How to choose whether to use LCD splicing screen or LED display according to the project?

At present, in all the large screen display products, LCD splicing screen and LED display is the most important two, although there are some such as DLP splicing, touch machine, advertising machine and other display methods, but its market share is relatively small, the application is relatively narrow, so in the use of large screen is still based on LCD splicing screen and various LED display.
So for our first contact with the display industry users, often can not determine which one to use, today LEGIDATECH LED SCREEN FACTORY from the two product characteristics and use of two aspects to analyze the difference.
First, the technical principles of the two are different, and the display effect is different
LCD splicing screen is a continuation of the LCD technology, through the reduction of the border to achieve the effect of splicing display, its technical principle, and we usually use the same TV and mobile phone screen, characterized by high-definition display, bright picture quality, strong picture, and can be spliced display, screen and screen can be connected to each other, to achieve any adjustment and display effect.
LED technology is through the light emitting diode imaging, and through the distance between the lamp and the lamp to determine the quality of the screen of a display device, its product features are modular design, no joint trouble, can be composed of any size of the screen, and has waterproof characteristics, but the quality of the display screen to be determined according to the size of the point spacing, clarity is not as LCD splicing screen.
Second, from the use of the analysis
LCD splicing screen is characterized by splicing, but does not have waterproof, so its largest application is monitoring display, such as traffic situations, prisons, public security, communities, urban management, and similar settings. Furthermore, with the emergence of more advanced ultra-narrow edge and seamless splicing screen products, its application is also gradually expanding to include corporate meetings and exhibition halls.
The use of outdoor LED display is mainly displayed on outdoor billboards, the main purpose is to play valuable advertising for businesses, and outdoor LED display can be replaced at any time, which is mostly seen in stations, squares, shopping malls and other occasions of advertising and video playback, which depends on its waterproof characteristics, and the viewing distance is relatively far, Even the resolution of the screen is low and does not affect the visual effect.
LED display can also be used indoors, which is more common in churches, meeting rooms, bars, KTV, schools and other places. But the price of LED display is more expensive than LCD. This to consider the investment budget, the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to choose the installation of indoor small pitch LED display. Because the display effect of indoor small-pitch LED display is higher than the brightness of LCD, the viewing distance is farther, and the color degree of indoor small-pitch LED display is better.
If you use the device indoors for purposes like monitoring, video conferencing, or exhibitions, you should choose the LCD splicing screen for displaying multiple signals. However, for outdoor advertising, the LED display is suitable. Make sure to consider the viewing distance and display requirements when selecting the appropriate product.
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