Outdoor p6 LED display solution in Nigeria

Outdoor p6 LED full-color display configuration list

1. Outdoor p6LED full-color display: 7.7m2 (24*8)

2. Single block size: 192mm*192mm

3. Control system card: receiving card, 2 pieces

4. Control system card: sending card, 1 piece

5. Special software for display system: special software for display screen, 1 set

6. Control computer: Operating system: Chinese and English Windows 2007 (genuine)

Hardware configuration: CPU: Intel I5 processor Memory: 4G Hard drive: 1T

Solid state drive: 120G Graphics card: Sapphire 2G independent display 20.5-inch LCD monitor

Related software: Microsoft’s Media Player–must be installed

OFFICE2007–If you need WORD files, you must install them

RealPlayer–If you want to play RealPlayer files, you must install it

7. Video processor:

Video input signal

Type Quantity Description

DVI-(24+1) 1 •The maximum supported resolution is 1920×1200@60Hz, backward compatible •Compatible with HDMI1.3 and below, EDID version 1.3

HDMI (TYPE A) 1 •The maximum supported resolution is 1920×1200@60Hz, backward compatible •Compatible with HDMI1.3 and below, EDID version 1.3

VGA (HD-15) 1 •The maximum supported resolution is) 1920×1200@60Hz, backward compatible •EDID version 1.3. Signal level: R, G, B, Hsync, Vsync:0 to1Vpp±3dB (0.7V Video +0.3v Sync) 75Ω; black level: 300mV Sync-tip: 0V

Composite video (BNC) 2 •NTSC/PAL adaptive

Signal level: 1Vpp±3db (0.7V Video+0.3v Sync) 75Ω video output signal

Type Quantity Description

DVI-D (24+1) 2 •The maximum supported resolution is 1920×1300@60Hz, backward compatible •Compatible with HDMI1.3 and below, EDID version 1.3. Supports custom resolutions, such as 1536×1536@60Hz, 1200×1800@60Hz

control interface

Type Quantity Description

RS232 (RJ 11) 1. Baud rate 9600, comes with RJ 11 to RS232 cable

feature of product

Fade switching: All channel signals support fade switching

Humanized interactive interface: KS600 is equipped with a color LCD panel, digital buttons and adjustment knobs, and supports navigation settings.

Scheduled tasks: Through KYSTR management software, users can set scheduled operations to complete automated management

Others: Host computer control method RS232/USB

Dimensions (mm) 66 (height) × 432 (length) × 225 (depth)

Weight (Kg) 3.5 Input power 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, ≤2A

8. Frame and steel structure: Stainless steel edging, 5cm; the steel structure must meet the needs of the entire screen for safe suspension.

If there are deficiencies in the main materials and accessories of the project included in the above bidding content, the bidder can correct them in the bidding documents. The project warranty is 3 years and the project construction period is 10 days. 90% of the payment will be paid after passing the acceptance inspection, and 10% will be paid as a warranty deposit one year after the acceptance is passed.

INDOOR LED SCREEN IN USA- led screen solution in nigeria

Outdoor full-color LED electronic display parameters

1. LED parameters
1. Screen size: 4708*1636mm (including stainless steel edging)
2. Usage environment: outdoor use
3. LED screen technical parameters

Resolution: 96 dots × 96 dots Pixel pitch: 6.67mm

LED composition: 1R1G1B (DIP three-in-one) Physical pixel density: 22478 points/m2

Cabinet size: 640 mm × 640 mm Interface definition: HUB75

Number of modules: 8PCS Weight: 19.8 kg

Surface smoothness: Gap ≤1mm Brightness: ≥7500CD/m2

Viewing angle: 100°/50 Viewing distance: 7m-100m

Grayscale: 16384 (14bit) input, 14bi correction

Display color: 1.67 million Transparency ratio: N/A

Brightness adjustment: 0-255 levels Power supply: AC220V±20%

Maximum power consumption: 780W/m2 Average power consumption: 390W/m2

Control method: computer real-time synchronization Screen refresh rate: 60~85Hz

Frame changing frequency: 300-1000 Hz Grayscale correction: -5.0 – +5.0

Supported output circuits: composite interface, super video, component, video graphics array, interactive digital video system, high-definition multimedia interface, high-definition standard data interface

Control transmission distance: Category 5e network cable ≤ 120m, optical fiber ≥ 120m

Supported video graphics matrix: 1024×768, 1280×1024, 1600×1200, 1920×1280

Brightness correction: pixels, modules, cabinets

Operating temperature: -20°~+60°

Operating humidity: 10~95%, relative humidity

Service life: 100,000 hours

Mean time between failures: 5000 hours

Protection level: front IP65, rear IP54

Out-of-control ratio: ≤0.02%

4. Module features

6.67mm pixel pitch,±10%

48*24 module resolution 320mm*160mm module size, separate lamp driver structure, high reliability; high brightness, low attenuation, high reliability, good consistency, and strong environmental adaptability;

The module mask prevents the entire screen from dust, sun, and direct collision with the light-emitting chip, and can achieve the effect of protecting the chip;

The surface of the module PCB has been painted with three waterproof coatings to prevent moisture, water and corrosion;

Multi-layer circuit board structure design, uniform current distribution, low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, effectively extending the life of the display and high reliability;

The circuit with anti-interference and black screen protection design makes the county display screen more perfect;

The high-strength module rib kit design is used to make the display screen more flat.

Using a three-in-one 570 light hole special stripe mask design, the ink color consistency is better and the display contrast is better.

2. Control unit parameters

1. System operating environment

Operating system: Chinese and English Windows 2007 (genuine)

Hardware configuration: CPU: Intel I5 processor Memory: 4G Hard drive: 1T

Solid state drive: 120G Graphics card: Sapphire 2G independent display 20.5-inch LCD monitor

Related software: Microsoft’s Media Player–must be installed

OFFICE2007–If you need WORD files, you must install them

RealPlayer–If you want to play RealPlayer files, you must install it

2. Display function

It can display high-definition, colorful dynamic images in real time; the display and playback can correspond to the content on the control computer monitor. The image color, scaling ratio and display size on the LED display can also be adjusted arbitrarily through the computer. Meets CVBS/RCA/S-Video/YUV/VGA/DVI and other signal access, supported formats include but are limited to MPA/AVI/ASF/WMV/RM/RMVB/MOV/SWF/VQF/DAC/MP3PRO/WMA, etc., can Display various videos, graphics, and texts with stable, clear, and reliable display effects without blind spots, bright spots, mosaics, etc. Relevant functions are agreed as follows, including but not limited to:

Picture display: can display pictures in various formats, including but not limited to bmp; jpg; gif; wmf, etc.;

Text display: Supports multi-language systems, can display various simplified and traditional Chinese and English fonts, has multiple display methods, and can be changed flexibly.

Animation playback: can display graphic and text animation content produced by animation software;

Table display: Various table displays can be drawn. The data in the table can be input and modified manually through special editing software, or automatically collected and displayed from an online database through special software;

Video display: Access video images, TV, camera, DVD and other video signals, and can watch and play TV programs of various channels or various video files;

Combined display: Use editing software to combine and superimpose text, pictures, tables, animations and videos.

Time display: It can collect the current time in the computer and display it in time frame. The content can include: year, month, day, week, hour, minute, second, etc.;

The temperature display is connected to the temperature sensor, and the display screen can display the current temperature in real time;

Multiple broadcast methods, such as page turning, moving, zooming out, zooming in, flashing, window opening and scrolling;

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue through software;

3. Video playback function

The control computer is connected to the LED large screen through the video processor, which can perfectly present the entire computer desktop on the large screen. It has the function of synchronizing display with the microcomputer, which is the so-called WYSIWYG;

Can directly access and play cable TV programs, compatible with high-definition digital television (HDTV);

Play video programs such as video recorders and DVD players (TV, VCD, DVD, LD) to meet the basic needs of playback;

Directly supports playing video files in five formats, including AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, and VOB;

Brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue can be easily adjusted through software, with an adjustment range of 256 levels;

It has three display modes: overlay (VGA+VIDE), image (Video), and VGA;

With Video image compression control function;

With screen movement compensation function;

Equipped with HDMI high-definition interface, which can access various high-definition videos;

4. Information release function

It can display various computer information, graphics, pictures and two- and three-dimensional animations, etc., with rich playback methods, display scrolling information, text advertising scrolling, notifications, slogans, etc., and has a large capacity for storing data information;

There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from, and you can also input many foreign languages such as English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese;

The broadcasting system has multimedia software that can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information; text information can be played, and the playback format can be scroll, scroll, lead-in and lead-out modes, move up or left, and messages can be played in a loop. Fonts and font sizes can be selected arbitrarily, and the playback speed can be set. In addition, multiple messages can be broadcast at the same time, or simultaneously with animations and images;

Can display date and time or display strings and expressions; used for declarations of national policies, regulations and service commitments;

Playback of weather conditions (wind speed, temperature, etc.); release and monitoring functions of other public information;

5. Control and network functions

By controlling the microcomputer, automatic remote control of the large-screen power control cabinet and remote operation of the large-screen are realized;

Equipped with a network interface that can be connected to the computer and broadcast network information at the same time to achieve network control;

The control computer is equipped with two network cards, which can control the computer through internal and external networks. It can access both the internal network of the unit and the external network; information release is convenient and fast.

6. Audio function

Connect to the sound system to achieve audio display. The audio system can meet the requirements for on-site audio and video synchronization. The specific requirements are as follows:

Properly select power amplifier equipment (including wide-range, bass, and treble equipment) to achieve wide sound range and low distortion;

According to the actual situation of the outdoor screen, professional crossover speakers are appropriately selected, which have high-frequency compensation functions and can produce full and detailed sound effects;

7. Release management function

Including but not limited to: Equipped with a standard network interface, connected to other standard networks through a computer, broadcasting network information at the same time, realizing network control, accessing the Internet through the network system, and realizing remote editing and control of the local area network;

The system supports breakpoint resume downloading, background downloading, etc., supports downloading when the program is in dormant state, and supports real-time downloading and updating of playback content;

File encryption can be performed on all transmitted data to provide end-to-end information security;

Unauthorized users cannot access or update the content on the playback end, which is safe and reliable. Operators in the system are divided into system administrators, publishing administrators, program review administrators, etc. Operation permissions can be flexibly set for these operating users.

8. Management control function

Schedule playback: Remotely instruct the LED display to automatically play in the order of the broadcast schedule. The system edits the broadcast list, sets the broadcast time, and broadcasts the program according to the set time. Users can program the program schedule for one or more days in minutes;

Default playback: You can set the default playlist to automatically play at startup. When the player does not receive a new playback schedule, you can play according to the default playlist. Playback cycle: You can remotely command a certain time on a certain day to loop the broadcast settings. A good broadcast schedule;

Real-time emergency insertion: The system supports the emergency notification playback function, which can temporarily insert new programs such as pictures, videos, subtitles, etc.;

Terminal management: The system side can perform time comparison on the LED display, scheduled power-on, power-off or hibernation, remote volume control, remote power-on and power-off control;

Quick control: The monitor has a quick control menu that can control the programs played, volume, mute, stop and restart of playback;

Periodic playback: You can remotely command a certain time on a certain day to play the set playlist in a loop;

9. Security protection function

The following agreements are made on the security protection functions, including but not limited to:

Anti-acid and alkali corrosion, anti-oxidation; waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof; anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-lightning, anti-typhoon, anti-static; good grounding;

The power distribution system has overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, phase loss, and short circuit protection functions, as well as power factor compensation and filtering functions (anti-power interference);

Fully consider the heat resistance and heat dissipation of the system, rationally design, and optimize the process to make the display suitable for ambient temperatures of -10°C to 65°C;

The screen body is designed to be flame retardant; noise reduction measures are taken;

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