How Will LEGIDA TECH Ehonor Indoor LED Screen Benefits You

With the rapid development of technology, indoor LED screen  are becoming popular and appearing in different kinds of the environment.

When you are go shopping with your friends in the shopping malls, you will find all the fashion shops and the caterings are applied with the indoor LED display screens.

It not only provides shop owner or the shopping mall owners with an efficient and flexible advertising and information dissemination platform but also greatly enriches people’s visual experience.

Iindoor LED wall -case

Because of the huge market and the big demands of the indoor LED display screens, LEGIDATECH and EXCEL LED designed one unique indoor LED screen.

That is the EHONOR series indoor. It is the most convenient installation LED display screen in the world.

The good performance of the EHONOR indoor helps all the fashion shops create the big profit and the special design saves the cost for the shipping and the installation and labor cost.

What is an indoor LED display screen?

The indoor LED display screen here we mention is the permanent installation indoor LED screen, it is a term used to refer to LED screens used in indoor environments, consisting of multiple modules and cabinets.

They have different brightness, color, viewing distance, and color reproduction requirements compared to outdoor LED screens.

In other words, a LED display is a video display screen like the TV in your home, but it can be customized to different sizes, and the color are rich and diverse, the brightness is high and attractive.

When installed for indoor, it can display advertisements and all kinds of the videos and information you need.

Indoor LED displays are one of the most straightforward screens to install.

The LED display is carefully developed with high quality, and versatile brand SMD LED chip.

The indoor fixed LED displays are made to be highly transportable and convenient to place anywhere.

You can easily set these LED displays in gyms, stores, meeting rooms, airports, banks, hotels, hospitals, nurseries, supermarkets, conference rooms, or even in the theaters, etc.

indoor display wall

How will LEGIDA TECH indoor Ehonor LED display screens benefit you?

LEGIDA TECH is a professional LED display screen manufacturer with 15 years of the experience. And they focus on providing the quality LED screens with the favorable prices to clients.

After the deep research and the long time to discuss with the requirement of the clients. We designed the EHONOR indoor LED screen.

It is the most convenient installation LED screens in the world. Even you are new to the LED screen product, you will quick to know how to install with the design.

some of the benefits of using Ehonor indoor LED displays are as follows:

1). Thin and light panel( 2.7KG/Panel):

The indoor LED display is mainly developed to be portable. Therefore, it has a thin and lightweight panel that makes transportation quick, convenient, and straightforward.

The indoor fixed LED display can be easily placed on a cabinet that has a sturdy structure.

LEGIDA TECH Ehonor indoor LED screen cabinet is only 2.7KG, even 2 ladies can finish the installation very quickly.

indoor led display wall

2) . Nice shaper images

LEGIDA TECH EHONOR indoor can offer many purposes with increased and better visibility.

It uses high-quality technology the increases the sharpness, picture resolution and provides better pixels for remarkable visual deliverance.

These display screens also hold the ability to view the action from different angles.

The LED display comes with ultimate clarity and vibrancy that it can be additionally used in a concert, conference, any festival, or special occasion.

indoor led screen-aging

3) . Seamless Assembling

The demands of the indoor LED display screens are big, also, the quality standard requirements are very high.

One of the important requirements is that after the indoor LED screen installed, it should be very flat and seamless like a printing picture.

4). Safe installation and maintenance:

 LEGIDA TECH Ehonor indoor LED display is the most convenient installation and maintenance model in the world.  It is made in a way to install and maintain it safely.

The LED display cabinet is with very strong magnet. For the installation, you just need to attach the cabinet to your steel frame structure, no need to fix the screws.

In terms of maintenance, all the parts of the LED display can be maintained, for example, power supply, receiving cards, LED modules, and cables.

Our cabinet design is small. If you worried about the maintenance, you just need to buy some free spare cabinets, then you can replace with the cabinet directly.

5). Flexibility size:

The high-quality indoor fixed LED display screens to offer the option of flexibility in their size whether you want a display that is square or rectangular, small or large, flat or curved.

All the sizes of these LED screens are attainable by requiring size or shapes.

A lot of such indoor fixed LED display screens are good heat dissipated and customizable, and lightweight.

Indoor LED displays are extremely flexible and customizable.

According to different scenarios and needs, displays of different sizes, shapes, and resolutions can be customized to adapt to various environments and applications.

There is another feature of LEGIDA TECH EHONOR indoor is that our cabinet can be horizontal installation and be vertical installation.

When horizontal install, the panel size is 480mm x 320mm, when vertical install, the size is 320mm x 480mm. Y

ou can check which is the best for you to install according to you screen sizes.

6). Longer Lifespan

In LEGIDATECH and EXCEL LED, the lifespan of the power supply unit is 2 times longer than that of a regular standard LED display screen.

One power supply only carries 3 modules, resulting in a small load and slow aging.

This ensures the LED screen is always working in a stable and good condition. Thus, the LED display screen will work with a longer life.

7). Good value of money:

The indoor fixed LED display is a good value of money.

It is because it offers a variety of benefits and is a long-lasting product. It consumes and wastes less energy and is very easy to install and maintain.

The size of the LED display is customizable, which makes it even convenient for the buyer.

It promotes businesses and can be used at many places such as offices, hospitals, schools, and supermarkets, etc.

How do users profit from indoor LED displays?

Having you ever imaging about why the indoor LED display screen is so popular for the indoor commercials.

Getting fees by playing brand advertisements is one of the main ways to make money using indoor LED displays.

  • Advertising rental fee:

Users can rent part or all of the LED display screen to brands or advertisers to display their LOGO or brand contents.

For examples, we can see LED display screens in the shopping malls, and they are displaying different brands of the brand shops in the shopping malls.

This rental is typically billed based on time (such as daily, weekly, or monthly) or based on impressions.

The fee paid by the brand or advertiser will directly become the user’s income.

led screen in shopping mall

  • Content customization fee:

In addition to basic advertising playback services, users can also provide content customization services.

This includes creating and editing specific advertising content based on the needs of the brand or advertiser.

This customized service can be charged separately or as an add-on to the advertising rental fee.

  • Location premium:

If the LED display is located in a high-traffic area or a conspicuous location (such as the main passage of a shopping mall, the terminal of an airport, etc.), then its advertising value will be higher.

Users can charge brands or advertisers higher fees based on this location advantage.

indoor fixed led screen in shopping mall

  • Long-term partnership:

By establishing long-term partnerships with brands or advertisers, users can gain a more stable source of income.

This relationship may include exclusive advertising rights, priority leasing rights, discounts, and other preferential terms.


if you are going to install the indoor LED display screens, and you want to get the biggest value, also saving time and cost, LEGIDA TECH and Excel LED EHONOR indoor is the best choice.

You can get the maximum value and benefits from this product.

Contact us to get the best and most suitable solutions !

Author: Cathy


Q: What is the most popular model of LEGIDA TECH indoor LED display screen?

A: In LEGIDA TECH, the most popular model is EHONOR indoor P2.5mm LED screen. It is suitable for all customized sizes. The panels can be horizontal installation and vertical installation. So you can create different sizes by this model.


Q: How to do the maintenance of LEGIDA EHONOR indoor LED screen?

A: The design of the EHONOR cabinet is small, it is just like one big modules, you can direct replace with the cabinet. Ehonor product cabinet is easy to take out from the front side and back side. It can be front maintenance and back side maintenance.


Q: Can your EHONOR indoor applied with HOB modules?

A: Yes. Can do HOB processing to have strong transparent glue to protect the module LED pixels.


Q: Can you provide the frame structure for your EHONOR indoor LED screen?

A: We can provide the steel frame structure to ship with the LED screen together.

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