A complete introduction of indoor LED display-EHONOR

In the indoor LED display industry, there are countless products whether indoor led video wall or outdoor advertising billboard, rental or fixed installation, which also puts customers who need to buy screens into a difficult choice.

Today LEGIDATECH will give you a complete introduction of indoor LED display-EHONOR, so that after reading this article, you can directly purchase ehonor series when choosing indoor LED display wall.

I think you will definitely wonder why I can say that ehonor is the most unique indoor LED wall.

Don’t worry, I will take you to understand it step by step.

1.What is EHONOR Series?

In a broad sense, Ehonor series is an indoor fixed-installation LED screen panel.

In a narrow sense, it is an LED display wall independently developed by LEGIDATECH that integrates the advantages of price, quality, transportation and installation.

Considering that the size required by many customers is not an integer, in order to be closer to what customers need, we have made adjustments to the size: its size is different from the ordinary 500*500MM, but it is more flexible than 640*320MM 480 *320MM.

e-honor indoor led display

1.1Why is it called ehonor?

During the research and development process, we constantly put forward new requirements and launch new challenges for it, just to be infinitely close to customer needs.

The final product developed is a screen that everyone in the company is satisfied with. We are all proud of it, so we named it EHONOR. We also hope that customers will think so after buying it.

2. R&D design process

We have been in the LED display wall industry for 13 years and have had nearly a thousand church projects. For many of them, we are unable to provide customers with the exact sizes they need.

We can only get them as close as possible. This is a major weakness of ours. So we decided to specially develop an indoor LED display wall.

After deciding on the research and development, we began to prepare its appearance and size, and comprehensively considered the shortcomings of the indoor screens currently on the market and the areas where differentiation could be added.

We designed two models in terms of appearance and shape. Considering the uniqueness, we chose the one that can be remembered at a glance, which is the current ehonor.

After selecting the appearance, we began to prepare and design the internal structure of the LED video wall.

indoor LED video wall

We started purchasing some accessories: receiving cards, power supplies, PCB boards, cables, etc. After various comparisons, we chose well-known domestic brands such as novastar and meanwell.

What followed was a long period of debugging and modification. Engineers and designers became the closest people, communicating on the phone every day and meeting every half month to discuss.

Three months later, the designer came to LEGIDATECH with the preliminary finished product. The engineer introduced the design concept to us, and then we discussed together what needs to be modified and upgraded.

When the designer came with samples for the fourth time, we couldn’t be picky about this product, so the EHONOR SERIES officially confirmed the style.

After everything is confirmed, ehonor starts mass production, and the first 100 square meters will be available soon!

3. Why is EHONOR Indoor LED Video Wall Different?

In addition to the size mentioned above, it has many unique features.

3.1 The minimum spacing reaches P1.25

The pixel pitches of EHONOR are P1.25, P1.5, P1.8 P2, P2.5, P3, and P4. The minimum spacing of ordinary indoor LED displays on the market is p2 indoor led display or even P2.5 LED panel.

This is because in the past few years, small-pitch screens were relatively expensive and there were not many applications. Many manufacturers did not develop indoor led display screens below P2.

But it turns out that small-pitch screens are now popular, and their resolutions are better and clearer.

indoor led fixed screen

P1.8 effect

3.2Weight only 2.7kg

The Cabinet Material we choose is Palstic ABS, which can reduce weight while ensuring the sturdiness of the cabinet.

The basic weight range of screens on the market is: outdoor advertising screens 28kg-48kg; event rental screens 7kg-14kg (500*500mm and 500*1000mm cabinet two sizes); indoor fixed screens 4kg-7kg.

It can be seen that our ehonor series indoor LED display wall is definitely far ahead in terms of weight.

The lightweight LED screen box can save customers money! This is reflected in savings in shipping costs charged by weight and installation costs savings due to quick installation due to light weight.

3.3 Full front maintenance

Our indoor fixed led display all use high-end magnetic modules, which can be installed and maintained very quickly.
Just use a magnetic tool to place it on the module, and the module can be removed in a few seconds.

However, many indoor fixed screens on the market use screws to fix the modules. In this case, installation and maintenance require manual screwing, which is a waste of time and energy.

3.4 Logo Can Be Printed

In fact, many customers who purchase indoor LED display wall are not just for their own use, but they have their own business and brand in their country and are local display suppliers.

So at this point in our oven, we specially designed a small area with a logo printed on the indoor screen.

This way the customer can expand his own business by selling our screens. It’s the best of both worlds, and we’re happy to play a part in promoting our clients’ development.

3.5 Support COB and HOB Processes

COB LED and HOB LED are the current high-end packaging methods. Its display effect, resolution and durable protection capabilities.


They all isolate the lamp beads and modules from the outside world, directly preventing damage caused by external factors. But their prices are currently relatively high.

Although the EHONOR series indoor LED wall is made of SMD technology, this time we also support COB LED and HOB LED.

In this way, when customers need high-end products or need to bid, it can also meet their needs.

4.How to Use Indoor LED Video Wall?

Many uninformed customers may wonder, how to use this piece-by-piece LED panel?

In fact, it is very simple. It can be spliced into a large screen to form a whole screen, and can be used in indoor scenes such as conference rooms, churches, shopping malls, and subways.

You can also just use a few LED screen panels and install them on the structure to become an all-in-one conference machine.

indoor LED video wall

16 panels of ehonor series(1.92m*1.44m)

It can even be used as a TV at home, because its clarity is enough to be viewed from a distance of 2 meters. We have an American customer who bought 6 cabinets to use as TV sets.

After the customer purchases the indoor fixed led display, we will follow up the production and transportation status of the goods in real time to give the customer peace of mind.

After the customer receives the screen, we will provide one-on-one guidance to the customer on how to check the integrity of the box and lamp beads after receiving the goods.

Free training on how to install and light indoor LED video wall, and a special instruction manual will be provided detailing how to maintain and inspect LED panels.

We can promise that you don’t have to worry about the screen not being used when purchasing LED screen panels from LEGIDATECH LED screen factory.

A complete introduction of indoor LED display screen -EHONOR

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