.

8. Where are p3.91 LED screens mainly used?

If you are a church leader, LEGIDATECH recommends that you purchase p3.91 indoor LED display.

Because this can add a technological atmosphere to the church.

If you are a large performance company, I recommend that you purchase our LEGIDATECH p3.91 outdoor LED display.

Because our outdoor LED display can perfectly match the LED lighting and stage layout in indoor and outdoor performances.

For schools, hotels, airports, and train stations, I recommend you purchase p3.91 indoor LED displays.

Because these venues are generally indoor environments, and the cost of indoor p3.91 LED displays is cheaper than that of outdoor p3.9 LED displays.

9.Installation and maintenance of LED display p3.91?

LEGIDATECH produces and designs p3.91 LED displays as long as they are p3.91 rental LED displays and p3.91 floor tile LED displays.

p3.91 stage LED display screen has two types of LED display screens: front and back maintenance and rear maintenance.

The advantage of front maintenance p3.9 rental LED display is that the maintenance speed is fast.

The p3.91 LED module that needs to be replaced can be removed from the front of the LED display within 3 seconds. The disadvantage is increased manufacturing costs.

The p3.91 can be installed in two ways: hoisting with a hanging beam and fixed installation.

10.What are the characteristics of the p3.91 LED screen designed by LEGIDATECH?

The p3.91 LED screen designed by LEGIDATECH is fast to install and easy to splice. Moreover, the p3.91 rental LED display screen is very protective.

The magnetic p3.91 LED module has quick installation, high precision, and supports front maintenance.

p3.91 LED panel cabinets can be spliced at any right angle at 90 degrees.

The p3.91 LED wall cabinet is equipped with an arc lock, which can be spliced into round, arc, right-angle and other stage LED displays of various shapes.

p3.91 Right-angle LED display


p3.91 Curved LED wall

aging test of P3.9 LED display

11.More production details of P3.91 LED wall.

LED cabinet of P3.91 LED display

p3.91 LED wall cabinet


P3.91 led screen power independent box

How to install P3.91 LED screen

power supply of P3.9 LED display

Power supply for p3.91 LED wall

packing of P3.91 LED display

Flight case with .p3.91 LED screen

12. What should you pay attention to when you buy a p3.91 LED display?

The warehouse where you place the p3.91 LED s needs to be kept dry and ventilated.

The solution is to place desiccant and install a ventilation system.

When purchasing a p3 LED display, you need to purchase enough maintenance accessories, such as p3.91 LED mask, p3.91 driver IC, and LED lamp beads. And buy a complete set of repair tools.

This will facilitate your future maintenance of the p3.9 LED display.

p3.91 Outdoor LED display after outdoor performances. If it rains, you need to wait for the outdoor p3.91 LED display to dry before installing it into the LED display flight case.


Choose the appropriate p3.91 LED screen according to different application environments.I hope this P3.91 LED display quick guide article will help you do the right guide.

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor p3.91 LED wall, LEGIDATECH can provide you with the perfect p3.9 LED screen for your performance activities, creating more value for customers.

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